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Well all you NNTards know what's up in the most recent chapter, 'Mel' has reached a new level. So can he finally take down the granddaddy Uchiha?


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  • Edo Madara , current Mel
  • Basic knowledge for both sides
  • Anything else assume standard
  • Random encounter takes place here in the valley, Mel is on Hashirama:
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This is a horrible stomp for Demon King

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He can, but you obviously don’t think so hope.

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Meh.....why the hell not:

"I must admit, I've never met someone as quite as powerful as you....it'll be fun" the grinning blonde said as he stood face to face with someone oddly identical to him....the scarlet gaze made him feel oddly enough right at home. It was as if they were lasers of hatred already aiming to melt him should he make the slightest move.

"Indeed, quite the dance it will be" The Uchiha said stretching a bit before they continued their staredown....even with his own pride he had to admit this wasnt going to be easy....this opponent was his match in more ways than one.

As the wind dramatically blew the golden and Raven locks in opposite directions... it seemed Meliodas presence wasn't fully gone as the Demon admired his posture, gaining a raised eyebrow for the most part.

"Hm....?" Madara asked as the man circled him seemingly inspecting every detail, he let out the occasional sound of interest as he edged closer and closer before giving a light knock on his chest and nodding in approval.

"Any advice?" He finished tapping his chin in thought.


"Maintaining a Mane like that with no split ends"

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Swatting away small country busters would make a Non Serious DK Mel at least Large Country Level. And even though he’ll probably be stronger than that, in my mind he’s large country till we see further feats. The difference between small country and large country is hundreds of teratons. And 1 Teraton can blow up a Island I mind you.

So I’ll say Madara until we get more feats from DK Mel. Rinnegan Madara with PS could match Edo SM Hashirama, who restrained 100% 9 Tails in the past. And 100% 9 Tails was Large Country Level at least just look at what 50% 9 Tails casual Biju Dama did


Also Madara practically has a lot of Hashirama techniques via wood release, pollen flower forest, etc.

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What is this? Meliodas stomps.

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Weaker versions of Meliodas can curbstomp.

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No he’s still in the Island level range until we see more from him.

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Current Mel just busted the perfect cube with a slap and by scaling that is probably one of the best feats in the series rivaling Danafor.

Anyways this version of Mel should be haxed to the max and I could see him taking it from what I've heard of Madara anyway.

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@leothegreatest: If you are referring to Assualt Mode Mel curbstomling Rinnegan Madara then that’s not happening.

It was already debated that Assault Mode Mel would need Escanor to beat Edo Madara. Similar to how BSM Naruto needed EMS Sauce to beat 10 tails Obito. Besides, BSM Naruto was at least country level for his feats battling 10 tails Obito. And Edo Rinnegan Madara with PS is arguably still stronger than BSM Naruto.


But as far as how strong current DK is I would say country level if Mael, Diane, and King are small country level tier. The difference between small country and large is multiple times larger. And DK Mel is holding back, so suppressed I would say he is Country Level and full power maybe large country to possibly continent Level.

I feel like the real Meliodas will possibly be even stronger than DK Meliodas. Cus even if Ban got a power boost in afterlife, there’s no way in hell he is going to be the one to kill DK Meliodas, he may give him a good fight tho.

I can see this becoming a 8 Gates Gai vs 10 tails Madara scenario, with Ban doing good until the end and he gets crushed by DK Mel, leading to the good Meliodas to come save him. And a final stand off between DK Mel and good Mel happens.

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Obviously made with a winner in mind.

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Demon King wins, and since this body is confirmed to be stronger he gets his feats from his old body, and if ninjitsu counts as magic it can’t be used on the demon king, and if he still has the ruler it doesn’t even matter because Madara’s attacks will only make him stronger. This is a stomp, Madara is more like archangel tier.