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Just as the title states. Discuss.                                             %Pr
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  Cthulhu  i would prefer to win and iam preety sure he could as well

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Cthulhu wins by far

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@Voidheart said:
" Cthulhu wins by far "
this is the most one sided fight... lol 
Arrow is sitting next tome going NUCLEAR BREATH its over *sigh* he does not know our Cthulhu
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@.Mistress Redhead.:  see while i was saying i am sure he could win, part of me was thinking about zillas breath lol
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@lazystudent: nah breath aint got nothing on an ancient powerful being who can infect your mindddddd he can just make Godzilla run in circles lol
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I'm so waiting for Dreadnaught to come here and raid this place :D

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@.Mistress Redhead.:  yeah thats basicly the conclussion i came to , mind powers are easily better than nuke breath althought i would like to see how cthulhu stands up to it.
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Cthulhu easy

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Cthulhu curbstomps .

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Cthulhu easy
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@King Saturn said:
"Cthulhu easy "

Yeah Cthulhu is a Super-maga-overkill here, Dagon would be still be overkill. Godzilla could kill Deep Ones, and maybe, Shoggoths.
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damned cthulhu drawing worship away from our one true god, Galactus
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@joshmightbe said:
"@Undergroundgod: damned cthulhu drawing worship away from our one true god, Galactus "

Not a fan of Galactus, sell your Galactus worship pitch, else were's. lol
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@TheJuggernautpunch said:
" Cthulhu curbstomps . "
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No contest. Cthulhu's pure evil would drive anything mortal insane easily, and a Godzilla is mortal.

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This fight is not even comparable.

Cthulu's Daughter in the stories is attacked by a Multi-megaton nuke and is only scratched. Cthulu is far stronger than his daughter.

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Since Godzilla is now fighting stuff in hell, I'm wondering what everyone's updated opinions are

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Can Godzilla use a motorboat?

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The Great Old One takes this.

BUT Godzilla is WAY more than just Nuke breath and damage soak. He has feats in the Heisei series like (implied) weather manipulation AND TP/resistance abilities. None of that is saving him here though.

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@cpt_nice said:

Can Godzilla use a motorboat?

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@cpt_nice said:

Can Godzilla use a motorboat?

xD lost it

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Cthulhu destroys. His power is said to be incomprehensible to the human mind while Godzilla's simply can be comprehensible.

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That sentence....

"Godzilla's simply can be comprehensible."

I'm no grammar Nazi....but come on...

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Urk that came out horribly wrong. I meant the human brain cannot imagine Cthulhu's power but Godzilla has a clear limit.

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Godzilla rex, Cthulhu was busted by a steamboat. *braces for impact*

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Dpends on version of Cthulhu. Canon Cthulhu gets rekt. Extended works Cthulhu rekts via summoning Yog-Sothoth.

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@toratorn said:

Dpends on version of Cthulhu. Canon Cthulhu gets rekt. Extended works Cthulhu rekts via summoning Yog-Sothoth.

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WARNING/DISCLAIMER: this is about to get very hypothetical and i encourage people to feel free to argue with my logic. this is just how i've perceived these situations, and how i would answer this question. it is long, and will probably bore or annoy people. im also writing this on the fly with zero looking back at writings or information, this is just what i recall at the moment. so please, dont take this as my 100% answer. you CAN sway it.


Here's my thought process about characters like cthulhu when considering them against some other character.

Dont just assume that because ancient writings in their lore calls someone all powerful, all knowing, and unstoppable, that they actually are. think about it. in real world mythology, people considerd many gods of many pantheons just that. but at those times, even today's science would look like works and powers of the gods.

so stories about a massive space god who influences man-kind through dreams, has a massive size, has mystical powers, and leads armies of unspeakable horrors/monsters. most likely. he was all those things, but from their point of view only. if we replaced cthulhu with godzilla, in the same stories, he may not invade people's nightmares and dreams, but he would still be seen (in the same kind of story telling, dictated, but not true quotes) as an "unstoppable god who quakes the land with every step, with spines that would boil an ocean with his fury, a tail who's length in comparison to the body, sweeps across the land like a massive serpent, and who's very breath would spark flames in the air and could melt through the thickest of mountains and the strongest of materials, with the force fo a volcanic explosion!" yes, exaggerated but not untrue. and i feel cthulhu in godzilla's universe would basically have the same treatment. i'm not saying he isn't a god. I'm just saying, for those who think because he was perceived as a true unspeakably powerfull god, doesnt actually make him all powerful.

so this is where the debate comes in. who would win, given what is known of cthulhu and what is know of godzilla.


