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Gods & Monsters:

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  1. Team Leader:@causeimbatman(Cyborg Superman)
  2. @emperorthanos-(Jin Mori)
  3. @supremegeneration(Death Seed Iceman)
  4. @major_hellstrom(Orrgo)


  • No Friendly Fire (5)
  • Perfect Teamwork (5)
  • 5 hours of prep (5)
  • Adamantium Weapons (Cyborg Superman) (2)
  • Turn Prep to Prep Anywhere (3)
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Fear The Facists:

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  1. Team Leader:@mylittlefascist (Oz)
  2. @jucaslucasa (Medaka)
  3. @andromeda101 (D'Spayre)
  4. @foxerdes(Sinestro)


  • One Week of Prep Anywhere (15)
  • Basic Knowledge (5)

Tourney Rules:

  • Characters can range from low high tiers (like Iron Man lvl) to high herald lvl, as it is a tourney of that lvl. However you can pick characters of a lower tier if its because of their prep or something
  • Summons are limited to 20, the Thing level
  • Clones are limited to 5
  • No BFR
  • Marvel is 616 unless otherwise stated
  • DC is Composite Post Crisis/N52/Rebirth, unless otherwise stated
  • Wildstorm characters have access to feats from DC
  • Win by death, KO or incap
  • Standard gear
  • No time manip
  • No luck manip
  • No reality manip/wraping
  • No speed steal
  • Manga characters have composite anime and manga feats. No game, movies or databooks.
  • Star Wars is Canon/EU

Invaders vs Defenders (Motherbox): All 4 Members Participating

The rundown is simple. The Defenders have a motherbox, The Invader want it. Defenders need to come up with a strategy to defend the motherbox and/or defeat the other team, holding out for at least 24 hours. The Invaders need to come up with a plan to defeat the Defenders and/or steal the motherbox and get away within 24 hours. Its up to you to decide who wins:

No Caption Provided

Gods & Monsters are the Defenders. Fear The Facists are the Invaders. 24 hours in scenario time for either side to win.

  • Motherbox is indestructible.
  • Neither side can use the motherbox to aid them in any way until one side wins.
  • Tk cannot be used on directly on the box or around the box(Ex: lifting the ground underneath the flag ergo lifting the box)
  • Teleporting is disabled if carrying the box
  • Flying is disabled if carrying the box
  • Defenders can either defeat the invaders or just hold them off for 24 hours
  • Invaders can either defeat the defenders or steal the motherbox
  • The entire base can not be destroyed (Ex: No blowing up the base)
  • Winning team gets the Motherbox.

Have Fun & Good Luck!

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I'll make the first post

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Its up to you to decide who wins:

I decide that I win.

GG guys.

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@darthjhawk: The OP of the signup thread said “One Week of Prep Anywhere”.

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Hank Henshaw, The Cyborg Superman

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Terror In A Machine I: General Showings Of The Cyborg Superman

What I consider a pretty good showing for Hank is when he fought Superman during the Sinestro Corps War. He took both of his blows with literally zero damage, blitzed him showcasing FTL combat speed (since Superman has nanosecond reaction time) and took him down with only 6 hits. In essence, Henshaw lolstomped Clark.

Gallery image 1Gallery image 2Gallery image 3Gallery image 4Gallery image 5
Tales Of The Sinestro Corps: Cyborg-Superma

Then there's when he fought Guy Gardner and Hal Jordan. He almost oneshotted Hal Jordan with his GL rings, created a construct shield that no sold Guy's blast then proceeded to effortlessly oneshot Gardner. Not a bad showing in my book.

Gallery image 1Gallery image 2Gallery image 3
Green Lantern Vol. 4 #11-12

Scans in reverse order. And the fact that he came extremely close to oneshotting Hal is very impressive considering Hal has tanked a blast from Mogo (note that Mogo was boosted on hundreds of GL rings) with zero damage. Other durability feats include tanking blasts from Pre Annihilation Surfer with no damage in a canon crossover, and taking a punch from pissed off Superman with zero damage.

