CW Deathstroke runs the viner gauntlet

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  • Slade gets his armor, sword, pistol and machine pistol (he gets 1 loaded mag per gun every round)
  • Standard gear for everyone else
  • Win by death
  • Slade gets 30 minutes rest between rounds


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Slade will start 5 levels from the bottom of the hive and work his way down. every level will take have the next fighter in the gauntlet

1 run without mirakuru

1 run with mirakuru

1. Ward on paper (AoS)

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2. Subline Force Robin (Titans)

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3. Anthp Force Black Widow (MCU)

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4. Russoforce Cap (MCU)

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5. Zambutoforce Arrow (CW)

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Stops at 3 both rounds, Black Widow uses eye shots amirite? @anthp2000

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Nick has argued Oliver beating Deathstroke due to greater skill so we know he fails that round.

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Nothing beats russo force cap, nothing!

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Stops at 1-2 without Mirakuru. Stops at 3 with it.

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  1. On paper, Ward is deadlier than Bucky. He stops here for R1
  2. Stops at 3, since stats are overrated and Natasha can't counter his strength using joint manipulation

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Stops at 3 w/o Mirakuru.

Stops at 4 w/Mirakuru.

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R1: Prolly stops at 1.

R2: 3 or 4.

Stats are overrated and Slade has an eyepatch because he's been eyeshottwd before smh.

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@amcu said:

Stops at 1-2 without Mirakuru. Stops at 3 with it.