(again, very hypothetical look and assumptions, many of this could end up being false, because unlike with godzilla, im not an expert, and while i have read many writings involving the lovecraft mythose, i have not diligently taken the time to learn it all by hear, like again, i have with godzilla, who's verrious movies, animations, games, comics, and novels i have read many times over))

first we have Cthulhu:

note: it is generally considerd that he has the physical powers of the many lower deities of his mythose. further i will not list powers that make no difference, like being imune to emotion effecting abilities of foes.

1)most likely larger then Godzilla, if we stick to his much more gracious exagerations

incredible strength

2)power to warp his and surrounding's nature's physical matter and density. such as moving his own physical matter to different parts of his body, condensing it for dencer, stronger body parts, or spreading it for longer reach, but no matter how spread we can assume his strength would still be magnificent for even his size. he may also make the molecules int he air condence to physical matter, or turn the molecules of the land to liquid. though i would asume this does not effect powerfull beings or he would have used it on his enemies before. this also means he can reshape his body, much like a shapeshifter and even change his won mollecules to apear differently, including color and his aperant scalie epidermis if he so chooses. he may even choose to grow extra arms, from his body, but it would be smart to believe this would require removing density and/or mass from other parts of his body.

3)given his scales, probly a harder outer body, but a very viscle one, like a giant human shaped modified mantle (octopus body) so not terribly dence or thick scales naturally

4)along with entering dreams and causing nightmares, he has strong psychic control, but at the same time, not unbreakable/unfightable, nor perfect, humans are generally weak minded in this situation, wich aids his control, especially since many dont realize he is controlling him or even that he exists at all. lack of knowledge of a mental assailant would definitely help the assailent. he gets by this unnoticable limits by also creating mental illusions, aswell as mental temptations, promises, and enhancing emotions while showing desires, fears, and/or tramatic or hated scenes. useing the right one can throw his mentally strong ennemies off-guard.

5) magic/cosmic powers. including controll over bodies of matter in deep space. also combined with his matter controll and psychic powers, gives him personal view of being untouchable, beyond all others. basicly a godly erogant prick who believes what he sells.

6) the power to summon and controll creatures of his own realms and deep space (though i dont think this will be his game plan the entire fight)

7) does not require any known material like food, water, or breathable gas.

8) extreme regenerative powers that do not reduce his mass/density

9) ability to create portals through dimensions/break dimensional boundaries tempararily.

yes im aware many of this is hypotheticle assuptions based on writings (some of which are not considerd true cannon by many the most dedicated of fans, but i felt like since we are pitting him agains tthe king of kaiju, he deserved more described capabilities.


now we look at Godzilla.

1) massive body of powerfully sturdy bones and dense, powerful musculus. with the height of 100 meters

2) atomic breath capable of shooting great distances, melting nearly all materials even graised by it's path, and any limits of energy put-out based on godzilla's personal limits, which continue to rise higher. the force of his breath capable of lifting him off his feet and through the air, when his weight is 164,000 tons. its notable to point out that he is able to stand in place while firing this blast at such forces, and pushing other beings with the blast.

3) two brains, one only a sub-brain to the main one, only to help control coordination and his tail.

4) powerful and long tail, longer then he is tall, acting like one long muscular appendage for whipping, swiping, smashing, and even semi-grabs.

5) capable of lifting things 10 times his own body weight, definitely possibly more

9) his fury feeds his atomic flame, with a seccondary mode, where his atomic's radiation and power is nearly tippled and gains a red glow.

10) while susceptible to electrical attacks, his spines can conduct and charge his own atomic power even further past his potential/limits

11) walking nuke, that emits constant radiation that seems to grow as he ages/grows in power/size

12) dense hard scales

13) regenerative powers (not to the same rate as cthulhu, would take 24 hours to heal a body of serious battle wounds while bleeding out, and regenerate lost blood, while cthulhu heals in matter of moments)

15) he is not imune to but resists magical and mental powers.

