CW Oliver vs 3 Netflix Fisk

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Civiian clothes

Fisk thinks oliver killed vanessa

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Oliver gets wrecked bruv

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Come on now mex.......

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Fisk's have this.

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The Fisks

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How are the Fisk’s even a threat? Ollie is stronger than Fisk

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ollie's honestly stronger lol

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Mr. Queen

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Oliver wins. Fisk is barely more durable, but Ollie's a lot stronger plus Fisk's emotional state(assuming that Oliver killed Vanessa) won't be very good and Fisk when he's angry, tends to... not be very smart.

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Fisk fights like an idiot when he's mad. Oliver beats all three.

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Ollie is Stronger, better durability, faster, smarter and more skilled.

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Depends on Oliver's mindset. If he has morals on then he gets stomped and completely overwhelmed by the Fisks. If he is Inmate 4587 mood then he kills Fisk 3 times over.

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Oliver wins.

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Oliver’s never shown the strength to rag-doll someone like Fisk does to Matt.

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Oliver is definitely stronger than Fisk, but I doubt he wins this.