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  • All cw speedsters combined
  • All their high showings can be taken into account
  • no jobbing
  • healed every round
  • Win by KO or Death

Round 1- Season 4 Clark

Round 2- Season 4 Bart

Round 3- Season 5 Bart

Round 4- Season 10 Clark

Round 5- Season 11 Clark

Round 6- Season 11 Clark w/ speedforce suit

Round 7- Season 11 Bart

Round 8- Black Racer

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@krasny: Stops at 4. Clark has better feats in all aspects by this point iirc.

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@americanspeeddemon: No man. Barry's picosecond feat means he would dust season 4 Clark easier than season 4 Bart did. That Clark couldn't even run on water while Barry was running on water right from season 1 or 2(leaning more on 1). The only probem he would have is Clark's physicals but he far outclasses him in speed. What would be his counter to phasing? I really would like to know?

OT: Probably stops at season 10 Clark,I don't see anyone of them getting past him.

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@prinstonzod: I think you misread my post I agreed that he'd get to round 4.

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Here's Bart Allen traveling at ftl. I'm actually being generous here no indication or time of this feat is given. And doing so for the first time ever. Never gone this fast before. He has to absorb the speed storms from around the world which grants speed, plus Clark's speed who had been amplified with tech to match Bart's previous speed. And going that fast killed Bart.

Here's season 11 clark saying he isn't strong enough to escape the gravity of a sun. Wait but he's massively ftl according to everyone in this thread. How could that be? Heres clark needing gravity buoys (tech that kryptonians under a yellow sun use) to reach the sun in time to stop doomsday

And here's clark saying this is as fast as he can go from earths orbit to earth and back. Seconds? Wait multiple seconds? Then how is he massively ftl? So long this guy nearly dies? More than seconds.

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no one in smallville is light speed or ftl. Kryptonians including clark himself use gravity buoys to travel ftl in the smallville universe. So stfu

clark season 10 speed
clark season 10 speed

Barry was faster than season 11 clark and bart by season 1. If you disagree you dont know wtf youre talking about.

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@americanspeeddemon: OH! Apologies, I thought you said he would stop at season 4 Clark. My bad. 😥😥