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Poll: Could MCU Daredevil React To MCU Yondu's Arrow? (19 votes)

yes, casually 5%
yes but only with considerable effort 11%
he'd get tagged but would be good enough to make the arrow miss vital points long enough to kill Yondu 26%
nope he gets one shot 58%

could he consistently dodge MCU Yondu's arrow?

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Nothing is hitting Matt.

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He can react to the speed, but Yondu will likely tag him eventually because of how erratic the movement is.

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Yondu's arrow can go so fast that it caught fire so, no.

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It is bullet speed. No.

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No, it's much faster than bullet speed

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I doubt it.

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No chance he can react. Yondu's arrow has calculated to go as fast as Mach 5.

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Probably not, but even if he could, he would be tagged eventually by how well Yondu can control the movement

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No, Matt doesnt have hypersonic reactions.

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It would pierce his baton and kill him

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But Ollie can right?