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Sorry. I've got way too much time on my hands.

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5th dimensional being with apparent omnipotence and power, or seemingly omnipotent being with immense knowledge of the universe?

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Mxy goes down.

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Cthulhu wins here
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Myx stomps that featless being

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Myx imo

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Myx stomps that overrated squid demon

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Mxy with negative diff. At full power (when stars are in right position) Cthulu is near universal to universal. Mxyzptkl is near outer gods level of power, he can fight with some of Clhulhu bosses.

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Mxy murks him, yeah.

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Using Omnipotent work like this is disrespect to Omnipotent

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Mxy wins this. Cthulhu doesnt have feats to be on level of mxyzptlk

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Cthulhu? Do you mean Azathoth? Because Mxy stomps this mismatch if it’s Cthulu.