Gallery image 1Gallery image 2Gallery image 3
Scan 1 and 3: Green Lantern/Silver Surfer: Unholy Alliances, Scan 2: Superman Vol. 2 #108

Cyborg Superman has more and better feats but this should suffice for the moment. Also, Henshaw is essentially immortal here. He was completely unaffected when Hal blasted a hole through him. Then there's Hank's technomorphing (the ability to manipulate technology without needing to hack into them) which has allowed him to rebuild having a hole blasted through him, and even allowed him to rebuild his body. Both being down in some seconds only.

Gallery image 1Gallery image 2Gallery image 3Gallery image 4
Scan 1: Parallax: Emerald Night, Scan 2: Green Lantern Vol. 4 #12, Scan 3 to 4: Adventures Of Superman #468

Sure, he'll eventually run out of tech to make a full body but he's at Avengers HQ - some good amount of tech there (bear in mind "tech" for Henshaw's technomorphing is anything mechanical). Plus The Manhunter tech he will get during prep.

Terror In A Machine II: Prep and Tactics


Since I'm using a Composite Cyborg Superman, I have access to his Manhunter Bots he had during Revenge Of The Green Lanterns story arc. Henshaw will be getting 20 of them, per summons rule. These things are pretty much fodder, even Batman could pimp slap them but they can stay in the HQ for Henshaw to rebuild himself if needed.

Comm links, GL Rings and Adamantium Weapons

Comm Links

Henshaw can quickly construct some comm links for the whole team. He managed to make one fairly quickly for the US President using technomorphing.

Superman Vol. 2 #79
Superman Vol. 2 #79


GL Rings

Henshaw can replicate some GL rings for the team, as the version I'm using has rings himself. Just to show GLs can replicate their rings for others, here are instances of Hal quickly replicating a ring for Carol Ferris and Sinestro (Green Lantern) making another ring for Hal when he was no longer a GL.

Gallery image 1Gallery image 2Gallery image 3Gallery image 4
Scan 1 and 2: Green Lantern Vol. 5 #2, Scan 3 to 4: Green Lantern Vol. 4 #19

The ring gives a decent boost too, even if you're a rookie. When Carol (AFAIK she's a rookie with GL rings and has no special willpower) got a ring from Hal, she managed to strike back Star Sapphire (thus keeping up slightly speedwise) and tank her blast. Star Sapphire has feats like fighting Hal decently BTW.

Gallery image 1Gallery image 2
Green Lantern Vol. 4 #19

Its not a massive boast but decent enough.


Adamantium Weapons

I have two. For my first I'll take a retractable claw like Wolverine's. My second weapon will be for Jin Mori as he's fairly fast, the weapon being whatever ET chooses in his post. Anyway, here are some piercing feats for adamantium.

Gallery image 1Gallery image 2Gallery image 3Gallery image 4
  • Scan 1: Logan pierces World War Hulk. (World War Hulk Vs. X-Men #2)
  • Scan 2: Wolverine pierces Power Gen Thanos. (Infinity Gauntlet #5)
  • Scan 3: Adamantium shards go right through WWH. (World War Hulk #3)
  • Scan 4: Logan easily cuts through Chulk. (Savage Wolverine #5)

I dunno about the rest of your team but adamantium can def be an option for Henshaw to murder Sinestro.

Justice League Watchtower Trophy Room

Using the prep anywhere perk, Henshaw will be in the Wacthtower Trophy Room. Before you ask about the league's defenses or anything like that, Cyborg Superman already BECAME the Watchtower using his technomorphing and technopathy abilities.

Superman/Batman Annual #5
Superman/Batman Annual #5

Then he's going to get some gear from there.

