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- Constantine DrakonvsSilver Samurai

- Location:

- A random Dojo.

- Start 15 feet apart.

- Rules:

- In character.

- Random encounter.

- Standard equipment. (Drakon is equipped with an assortment of knives.)

- Standard elimination rules apply.

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The only way Drakon loses this is if he toys with Harada too much and becomes the victim of a lucky hit. While Drakon is quite arrogant, his speed, skill and reflexes should more than suffice in taking a huge majority of Harada.

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As skilled and fast silver samurai is I think Constantine drakon would stomp him. IMO Connor would be a decent fight for Harda.

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I'm with you k4tzm4n, Drakon is a scary opponent. Unless the samurai coats his entire body with his tachyon field instead of just his blade, he's going to be torn apart here.