16) susceptible to mental control if not appearing as malevolent, he has been known to break free during fits of anger, like smashing through a wall of butter, and not entirely controllable because while being susceptible, distractions will easily break such control of his ancient and thick mind. he is intelligent enough to stratagise however, but not intelligent enough to know when he is being subconsciously mentally manipulated in a peaceful manner

17) his large spines not only emit more radiation from his body normally then any other part, but also are seemingly unbreakable, heat up to temperatures equal to his atomic breath, and conduct electricity as described before.


so now that we have what we need, here's my final thoughts and theory/conclusion.

cthulhu's biggest downfall in this fight is his belief in his own powers and status. he is godly arrogant to the point of believing he is beyond even other godly beings! that said he isn't stupid either. so short play by play summary (using classic Godzilla movie and novel logic, but not dictating godzilla as a winner, because of the style. he has lost before, remember. this play by play is just an example for my final conclusion afterwords, and not my direct and only explaining answer)


cthulhu tries to control godzilla for his size and power compared to humans and his other monsters/minions. it will work at first then fail quite suddenly. godzilla gets a drop on him with atomic breath like he would in most fights at the start, wounding cthulhu insanely. next comes cthulhu's monsters verious more massive beasts, giving godzilla a good long fight but eventually loosing. cthulhu would try to slow godzilla or stop him with matter control in the vasinity, and fail to truly stop the now very annoyed and frustrated King of monsters. cthulhu finally calls on cosmic powers, which would wound godzilla intensely, and then he would be washed away/thrown away, because cthulhu is arrogant enough to see this as all pointless still (while impressed by strength. godzilla movie logic would have godzilla heal over time then return for a rematch, this time blasting through the first cosmic attakc of the fight and dealing a critical blow to the old god. caught off guard and rapidly healing himself, godzilla then tackles the god, possibly either wailing on him with a serious of swipes, bites, and stops afterwords, or throwing the god far away in a spinning toss, or tossing him strait up, followed by a basball like strike with his tail on the mid air flung cthulhu. this would anger the god and he would launch himself at the "insufferable reptile" and godzilla would then try to strike the god again with another atomic breath. but cthulhu's lunge would not be halted by the blast (possibly even dodging it). godzilla would then be pumbled by a physical assault and grappled in some way, possibly choking on lack of oxygen. his spines would burn away the restraints of cthulhu and give him one more shot at the god. this would be his last shot though because the fight would then be finished by the god, who, in his much more maneuverable form and greater physical strength, would fight through any future atomic blasts, makeing most miss, and either sending godzilla into deep space to die, or through a portal to an unsurvivable dimension. dooming the earth without it's protector.


that ending was quick but its time to get out of the mindset of movie logic there. cthulhu is smart and arrogant. as his foes show more capability, he provides harder obstacles, only showing enough attention to a foe as that foe's defeat should require in his opinion. what he cant control, he wants dead. if his psychic powers wont work he has minions, if minions cant do it, he will make the very surroundings do it, if he cant make the land kill him, he uses cosmic energy, if cosmic powers prove pointless, he will keep trying UNLESS he becomes angered, and with his physical powers, godzilla may be able to burn away an assailant, but cthulhu has total mind over matter, and can simply ignore the pain. im in full belief that godzilla's strength could not match cthulhu's and the physical shape of cthulhu is not only remold-able, but normally still much more athletically fluid then the king of mosnter's bulky form. and using his cosmic powers to create portals is probly the most try hard way he would remove a menace from his presence. while i fully believe cthulhu is kill-able in this scenario, there is no limit to the wellspring of energies he can produce, and cthulhu is not a stupid god, not a patient one. he finds no thrill in battle, he only wishes to get things done.

so in the end. in my current opinion, cthulhu would win, if provided with all recognized writings of him, lovecraft directly and spiritual successors. without those other writings, the fight is meaningless due to substantial lack of knowledge of cthulhu. those who disagree with my predictions and thoughts are well in their right!

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Necropost lol

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Final wars Godzilla, the adaptive Shin Godzilla, or the Recent Earth Godzilla will slap that Squid Stupid.

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Godzilla washes up a boat in the tidal wave when he rises from the sea and Cthulhu gets lumped.