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@limitlesssigil: Alright, agreeing to disagree is fine by me. Looks like this battle would end in a stalemate to me right now but I need to do more Bleach research be4 I'm committed to that.

Yhwach died and still attacked ichigo’s son 10 years later.

So no, there’s no way this battle ends in a stalemate even if we highball Dante to the sky.

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@ourmanuel: Very impressive and I'm so glad you pointed that out. You might recall someone said this was the battle of the NLFs but so far they've all been on the Bleach side of things, allow me to balance the scales.

When Dante's life is actually in danger his true form Devil Trigger automatically activates you can see examples of this in the manga, DMC4, and in DMC2 when Dante takes too much damage he gains access to his ultimate Devil Trigger, Majin Form. In this form he one shots bosses and becomes absolutely invincible to all attack even from Argosax/The Despair Embodied, the most powerful god so far in Devil May Cry.

Things like this are why I invited you to check out the respect thread or CaVs. And no I don't think this makes Dante undefeatable, but unless his opponent is significantly more powerful than beings like Sparda, Mundus, and Argosax, it's prbly not happening. And I'm still not sure this is a stalemate like I said before Dante might have a way to win.

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with neck feats, dante

with context, yhwach