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@hittheassasin: Some info I wanted to add the only way of put Ichibei's feat at any impressive tier is assuming that Ichibei crossed the distance in one second, and no time frame is provided in the manga so that point is moot, we also don't know which Ri Ichibei was referring we he accomplished such a feat, we don't know if Kubo uses the Japanese or Chinese Ri when drawing the characters, the Official Japanese Manga, doesn't specifies which Ri, the characters uses.


And as I said multiples and multiples times to you, and as a great man already said

"The li (Chinese: , lǐ, or 市里, shìlǐ), also known as the Chinese mile, is a traditional Chinese unit of distance. The li has varied considerably over time but was usually about a third as long as the English mile and now has a standardized length of a half-kilometer (500 meters or 1,640 feet). This is then divided into 1 500 chi or "Chinese feet"."


"The present day Korean ri (리, 里) and Japanese ri (里) are units of measurements that can be traced back to the Chinese li (里).

Although the Chinese unit was unofficially used in Japan since the Zhou Dynasty, the countries officially adopted the measurement used by the Tang Dynasty (618–907 AD). The ri of an earlier era in Japan was thus true to Chinese length, corresponding to six chō (ca. 500–600 m), but later somehow elongated to denote the distance that a person can walk in a fixed time. Thus, there had been various ri of 36, 40, and 48 chō."


The Japanese version of Ri greatly changes depending on which time period you are referring to. And like I great man already said since soul society is a representation of a more early Japan it's the most logical conclusion for them to use the unit of muser of their time.

Plus, is not like one panel translates to one second either way.

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The sheer amount of misinformation and reaching on this thread....

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@ourmanuel said:

The sheer amount of misinformation and reaching on this thread....

Uchiha Madara, Naruto Chapter 621 Page 11(2013)
Uchiha Madara, Naruto Chapter 621 Page 11(2013)

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Dangai Ichigo still blitz stomps easily. He's MUCH MUCH faster than the sins and has casual small country level sword swings.

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I see the same person ALWAYS reaching for the skies.

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@joviolma: I'm well aware, it was just an assumption made as to not complicate matters further.

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Ban solos.

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@hittheassasin said:


The Cruel Sun wasn't stationary when he dodged it, that much is obvious, so I don't see what you're trying to push here.

Escanor has to actually push Cruel Sun for it to become a projectile and have its speed. Mel full countering a stationary one doesn’t automatically give it the speed of one that Escanor pushes at full speed. I don’t know what’s so hard to understand about this.

Hundreds of miles makes it 200 at bare minimum and that was while Monspiet was ridiculously nerfed, and attempting to sense characters with a far weaker magical presence. Looking at both Gloxinia and Diane feats, 2 characters very close to Monspiet's level, we can conclude that a higher number would be far more reasonable. Even at the absolute, lowballed minimum of 200 it be mach 900 something get close to 1000.

The statement was “aren't they like hundreds of miles away” from Hawk who exaggerates everything and theres even a translation where he said “like a Million miles away” And seeing as how the giants land was confirmed to be 300 miles away from the sins and the commandments couldn’t track Diane and metrona anymore their proximity to the sins would be much closer. But nevertheless i put it at 100 miles and the most would be 200 bc we definitely can’t give it the whole 300. Plus Glox basically sensed them from about the same proximity while their powers were at max which would be easier to sense. And another thing is when the hell was it stated that their current power level affects their sensing abilities? That makes no absolutely no sense.

Yeah, no. You can't scale Dangai Ichigo to characters and feats that occurred hundreds of Chapters after his appearance, especially due to a complete lack of evidence he is on their level speed wise.

This has to one of the most idiotic and ignorant lies i’ve seen on CV and that’s saying something. True Shikai Ichigo was confirmed to be on Dangai‘s level and i literally posted a feat of him reacting and stopping Yhwach’s blitz which puts him on their level.

Hate to break it to you, but that doesn't matter. Kubo could easily have used different measurements, the fact is that the official translation, from the same guys that previously translated the other Ri statement, defined it as 300 miles. Meaning, if you're going to be objective, that's what you'd have to use.

Nah that’s not being objective sweetheart that’s just capitalizing on an obvious mistake in order to Downplay.

Too bad scans directly contradict that, since the Soul Palace's platforms, which are merely city sized, are clearly visible, with even the small ass. pillars being distinguishable, from what is apparently 8000 kilometers away, and on two different occasions no less:

Even if you want to put this down to Author's negligence, which I'm not inherently opposed to, notice the inconsistency. And how it doesn't scale to Dangai Ichigo anyway, as you're well aware of.

Even if they were only 300 miles away the palace wouldn’t be visible like that so the obvious thing to do is chalk it up to authors negligence.

I dunno why you keep bringing up this stationary thing as if it means literally anything, the Cruel Sun was very clearly moving back towards Escanor's face, at which point he dodged it point-blank.

I keep bringing up the fact it’s stationary because deflecting a stationary attack obviously doesn’t out of nowhere give it the speed it would have if Escanor tried his best to push it. If i slap a baseball out of your hand is it going to out of nowhere have the same speed as your hardest throw?

The databooks, the same things that reference things in continuity up to the point in the manga they are referencing? Give me the databooks thoughts on Gin's attack on Aizen, when he reveals his Bankai actually isn't fast saying it's still Mach 500 and you might have a point. Until then, hard pass on databooks.

”Absolute nonsense“. Something that’s supposedly false wouldn’t have been included in a guide book especially since it was of the entire arc and his Bankai’s last ability was showcased as well meaning it passed the part where he supposedly lied.

What debris, dude? All Escanor did was push up a bit of dust, something that's completely meaningless to characters with sensory abilities potent enough to detect presences from hundreds of miles away. This is quite clearly him outspeeding Escanor.

These are multiple lies and they make no sense.

  1. It was a considerable amount of debris.
  2. Escanor put a lot of energy into that swing so he obviously wouldn’t have been able to counter an attack from his superior that quickly especially in that cloud of debris.
  3. Escanor literally in the next page was matching Mel in multiple exchanges.
  4. These characters cannot sense from that far away. It’s pathetic you tried to squeeze this in here.

Because Meliodas was explicitly dicking around and holding back, yes.

He wasn‘t holding back and even showed signs of struggle.

Yeah, no. Not happening.

It most certainly is and casually too.

Oh and next time try to be a little more discreet when you lie and downplay your ass off.

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I'm now shipping Leo with HTA.

Azureus is not gonna like it :)

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@joviolma said:

I'm now shipping Leo with HTA.

Azureus is not gonna like it :)


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Sins should stomp

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@joviolma said:

I'm now shipping Leo with HTA.

Azureus is not gonna like it :)

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Any of the sins solo. Ichigo has nothing but brute strength, and its not winning him this fight (BTW I'm talking one on one here cuz the whole team will play ping pong with ichigo).