Composite Servant vs Composite Nen User

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The Servants and Nen Users each fuse into a single being. Each comp is an amalgamation and has all the skills, stats, knowledge and abilities if the characters in their comp

  • The Comp Servant has a special comp NP that has abilities of all the NPs from the servants.
  • Servant is a composite of all the Fate/Zero and F/S Night Servants
  • Feats from across all three F/SN routes can be used
  • Energies equalised. (Servant can see Nen)
  • Win by or KO

Round 1: No Gilgamesh

Round 2: Gil is added into the Comp Servant

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The Servant teleports behind the New User and one shots with Gae Bolg

Round 1 is a mismatch. Gil could solo the HvH all on his own. The servant nukes with Ea