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No holds barred. Demon King vs Demon King, who takes the crown?

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Though we haven't directly seen too many feats from Dabura, (only been in a couple fights) I can say pretty confidently that he is between perfect cell and his super perfect form in terms of power, and still a force to be reckoned with, seeing everything that Cell was capable of. Not to say he has all of Cell's techniques but Dabura isn't without his own set of deadly abilities; he has been seen to be extremely fast-with thought speed to match, countless ways of manipulating ki, molten breath, razor slashes, and of course spit that turns you to stone. King Raizen at his fullest we've never seen, but everyone in all realms seems to have revered him as the strongest and possibly still the strongest even in his starving form. What we know is that he is an elite S level demon which implies that he is able to destroy something the size of a large city with relative ease, though even beings like Nappa in DBZ could do that and he's infinitely below Dabura, I'd say Dabura is a planet-buster, Raizen has shown a few energy manipulation tricks, and probably has strong shields too, but it just seems like Dabura has him beat in every way, all he rly has to do speed blitz and spit on him and it's all over

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Demon King Dabura stomps.

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Sigh, another DBZ thread to add to the long list of locked DBZ threads...

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Raizen has no feats so this is impossible. Implied he'd be stronger IMO but implications aren't enough.

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Dabura stomps badly.