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  • A sith lord capable of creating surface wiping force storms from several lightyears away (Palpatine)

  • A sith lord capable of draining entire planets (Nihilus)
  • A sith lord capable of reviving himself in spirit form and continuously hoping from new bodies (Vitiate/Valkorion)

  • A sith lord who has mastered both sides of the force (Revan)

  • A sith lord who can destroy a star with prep time (Naga Sadow)

  • A sith lord who can return to posses other people (Palpatine, Vitiate/Valkorion)

  • A sith lord who has achieved force oneness (Krayt, Caedus, Malgus, Revan)

  • A sith lord who can come back from the dead without stealing someone else's body/using clones (Krayt)

faces post-crisis wonder woman in a random encounter, who wins?

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The lasso negates practically everything the Sith can do and I'm inclined to say Diana can simply tank a force storm.

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Sith Lord slams her. Nothing like dura ignoring abilities amirite.

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Sith lord one shots. One does not need a composite version to stomp her, a force storm is already more than enough.

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Any high tier sith lord can one shot or blitz this version of wonder woman.

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Wonder Woman ultimately doesn't have a counter to:

  • World Shattering Force Storms; the Storms are all encompassing and can selectively destroy targets, hence her bracelets would be useless
  • Telepathy of this magnitude; Sidious himself was keeping billions in line while half a galaxy away
  • A lightsaber; Diana's resistance to piercing weapons is pretty lackluster
  • Draining capabilities and Soul attacks of this magnitude
  • Haxx like teleportation, limited time manipulation, shatterpoint which pretty much bypass durability
  • The crazy weird Baran-Do Sage and Aiing-Tii abilities Caedus has, which includes Soul/Mind Walking

What she does have on her side is:

  • The strength advantage; and a pretty considerable one, but a telekinetic defensive barrier would be capable of countering that
  • The speed advantage; her best chance at victory, honestly
  • Her lasso; effectively would stop most of the Sith's haxx

It depends how this goes out. Even Sidious, bloodthirsty and sadistic as he was, never unleashed a Force Storm immediately. I doubt this composite Sith would, either. However, options like Draining, telepathy, and shatterpoint are used rather lavishly by several Sith(see Krayt, Caedus, Nihilus, Vitiate) so unless Diana can beat the Sith into a pulp before any of those tactics come into play, she's done for.

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Also, this is basically Sidious vs Wonder Woman, just with a few more tricks. :/

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She absolutely trashes Malgus and Nihilus. Every other Sith can defeat her. Darth Sidious dominates her

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Sith lord one shots. One does not need a composite version to stomp her, a force storm is already more than enough.