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Could Piccolo Do it?

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  1. It can end in a draw if it has to.
  2. Piccolo is aware of what each of them is capable of
  3. Piccolo must do it within a 4 minute timer
  4. Piccolo can fly out in the stratosphere
  5. BFR is not allowed
  6. Ki and Chakra are not the same, they may be similar but they're NOT the same.
  7. And no twisted jimmies
  8. Can he do it?
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Picollo during and after Frieza saga would murk them any time and day, especially when you make Obits non factor by restricting BFR.

InB4 "Genjutsu gg". And Genjutsu only works on chakra being even if it capture picollo, it can be nullified by changing flow of chakra and z characters have full control over their Ki so picollo would surely note change in Ki and he can change flow of Ki.

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Which version of Piccolo? Pre Namek, I'd give it to the Naruto team. Post-Namek/Cell Saga I'd give it to Piccolo every time. Giving him his flight makes it a little unfair imo.

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Piccolo one shots 4 times

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Piccolo 1 shots everyone at the same time.

One hit, four accidental deaths.

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Piccolo loses by default due to the four minute time limit. Obito can stay intangible for five minutes consecutively, so Piccolo can't touch him. That and even if Piccolo does kill him, Obito can undo the damage with Izanagi.

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Piccolo makes 3 clones of himself and they all proceed to fire a moon destroying blast erasing each member on the naruto team from existence.

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DBZ Piccolo means EoS normally so Buu Saga. He stomps the whole Naruto Verse. This is Piccolo after 2 Fusions. He destroys them all with little to none effort.

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