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Prime T-3000. Infinity War Thor, but no lightning cloak, and he is unarmed.

Scenario: The two combatants are locked in an inescapable room, and must fight until one character is killed or destroyed.

My assumption is that Thor is unable to kill the T-3000 with pure physical attacks alone (absent his lightning), so the conclusion for me is that he cannot win. But can the T-3000 kill Thor? Or would this fight end in a stalemate with neither combatant able to kill the other?

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I knew that T-3000 can deliver supersonic punch (there's a clear sonic boom and shock wave when he punched Arnie), but I don't know the exact damage potential. But my best guess is that he could probably stagger Thor, but not really do any serious damage to him. Even if Thor couldn't kill T-3000 by using direct physical attack alone, he still have the option to use the environment to his advantage. If goes off-character, Thor can probably send him into the smelter or active volcano, based on the fact that a laser beam removed some of T-3000's mass and he doesn't have enough material to reform the skin (he have to allocate some nanobots into maintaining his overall shape).

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he can't even scratch him