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Tarzan, Doc Savage, Conan, The Shadow

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Red Skull, Batman, Captain America, Robin (Grayson)

Pulp Heroes vs Early comic characters throw down.

All Pulp Characters are all comic feats.

Marvel characters are Pre Secrete Wars.

DC are Post Crisis.

Death or KO.

Gear load out.

Conan gets his axe, his sword, his shield, and a bow with arrows.

Doc Savage gets his gadgets, dagger, and hand guns.

Shadow gets his hand guns, and a sword.

Tarzan gets spear, dagger, and a Gorilla.

Batman has his utility belt.

Robin has his staff and utility belt.

Cap has his shield.

Red Skull has a hand gun and large knife.

Start 200 feet apart here.

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I would go with team Dynamite/Dark Horse in an absolutely epic throwdown, a case can be made for either team though honestly.

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I would go with team Dynamite/Dark Horse in an absolutely epic throwdown, a case can be made for either team though honestly.

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I don't know all of team 1, but i know Tarzan & conan...

I'll say marvel/dc FTW, for now.

unless someone wants to post some feats for Doc Savage/The shadow

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@jashro44 I think the Metal Gear stalker is back with a new account. Post 6.

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I don't know much bout team 1

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@sirfizzwhizz: I assure you all that Doc Savage is not without feats, he was getting it done when Bruce was a boy, as was The Shadow, I have a lot more but I will just post some basic things.

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Basic Bio and training routine.

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Various fights against animals, the bear and eagle are both cyborgs.

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Basic Intelligence feats

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Various skill showings including martial arts

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Various gadgets and vehicles nowhere near all of them I don't have time to post them all but he has very similar gadgets to the kind Bruce uses including grapple gun, gas bombs/mask, tracking devices, etc.

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@sirfizzwhizz: Dynamites Curtis Magazine Era collection, you can pick it up on comixology, it's about 511 pages worth of Doc Savage, it's also worth noting for anyone interested there is a Tarzan sale going on comixology right now.

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Inclining towards t1.

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I think Team 1 can take it. In the first Conan story, The Phoenix on the Sword, he was able to fight off 16 armed and armored assassins even managing to kill several of them. His weapons are also better suited towards killing than Cap's shield or non-lethal Bat gadgets.

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Looking at all of this I have to go Team 1, everyone except Shadow probably has superior physicals, and Shadow's mind control/perfect stealth (combined with holding 2 .45s) is more than enough to make up for that.

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Tarzan in comic crossovers...

Tarzan kills! It's not only about intelligence, physical, or technical prowess, you also have to consider the experience in crossover comics. Frankly, Tarzan has a great record in these. Also, in any battle or fight, morale is of great importance and imitators like Kraven or Kazar don't have any against a classic like Tarzan. On the other hand, Tarzan vs Conan is probably the crossover that most fans of either character want to see! Surprisingly, it has yet to materialize in comics or other media. The battle has been raging in literary experts circles and in online debates between their fans without a clear winner. But even Conan the Barbarian was influenced by Tarzan of the Apes.

Tarzan first appeared in the 1912 novel Tarzan of the Apes and then in 23 sequels by Edgar Rice Burroughs. The character Tarzan proved immensely popular and quickly made the jump to (and ruled in) other media, including comics. Tarzan of the Apes was adapted into newspaper strip form, first published January 7, 1929, with illustrations by Hal Foster, a seminal figure in the history of comics, especially action-adventure strips. Tarzan is a major influence over the Golden Age (1938-1947) superheroes and yet never put on a ridiculous outfit. Conan the Barbarian was created by Robert E. Howard in a series of fantasy stories. In February 1932, Howard vacationed at a border town on the lower Rio Grande. During this trip, Howard rewrote a rejected story, "By This Axe I Rule!" (May 1929), he further conceived the character of Conan and also wrote the poem "Cimmeria" replacing his existing character Kull of Atlantis with his new hero, and retitling it "The Phoenix on the Sword".

Let's also look at crossovers examples. The outcome of another crossover idea against a supervillain like Kraven would be easy to predict. (Deadpoolzilla, on Youtube, has awesome crossover reviews and ideas for proof if you need any.) This fight is like pitting a dachshund vs a wolf, just because both are canines and both can hunt. Tarzan kills Kraven (one of Spiderman's top villains, for most who have not even heard of him.).