Gallery image 1Gallery image 2Gallery image 3
  • Scan 1: The room has a GL ring. (The Flash Vol. 5 #21)
  • Scan 2: Contains Prometheus' helmet. (JLA Secret Files and Origins #2)
  • Scan 3: Also contains a version of Amazo. (JLA Secret Files and Origins #2)

The GL ring is just an extra ring for Henshaw, which means he now has 6 GL rings. Prometheus' helmet has a disc installed with the skills of DC's top 30 martial artists, including Batman. The helmet then transfers all that skill to the central nervous system.

JLA #16
JLA #16

Hank just replicates another helmet using his technomorphing abilities. While the helmet won't work on Iceman and Orrgo for several reasons, it should probably work on Jin Mori. This should mean Hank and Jin would be far superior in CQC, if it comes to it Vs. Sinestro. Now Amazo. That version had copied the powers of the whole JLA which at the time included Hal Jordan, Aquaman, Wonder Woman, Barry Allen and MMH. Cyborg Superman will using his technomorphing to take the power mimicry bits of Amazo in himself - meaning he can now copy all your team's powers and gear (since Amazo has copied Hal's ring) and that he has the powers of the whole JLA. Just to show Henshaw can fit in the power mimicry bits of Amazo, look at how much he can fit:

Superman: The Man Of Steel #52
Superman: The Man Of Steel #52

If you aren't convinced tho, I don't see why Hank can't enlarge his body with all the tech he has access to. Like Manhunters and Avengers HQ.



I can see it coming that this would be massively OOC but it isn't. Let's look at when Henshaw took over the Watchtower again:

Superman/Batman Annual #5
Superman/Batman Annual #5

He states that he would do "EVERYTHING" in his power to beat Doomsday. That sounds like a guy who would do anything to achieve his goal...and he has used different pieces of gear over the years, just like he'll do here:

  • The Tribunal Planet: Used his technomorphing on the Tribunal Planet to make some new weaponry for his cybernetic body
  • Revenge Of The Greens Lantern Story Arc: Took some GL rings to boost himself
  • Sinestro Corps War: Took some Sinestro Corps rings to boost himself
  • Sinestro Corps War: Similar to how he's amping himself with Amazo, in SCW he incorporated himself with some new tech

So let's see:

  • Would do everything in his power to achieve his goals - check
  • Has already took over of the Watchtower - check
  • Implemented himself with different sets of gear and technologies over the years - check

It seems absolutely in character for Henshaw

Invisibility and Motherbox

GL rings have showcased the ability to turn people invisible

Green Lantern Vol. 2 #7. Yes, its a pre crisis comic but those are canon to Post Crisis
Green Lantern Vol. 2 #7. Yes, its a pre crisis comic but those are canon to Post Crisis

I'm not going to claim Hank will turn himself invisible since that would be OOC but he can turn his team invisible or the team can do it themselves since they're getting their own GL rings. Jin Mori's clones will be invisible as well. Now there's the motherbox. The fifth Jin Mori clone will be left behind invisible, and will have the motherbox with him.


Yeah, Sinestro isn't much of threat. Henshaw can just take over his ring and shut it off using technopathy. His technopathy was enough to take over Apokolips' networks.

Superman/Doomsday: Hunter/Prey #2
Superman/Doomsday: Hunter/Prey #2

And before you bring me the "has Henshaw ever taken over tech as advanced as Sinestro Corps Rings", Apokolips is way beyond Sinestro's rings. Apokoliptian tech would be machines that rewrite the very laws of Civilization and being, tech that harnesses the Omega Effect, tech that accesses the energies of the Source, machines that can turn people to cosmic forces, etc. Aside from technopathy, Cyborg Superman can also use technomorphing. He's controlled/manipulated Apokoliptian tech using it. And if you're wondering if Hank can technomorph tech without needing to connect his body to it, he already did just that when morphing a gun.

Gallery image 1Gallery image 2
Superman Vol. 2 #82, Superman/Doomsday: Hunter/Prey #1

So Cyborg Superman can either shut down the ring using technopathy, or manipulate it to whatever else using technomorphing. Or een using technomorphing to surprise blast your own team.


