Crossbones (Marvel) vs. Jason Voorhees (Friday the 13th)

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The SWAT hires to Crossbones to assassinate Jason Voorhees. Crossbones accepts, for a large sum of money. Crossbones travels to the camp "Crystal Lake" and is with Jason. Both characters start a fight brutal.


- Only H2H combat

Both characters lost their weapons during the fight and choose to fight hand to hand.

Who win this H2H combat?

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Damn, Crossbones had a chance with guns. But H2H? I'm pretty sure Jason will maul him to death.

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@texasdeathmatch: Yeah....going H2H with big J never really worked out for shown here...

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and shown here...

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It didn't even work out for that android really, sure she knocked him around but didn't actually take him down until using futuristic weaponry. It didn't work out for Freddy either.

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LOL. Any person would know that going H2H with Jason is a terrible idea.