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Keep bumping this thread and Peter keeps stomping

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Outside of the Speedforce Savitar wasn't nearly as impressive with the speed feats. Quicksilver would god stomp this, Savitar wouldn't even be able to comprehend what was happening, much like what Savitar did to Flash but much worse.

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He manages to run about 100 feet to the mansion, clear everyone inside of it, run with most of them out about 50 feet, then run back inside after he has delivered 1 or 2 students. He does this a few times, we also know that the mansion is 100's of squarefeet big. And he rescue about 100. He also have time to goof around a bit.

And he does this in about 5 seconds. He is calculated to be about Mach 5000+.

Savitar can only dream about going that fast. Heck, the only reason he is as fast as he is is because the suit. We know now without it, he is only around Barry's speed. I say that Barry has gotten significantly faster. But he was not as fast as Savitar with the suit. And with the suit, Savitar is about Mach 40+. Not more than Mach 50.

Dont you agree that Mach 5000+ > Mach 40-50?

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There is no denying that QS is massively faster than Savitar is, but how does he put him down exactly? Peter has no striking feat that would suggest he can even put a dent in the armor. And considering the armor is sentient, he is not messing with it either.

Savitar, on other hand, can one shot QS and Peter pretty much forgets to use his superspeed when he is under attack/when he panics.

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quicksilver gets him self injured by punching savitar.

So savitar wins eventually.