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Anissa is stronger, hut Slade is more savy and loaded with weapons.

Who wins? Both are in character.

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I think Slade because more agile and more experienced but extremely hard. Or rather stalemate

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Slade has the skill and stats to hang with Anissa long enough to ascertain her weakness and exploit it.

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Spade, the power edge isnt enough when dealing with some of his skill level and experience.

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Deathstroke kills her. Thunder has to hold her breath in to utilize her powers and Slade is too fast.

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Thunder literally steps her foot on the floor and oneshots Deathstroke. This is a literal stomp.

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Slade wins.

Anissa might have the physical advantage, but Slade is too smart, too skilled, and too ruthless for her to overcome.

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Thunder. Slade isn't tanking shockwaves that obliterate statues.

Admittedly I have not seen black lightning season 2.