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Mr. Terrific has his standard gear, and he is fighting to save NTA.

Bullseye has been hired to kill SCPD Captain Dinah Drake. He enters the police station and Mr. Terrific stands in his way.

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I'd argue for Bullseye, Curtis only chance is T Spheres and we've seen it got shot out of the air so many times.

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Curtis might actually win this one. His T Spheres are pretty OP for peak humans and they are his go-to move.

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Those spheres were pretty cool

Not sure

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Bullseye wrecks Curtis and wrecks the T Spheres, just like Anatoly did.

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Why can't Dex just shoot him and his T-Spheres?

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Could go either way honestly

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character 1 wins, mid-high diff

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Bait thread.

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Dex wins this. Honestly he'd probably kill Curtis with a billy club to the throat before Curtis could even go for the T-Spheres, Curtis basically has no speed feats while Dex was able to kill/disarm fodder before they could even react.

Gallery image 1Gallery image 2
  • Gif 1: Disassembles his gun and skewers 2 Albanians with it before they could even react.
  • Gif 2: Disarms 2 FBI agent before they could even react.

Hypothetically speaking even if Curtis were able to throw his T-Spheres Dex could always just knock them out of the air, Anatoly did it and Dex is far more accurate than him.

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Dex curbstomps the piece of shit character

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Come on...

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Bullseye. There's nothing terrific about this version of Terrific.

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