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Devoe has all 12 meta-human powers as well as The Flash Season 4's speed

Reign has all the Worldkiller's powers

Thanos has all the stones (He cannot snap his fingers to win the fight)

Apocalypse has all his powers as well as all of his 4 horsemen's powers (Magneto, Storm, Archangel and Psylocke)

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I really doubt besides reality gem Thanos or Nur's matter manipulation could do anything to Reign. Her durability is insane. CW Team are in speed advantage ( but Apocalypse can tag Quicksilver too ).

Could go either way:

Reign can use frequency manipulation quickly to stun her opponents and her pestilence venom claw can make her opponents weaken from distance. Devoe will counter Thanos reality and time warping powers. If Reign punches Thanos he gets turned into red puddle no contest. Main factor will be apocalypse city lvl matter manipulation. By logic Reign should be matter manipulation resistant like Kara but not sure.

I go CW team 5.5/10 victory because of speed advantage, ranged attack and versatility/more broken haxes.