Recapping prep:

  • Hank makes some comm links for the team
  • Gives them some GL rings
  • Utilizes Prometheus' helmet to boost his and Jin Mori's skills
  • Boost himself with an extra GL ring
  • Use Amazo to make him massively more powerful
  • The team and Mori's clones turn invisible
  • One of Mori's clones is left behind invisible with the motherbox
  • Not my prep, but Iceman will freeze a portion of the battlefield to absolute zero. Luckily that won't effect our team due to no friendly fire perk

To get the motherbox, you'd have to find Jin's clone even tho he's invisible. And that's assuming we don't stop you if you find Jin's clone.

Now, I don't know about the rest of your team but Sinestro gets stomped. Technopathy and technomorping is an instant GG. Even if it doesn't work, Henshaw is superior in every aspect. He's tanked blasts from Silver Surfer, almost oneshotted Hal Jordan, blitzed Superman - taking him down in only six hits. I don't see Sinestro having any chance TBH.

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Should’ve been a group post...

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@supremegeneration: You guys can do it however you think you can keep the most organized.

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Just putting a post here so I can find this easier

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@jucaslucasa Having some issues sorting that out, but I'll get back on that.

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Going to give all matches a bump for interest since they have all been made.

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I don't know a whole lot about your team, but seeing as how it has Jucas, Zets, a fear lord and a week of prep anywhere, I'm pretty sure it's going to involve going to another dimension, broken as fudge prep and some sort of future vision. So with that in mind, I'm not going to make any claims in this post and will instead just give readers a quick rundown of Orrgo's abilities.

Orrgo, The Unconquerable

No Caption Provided

Music Box

I made this little music box cause apparently I have way too much time on my hands, that and I am a fan or Orrgo and I think this song matches him well (starts of mysterious, then threatening before ending inn a more wonder filled note, which mirrors Orrgo's history).

Loading Video...

The Rundown

So here is the rundown of what Orrgo can do, his mean abilities are

  • Telepathy
  • Hyponosis
  • Transmutation
  • Levitation
  • Telekinesis
  • Teleportation
  • Enhanced stats
  • Elemental manipulation
  • Summoning
  • Gargantuan size

But for now, I will only bring up his strongest abilities which are telepathy and transmutation.

The Telepathy

Looking at this big guy, you wouldn't think he posses one of the mightiest telepathic minds in Marvel, but looks can be deceiving. Orrgo is in fact very heavily reliant on his telepathy\hypnosis, and in his first appearance he was able to mind control every human on Earth (this was pre-Marvel so no heroes btw).

No Caption Provided

His control is so great, that even as he sleeps he maintains his planetary hypnosis

No Caption Provided

Orrgo was then able to repeat the planetary feat later in a Defenders comic, this time he brainwashed everyone, including all of Earth's telepaths, everyone except the Defenders of course.

No Caption Provided

It was even later confirmed that everyone on Earth was under Orrgo's control, it was noted that Orrgo dispatched of Earth's champions.

No Caption Provided

Also, it is important to take note that Orrgo takes a hold of more than just the mind.

No Caption Provided

Orrgo maintained that hold on the world even as he fought against the Defenders, he only let go with a gem forced him to (since he was enslaved by it at the time).

Now, you might notice that in both instances it is mentioned that he used fear to weaken the minds of the people, and while it is true, he doesn't need fear to use his powers, it just makes it easier for him. He uses his powers against AIM soldiers on a whim, making them freeze then force them to work on fast food joints.

No Caption Provided

Now Orrgo's most impressive telepathic feat is probably when he rid Dum Dum Dugan of Kubik's (the living COsmic Cube reality warper) mind control

No Caption Provided

He then quickly defeats Kobik in a mental battle with the help of the other Howling Commndos

No Caption Provided

So yeah, if you are planning on resisting Orrgo, you will need some heavy duty stuff.

The Transmutation

Like with his telepathy, Orrgo's transmutation is also very potent. With it, he can turn airplanes into birds.

