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How far does Composite superman go in Saint Seiya?

Is he bronze night Level? Can he take out gold nights? More?

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It depends on if you consider cosmic armor a legit version of supes.

If not, I’m not sure if strange visitor is enough to take on everybody. I’m not too knowledgeable on saint seiya though

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I think Superman could do pretty well. Even if you don’t consider Cosmic Armor a version of Superman, there still is Strange Visitor and Pre Crisis with the Sword of Superman.

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Most versions of Superman get stomped pretty easily by the mid to high tier Gold Knights, although Sword of Superman(?) and Thought Robot would be too much. Strange Visitor doesn't make it past the Gold Knights either.

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Pre Crisis with Sword is useless here too

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Pre-crisis Superman with the SOS was becoming omnipresent, that plus TR would be too much for Seiya.

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Silver Age Superman with sword solos.

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Is thought robot allowed?if so he one shots the verse horribly.

If not,he stops at the god saints if sa is weighed.