The Claws of the Catwoman was a great crossover comic book series featuring Tarzan and Batman. They team-up, of course. This is our typical Batman in style, not art, which was good too and reminded me of Batman: The Animated Series produced by Warner Bros from September 5, 1992, to September 15, 1995, and won four Emmy Awards, including Outstanding Animated Program. If some Batfans don't agree, it's just that Tarzan is "giving the orders" here. Maybe Forbes magazine knows who is richer but while Batman is a tough all-around crime fighter... Tarzan is the apex peak human hero of all comic houses (DC, Marvel, Darkhorse, Dynamite ... etc) and the closest non-super powered heroes fall several categories below him. Lord Greystoke is a savage beast in the same millionaire club as the eccentric genius, Bruce Wayne. No, Batman is never overshadowed, which is as it should be and makes this crossover very interesting. I would like to see more Tarzan comics like these. Batman comics and movies have always been very good. Lots of respect for the Bat.

Kudos for Viral Killer on Youtube who covered the crossover against the Predators. I love the crossover idea and I like that Simmons, the writer respects the Tarzan character by turning this crossover comic book series into an extraterrestrial massacre. Tarzan is often softened too much for political reasons these days. The result is nice movies, with beautiful scenery that lack the badassery his fans have always read about him, but not often demonstrated in movies. Did Simmons go overboard or has Simmons intentionally insulted Predator fans? I don't think so. On the contrary, it has made me want to know more about these alien hunters. An incredibly cool race of intergalactic warriors! Besides their advanced technology and physical abilities, the Predators have been the subject of numerous novels, video games, and comic books, both on their own and as part of the Alien vs. Predator crossover imprint. But I can't help notice that even in the 1987 movie The Predator, they play second fiddle to Arnold's Dutch character. It seems they always co-star or share honors in their movies. Apart from mostly serving as worthy opponents and losing to a better human foe, it can also be said that they are mostly nameless creatures from somewhere in outer space. I do believe that even the most diehard predator fans know it and expect that. In fact, it is a strength because Predators along with Aliens are in more crossovers than anyone else and keep coming back in greater numbers. I did feel that the story became crowded with the Mahars and that it could have been better saving them for a future story. Yes, Simmons should have used that space to demonstrate more of that cool Predator culture/technology and even some individuality in some of them.

King Kong has incredible physical abilities and although naturally fierce, he also has that rage factor (like Hulk) that

seems to increases his abilities to frightening levels. Also and just as important, Kong has become one of the world's most famous movie icons and has appeared in various media since 1933. Although smart for a monkey, Kong is no genius and that's his main weakness because he can only use simple tools. Tarzan, on the other hand, was an R.A.F. pilot and officer in WWII, is a martial arts and weapons expert etc. (plus has a quasi-magical ancestral knife that doesn't wear down, never gets lost and every time it is unsheathed, the result is DEATH) Also, not many people know that Tarzan is immortal. this is part of the official ERB lore. so by defacto, Tarzan is a demigod and is very early recognized as a Munango-Keewati, a forest devil, by an African witch doctor and the cannibals that killed his ape mother. There is a Tarzan/King Kong novel coming soon! Tarzan wins, but I suppose he will be forced to come up with a good plan to beat the big ape without killing him and preventing Kong from slaughtering his captors. This monster beast gets a lot more respect from me than other superheroes/villains like Black Panther, (even with his hit movie for kids) or other relatively new wannabes. I hope Conan fans are also taking notes since many of them claim the mythology Conan lives in puts him against greater things, like those gods and what not.

Tarzan is no novice when it comes to war, tactics, weapons, and hand to hand combat. In Tarzan the Untamed he mowed down countless Germans during WWI. Conan fans who don't believe it can read reviews that I found at manapop,com by Mike Brooks:

Tarzan declares war on Germany, could have been an alternate title to this book as a good portion of it has Tarzan go all Rambo on the invading German forces during World War I.

This is a grimmer and more brutal Tarzan than we have seen in the past books, and for a very good reason, his wife is murdered. If one was to make a list of things not to do I’m betting killing Jane, would probably appear near the top. The first half of the book is pretty much all about a wrath-filled Ape Man wreaking holy hell on the German forces while he tries to locate the men directly responsible for the atrocities he found at his home. He would grab a native porter for interrogation, scarring the living crap out of him, and then once he has gained what information he can get Tarzan would then crush the life out of the man. One German officer is left stuck in a tree with a hungry lion waiting for a meal, while others meet brutal if not as sadistic ends. At one point Tarzan takes the aforementioned lion, which he has leashed and beaten into submission, and forced him into the German trenches. When the hapless German soldiers flee the trenches Tarzan is there waiting for them, with a machine gun, and he rakes them with a deadly hail of bullets. This is a sprawling epic with Tarzan wiping out German soldiers, traveling desert wastes, battling cannibals, befriending lions (two of them in this book), and of course, he finds a lost city. Only the inclusion of Bertha and Percy in the second half of the book, which is mostly jungle adventure and lost city finding, connects it to the first half, which is all about war and revenge."