No Caption Provided

Give sentience to trees and melt the guns and tanks of soldiers, all with just a thought

No Caption Provided

But his most impressive feat ought to be the time when he transmuted entire buildings and cars with his gaze, before stopping the Fantastic Four, Thor and Spider-Man in their tracks by transmutating them with ease.

No Caption Provided

So you will have to show high level transmutation resistance as well or else you get taken down with a thought.

Prep Potential

Now Orggo isn't really much of a prepper, if you want an original telepathic Marvel monster that's good with prep, Xemnu is your guy. But that isn't to say that Orrgo will do nothing the entire prep time, because he can do a couple things.

For starters, he can quickly freeze the entire area to give Iceman a boost. Orrgo has been able to freeze a city in a matter of seconds before.

No Caption Provided

He can also lift the entire area just cause, he has lifted a city before

No Caption Provided

That's all for Orrgo, unto SG's Iceman post.

No Caption Provided

Iceman [Death Seed]

No Caption Provided

Don't wanna bore you guys to the loss you're gonna take.

Quick Physicals Stats

Much like the opposing team, Robert "Bobby" Drake isn't the physical type, he's the hax-y type.

In terms of durability, he's tanked a truck explosion:

Gallery image 1Gallery image 2Gallery image 3

In terms of speed, he's been shown reacting to some random projectiles after they were fired.

In terms of strength he can send an armored man flying and restrain Bastion.

Like I said, nothing special. But where he shines is his ice powers, and that's where things get interesting.

The Death Seed

Before we begin, let me explain the Death Seed 'amp'. Although it's been stated that Iceman has the power he had during the events of him freezing over the entire world, the Death Seed was my way of getting his morals to accommodate those power levels. He's a bit schizophrenic, but my team can deal with that if it comes to it.

With the Death Seed, Iceman is basically morals off. He still has some restraints, but against complete strangers he's going to be giving them absolute freaking hell.

Prep Part I: Re-shaping the Battlefield

As mentioned earlier, Orrgo is going to freeze over MCU Avengers HQ and the surrounding area like so:

No Caption Provided

I'm pretty sure Washington DC is a much larger area than what was shown here. Since we're freezing it all to ducks (and Orrgo literally did that in a matter of seconds), and the area is smaller, it wouldn't be unreasonable to say Orrgo will go harder on the cold here. Anyway, Death Seed Iceman will aid in the massive freeze of the area:

No Caption Provided

Regular Iceman has literally frozen hell over, although it taxed him. The heat there must've been massive, since he's shown resistant to it and his speech bubbles were tired-ish. Even if it weren't, that's an amazing feat of freezing stuff over. Now imagine Death Seed Iceman:

No Caption Provided

When he turned himself into a giant and took a single footstep, he froze Manhattan over. I mean the snow in some areas reaches multiple floors up skyscrapers, so you can imagine that this is going to be re-shaping the battlefield pretty heavily.

Since Jin Mo Ri's clone will be in the compound the entire time AND he's going to be super-hidden in the ice, you're going to have trouble finding him. That, and you'll have deal with all the snow that's coming your way. The battlefield is only going to get colder, though.

Prep Part II: Absolute Zero

Iceman has, that I can find, two instances of absolute zero:

Gallery image 1Gallery image 2

He had help from the Human Torch by having the Torch take away the ambient heat, but he could've accomplished it either way. Johnny Storm specifically states that all he's doing is speeding the process up. Furthermore, Iceman's powers grow over the years and as such he shouldn't need help here. Not that it matters either way, since he and Orrgo both super-froze the area beforehand anyways.

No Caption Provided

The second time, Bobby literally pulled it off in a single panel. Seconds worth, if that. It didn't work because of the Serpent's magic and Juggernaut's raw durability, but the fact that he could pull it off in literal seconds? That's amazing.

What Bobby Drake is going to be doing is spending his five hours of prep on the battlefield freezing it all to absolute zero.

