Composite One Piece character vs Composite Fairy tail character

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  • No prior knowledge
  • both sides with all of their gear,weapons and equipment
  • The win by Incap,OHKO and Kill.
  • both sides is bloodlust and willing to go all out.
  • Composite OP character with combined devil fruits/stats/feats.haki of characters from One Piece's Universe.
  • Composite FT character with combined magic/stats/feats of characters from Fairy tail's Universe.
  • The fight takes place in here
  • starts 20 meters apart
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A lot a factors but I'm gonna say Fairy tale since they have time magic and pleas correct me if I'm wrong. A magic that just let's them one shot anything.

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They have no answer to the Fairy Heart to my knowledge.

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Multiple time users.

Death hax.


Shrink magic.

Combining Dragon cry with Etherions would give you a casual country buster at least. Which is above the one piece paygrade...add in the hax from fairy heart and you get a disgusting mismatch.

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👆 that

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Lightspeed,Law hax ability and many other ability for Luffy?

He solos Fairy tail verse. Imagine attacking with the Gura Gura+Light speed attacks, GG Fairy tail verse xD

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Dunno much about FT but from youtube clips i saw they have time stop + someone who has island ranged size manipulation that can bust organs and stuff and death magic. Seems too hax to me.

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fairy tail in a big fat ugly stomp

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Fairy tail has too much hax.

Also, isn't this against the rules?

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Zeref or Acnologia solos.

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How does a composite FT character deal with someone who

- is a light elemental and can utilize light speed movement and attacks (Pika Pika no Mi)

- can use spatial manipulation (Ope Ope no Mi)

- can repel any attack with his hands (Nikyu Nikyu no Mi)

- can absorb anything into elemental darkness (Yami Yami no Mi)

- can massively slow time via beams (Noro Noro ni Mi)

- can control gravity (Zushi Zushi no Mi)

- can use massive quake attacks (Gura Gura no Mi)

- can fly and quickly regenerate completely (Tori Tori no Mi)

- is invisible (Suke Suke no Mi)

- can turn someone into a toy with a mere touch (Hobi Hobi no Mi)

- can transmute the entire environment into the respective Devil Fruit element (Awakening)

- has at least large island level elemental AOE attacks (Magma, Ice, etc.)

- has future sight (Advanced Observation Haki)

- has massive (spiritual) armor protection which makes steel appear like butter (Armament Haki and Tekkai)

- can bypass durability and intangibility via spiritual armor (Advanced Armament Haki)

- is large island to country level physically (Kaido)

Not really a rhetorical question btw., as I just have little knowledge about FT.


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@ninelven: Let me counter each part of your post separately so I don’t miss anything. I can link anything to you if needed to support or prove my claims.

Light: Fairy Tail has no speed feats on that level, but they can stop time (Age Seal), and eat light to gain power (Light Dragon Slayer Magic)

Space: FT has a guy who literally lol nopes anyone who uses Spacial Manipulation (Rules of the Area)

Repelling: FT can just dodge around the attack or compress it so it goes back (Command T)

Darkness: FT can eat the darkness to gain power (Shadow Dragon Slayer Magic)

Time: FT has a dude who does the same thing passively (Slow Magic) and by hype there’s a Time God.

Gravity: FT can do that too (Gravity Magic)

Quakes: FT has Acnologia’s large island level attacks and can just teleport out of the way (Teleportation Magic)

Flight: Dragons.

Regen: FT doesn’t have any direct counter to regen off memory without PIS, but they have the ability to completely regen from being disintegrated, including their surroundings (Fairy Heart)

Invisibility: FT counters that (Heaven’s Eye)

Toy: FT can turn into shadows and hide away (Shadow Dragon Slayer Magic) or freeze time (Age Seal) or regen with time manipulation (Fairy Heart) I know FH doesn’t have those direct feats but it regenerated from nothingness along with its surroundings. It should be good enough.

Awakening: There’s no proof that applies for every DF. Either way, there’s flight and dimension hopping (Celestial Spirits)

Elemental Attacks: Ice is eaten by FT while Magma is overpowered by Acnologia’s roars that can potentially get boosted by Dual Elements and Enchantments. There’s also Crash Magic that disassembles attacks.

Future Sight: FT doesn’t have FS but it can render time useless with Time Stop and also has a form of future sight (Sound Magic) albeit not on the level of CoO.

Armor: Steel was ripped apart by Base Natsu. A much stronger Base Natsu got no sold by the mountain sized War God, but Natsu went FDKM and one shot it, it literally was vaporized. “Makes steel appear like butter) is nothing.

Durability Ignoring: That’s for Logia’s who use elements if I’m not misinformed. If they used true intangibility like the Blue Pegasus (?) Guild Master, there’s no proof it would hit. Plus, teleportation. And regeneration.

Kaido: Kaido’s best feat AFAIK was one shotting Luffy, that isn’t Large Island Level.

Now answer how One Piece (not a rhetorical question either) handles someone who:

-Can BFR them to another dimension (Celestial Spirits, Genesis Zero)

-Can transmute them into an animal (Enchantment)

-Can cause them to have an immense amount of pleasure that kills them (Larcade)

-Can cause them to go so hungry they start eating anything they see (Larcade)

-Can cause them to die by sleeping (Larcade)

-Can freeze Time (Age Seal)

-Can regenerate from nothing via time manipulation, completely surviving obliteration and keeping a consciousness (Fairy Heart) This is actually useful, as one attack of FT’s is country level by suicide, and they can spam this.

-Van freezeIce (Invel)

-Can rearrange the layout of a country (Universe One)

-Can become completely invisible (Jacob Lessio)

-Can manipulate mass (Command T)

-Can instantly kill by falling in love (Curse of Ankhlesam) also allows Immortality.

-Can eat the following substances for Power: Fire, Iron, Sky, Lightning, Poison, Light, Shadow, Water, Wood, Gold, Ash (Dragon Slayer Magic)

-Can summon up Armor capable of no selling attacks above mountain level (Armor Dragon Slayer Magic)

-Can cut will and independence (Sword Dragon Slayer Magic)

-Can create “links” that allow all pain felt by one to be felt by another (Maguilty Sense)

-Can create barriers considered unbreakable by guys who can shake everything for 300-400 kilometers and are only escapable by following the rules (Dark Echriture)

-Can create Lightning that one shots people immune to lightning (Red Lightning)

-Can turn you to stone with a glance or steal your soul (Eye Magic)

-Can erase you from existence (Memento Mori, Fairy Spells sorta)

-Can make you incapable of seeing, smelling, hearing or tasting while simultaneously increasing your pain sensors to their highest peak to the point breathing hurts (Sensory Curse)

-Can weaken your stats (Law of Retrogression)

-Can disassemble your Attacks into nothing (Crash Magic)

-Can trap you in time (Fairy Sphere)

-Can get amplified in stats at any point (Enchantment)

-Has Energy Attacks capable of wiping out islands (Acnologia and other Dragons)

-Has the mass of dozens of mountains (Aldoron) Can increase with Gravity and Command T.

-Has effortless mountain level physicals (Acnologia)

-Can do almost every other thing Composite OP can do and not worry about a thing.

Oh, I almost forgot. If the composite so much as walks through a door, the whole world will get destroyed by Neo Eclipse.