In Tarzan and the Foreign Legion, we get a book that feels like more a military adventure story than Tarzan the Untamed did. The book begins with the introduction of Corrie van der Meer, the daughter of a Dutch settler who refused to evacuate Sumatra when the Japanese invaded. Many women in Burroughs’ books are spared being raped because two villains spend too much time arguing over who gets to ravish their beautiful victim first, which then gives our protagonists time to step in with a last-minute rescue. When we first encounter Tarzan in this book he is going by his identity John Clayton, and he’s an RAF colonel to boot. He has been assigned to join a group of American airmen who are on a photo reconnaissance mission over Sumatra. When their unarmed B-24 Liberator bomber is shot down, and they find themselves in a jungle deep inside enemy territory, they soon count themselves as very lucky to have Clayton with them. He is the pilot of a P-40 Tomahawk in another licensed novel! What’s interesting here is that Tarzan does not reveal himself as the notorious Ape Man, and when he first strips down to a loincloth and starts fashioning a bow and arrow the men think he’s gone nuts. It’s not until much later that when they see him kill a tiger with nothing but his bare hands and a knife that one of the Americans put two and two together and figures out who he actually is. Later in the book he informs his friends that in his youth he was given an elixir of longevity by an African witchdoctor, which would explain how Tarzan is still looking young, and in peak physical condition, when he should be in his late 60s. The group first scoff at this notion until Jerry mentions how he was told Tarzan stories when he was but a child, so some magical intervention is the only explanation for Tarzan’s youthful appearance. Burroughs had come up with a brilliant way to keep writing about a character, over a great span of time, without having to worry about the problem of an aging hero. Instead of being given a Super Soldier Serum and frozen in an iceberg like Captain America we have jungle mysticism to keep our hero young and vibrant. there is a ton of amazing jungle action as our heroes battle their way through hostile territory, against man and nature as this “Foreign Legion” takes enemy soldiers, hostile apes, nasty pythons, a band of ruthless outlaws, and Tarzan even fights a shark."

Finally, for those who believe that Conan may have a physical ability greater than Tarzan, I would safely say that I’d much rather be in “Tarzan” shape than “Conan” shape. The supporting info I got from an article in a site called Histoy

of Sorts.

The character Tarzan has been played by a great number of actors, The former Olympian Johnny Weissmüller is the actor most associated with Tarzan, but Glen Morris had also previously been an Olympian. In the U.S. Olympic track and field trials for 1936, Morris scored a new world record of 7,880 points, earning him Newsweek’s sobriquet “the nation’s new Iron Man.” Morris broke his own world record, and the Olympic record, in the Berlin games, with a decathlon score of 7,900 points. It was said that Adolf Hitler never left his seat while Morris was competing and that the Germans thereafter offered Morris $50,000 to stay in Germany and appear in sports films, an offer Morris refused. In 1938 he played Tarzan in ‘Tarzan’s Revenge’ The reviews were so thoroughly bad that Morris never made another movie. He played four games with the Detroit Lions football team, before injury curtailed this new career, then worked as an insurance agent. He subsequently served in the U.S. Navy and was stationed in the Pacific during World War II, commanding amphibious-assault landing craft. Reportedly wounded, Morris was treated for psychological trauma issues and spent several months in a naval hospital (dreaming of lost cities with Miss Venezuela-like queens, I'm sure!).

Arnold Schwarzenegger, an Austrian-American actor, filmmaker, businessman, author, philanthropist, activist, politician, and former professional bodybuilder and powerlifter played Conan. He served two terms as the 38th Governor of California, from 2003 to 2011. (and King of Aquilonia in the Hyborean age, don't forget). Schwarzenegger began lifting weights at the age of 15. He won the Mr. Universe title at age 20 and went on to win the Mr. Olympia contest seven times, remaining a prominent presence in bodybuilding and writing many books and articles on the sport. He is widely considered to be one of the greatest bodybuilders of all-time, as well as the sport's most charismatic ambassador

Tarzan wins! :)