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my character can beat them single handedly

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Vance Astro FTW....

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TheDrifter said:
"I vote Stewie"

You know I was going to wait until the final member gets the first 10 votes or gets the most. But since 10 seems like a long time away, I'll just give it to most right now. So winner by two votes our final member is STEWIE GRIFFIN!

Drifter you have chosen wisely. 

I admit I don't know much about Shatterstar, but he doesn't seem to helpful in my opinion. Looks like a cosmic ninja.

Shenron is the eternal dragon from DBZ who grants wishes. He would had made a fine team member.

As for Stewie Griffin this is what he gets. For this fight Stewie will possess his telekinetic powers he gained in the segment "Super Griffins". That will be topped off with his Matrix/Crouching Tiger martial arts style he displayed in numerous episodes. The telekinesis will be enhanced because Stewart will be amped up more with his Star Wars powers he had in Blue Harvest. What's Stewie without his weapons? So I'm going to give it all to him. Stewie for this fight gets every weapon and invention he every made and displayed in the show. As well as his army of toddlers, each in the stealth bombers Stewie gave them. He's also packing the Family Guy powers from the thread I posted in the OP detailing what the stuff is. Finally Stewie is also gets the 3 wish genie the family had in the episode "Family Guy Viewer Mail 1".  This should make up for the lack of Shenron.

Also just so everyone knows I can indeed solo the other team by myself. I possess atleast 4 powers and abilities that the other team has no counter for. And have a counter for everything they can through at me. I'm just purposely holding back to make it an interesting fight. In case you people think I'm bluffing here's a video for you. This is what the special Simpsons powers of mine are capable of if we really want to do some serious damage. Keep in mine the Simpsons powers is just a fraction of my total powers. The video's in German, but it kind of speaks for itself.


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im part of the other team :))

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im still sayin u guys are all made of atoms therefor x man can kill u all with a thought.

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Vine team, curbstomp

we have stewie :P

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ya....*pouty face*i know....