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In some freakish meeting that could only be thought up by the most delirious of writers, Cyborg
 Superman meets Jack Marlowe onboard the DeathStar and they instantly don't like each other. A fight inevitably ensues.
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cyborg Super man with or without yellow ring?

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Cyborg Superman with or without the yellow ring.

EDIT: Maybe I should add an explanation. Cyborg should take him in all forms but the Void-powered one. Without Void, Spartan is a powerful robot but I haven't seen anything that would show that Henshaw couldn't take him over. And if he couldn't, he could still use the Death Star against Spartan. Even just bot to bot, Spartan isn't on Henshaw's level. He used to be on Majestic's level physically, but after World's End (and before that in most forms that didn't have Void) he's not. You said Jack Marlowe so that might be the Void-powered version, but the picture doesn't look like it and he still answers to the name at his current power level. If he were at his silver-suit Jack Marlowe point I'm still not sure he'd win. It would be a better fight, but I don't think he could destroy Henshaw's mind even if he destroyed everything else. Void has powers up to and including reality warping though, so maybe. In the end I say Cyborg Superman for most fights.

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Yea, I had the void-powered form of Spartan in mind. Sorry, I didn't know the current version didn't have those powers.

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Cyborg Superman would win here... unless we are talking about the Void Powered Spartan... but even then Hank will give Spartan hell