(CW) Billy Wintergreen and Yao Fei Vs. Daredevil and Punisher (MCU)

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(CW) Team:

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(MCU) Team:

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  • Both teams are in character
  • Win by KO or Submission
  • No prep or knowledge


1. Standard gear, weapons are allowed

2. Strictly H2H

Location: The Last Of Us town

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Netflix team for a solid majority in round 1 due to a good gear advantage, CW team in round 2 due to their skill advantage (although I’m not caught up on Daredevil so if someone wants to show me otherwise go for it)

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MCU team both rounds

Frank is a savant with firearms and Matt is a master martial artist

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Matt can probably solo

He’s way above Pre-S1 Arrow in terms of skill, and Billy being near featless doesn’t help.

Frank can take either as well

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MCU for both rounds.

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Mcu team.

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Team 2.

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Billy solos, he's almost a bullet timer

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@the_magister: I agree billy and fei aren’t the best arrowverse fighters while frank and Matt are in their respective universes

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Punisher solos Round 1, Daredevil solos Round 2.