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Poll: Could Raikage have saved the world ? How far does Raikage Chakra Cannon Get ? (2 votes)

SM Kabuto 0%
Rinnegan Obito W. Edo Jinchuriki (Beast Forms) 50%
PS Edo Rinnegan Madara 0%
Chapter 610 10 Tails 0%
10 Tails Obito 50%
10 Tails 1/2 Rinnegan Madara 0%
10 Tails Full Rinnegan Madara 0%

Raikage decides to use technology instead of fighting

Conditions: each oppenet must tank the concentrated blast from moon cannon

Senjutsu is inserted into the chakra cannon as well

Same amount of ninja that were in The Last are giving chakra to the cannon