Now, you may be wondering what the point of bringing the temperature down that low is. One of the biggest reasons is the fact that you have Sinestro on your team, and he's by far the fastest member of your team. Well, absolute zero cold level temperatures (i.e Captain Cold) have slowed the fastest men alive (Flashes) to crawls in the past, and I don't believe that Sinestro, let alone your bunch of street levellers (physically, of course), are going to be moving very far.

We already have Jin Mo Ri blitzing you at MFTL speeds and now you're going be too frozen to move very far.

If Bobby can finish getting it all to absolute zero, which I believe he can, then he can just pile it all on the snow around the battlefield.

So our prep's effects include you frozen to a crawl because of absolute zero temperatures throughout the visible battlefield, the entire compound encased in ice so you have to break in (which is really just buying our team a few seconds), minor boosts from Cyborg Superman's prep, etc.

Iceman vs Your Team: The Ice Troll Attacks

Aside from the fact you're going to be literally trudging through feet of snow piled to get to us, you're going to be dealing with Death Seed Iceman. The first thing you'll have to worry about is the fact that he can move you around to his very whim:

Gallery image 1Gallery image 2

If your team happens to be walking around, then he's going to be lol-trolling you. He knows where you, and he can control water and ice without being anywhere near you. He's connected to all the ice in the world, like a form of omnipresence. Here he tries to kill Mystique while being God knows where. The difference between that instance and this instance? He's trying to end you.

Orrgo also helps by making it snow. This means that we can always know where you are via comm links:

No Caption Provided

This way, even if you're flying high up in the sky, we know where you are and can direct Jin Mo Ri and Cyborg Superman to lolbitz you into oblivion.

Iceman vs Your Team: Ice Hax

Iceman has been known to freeze people inside out in the past:

No Caption Provided

Since he's in the very snow that's falling on you, that's an option. But he doesn't have to be touching you in order to, say, freeze your heart:

No Caption Provided

And he did that to his own father. This fight could be over before it begins, all he has to do is freeze your internal organs, which isn't far-fetched. Even if it's just your heart, you kinda need that...


The entire battlefield is at absolute zero temperatures that should slow you down to a crawl the point that you can't even move. From here, the MFTL Jin Mo Ri and the FTL Cyborg Superman should have absolutely ZERO trouble blitzing you to hell.

Iceman knows where you are at ALL times and can quickly relay this information to the team via comm links, courtesy of Cyborg Superman. The Green Lantern ring that he provides should be enough to prove us faster than your slow pokes, and equals when Sinestro gives them some rings.

You're also getting loltrolled if you're on the ground and internally attacked the moment the fight starts. Let's do a quick recap:

  • You guys can barely move
  • We have two guys who can blitz you into oblivion
  • Iceman is trolling you with teleportation
  • Iceman is also freezing you from the inside as well as the outside
  • Your internal organs are getting frozen as well

Don't think I missed anything. I have more to showcase in my next post, but for now, this should suffice.

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@major_hellstrom: Because I was sleeping. Ill post when I get out of bed

Sleeping? CV is far more important than "sleeping".....CV is life, CV is love

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No Caption Provided

Jin Mo Ri


Powers and Abilities

Jin is an extremely powerful martial artist. He knows a numerous amount martial arts with hte major one being renewal taekwando. After having eaten sage pills, Jin was able to remove his limiters which gave him superhuman stats, more over once he gained his memories back his physical reached the level of other gods. On top of this Jin posses a vast array of gear and weapons that he often uses. It gives him a level of versatility to make him more than a simply brick as well as amping his already ridiculous stats. His abilities currently include

  • Superhuman Strength
  • Superhuman Speed
  • Superhuman Durability (as well as endurance and stamina)
  • Martial arts Master
  • Weather Manipulation
  • Cloning
  • Sealing


To star off, I will show a feat of a Jin's weaker clone, Mori Hui. Mori Hui was a clone of Jin is vastly inferior to the original. Here Hui was able to move fast enough to tag someone the instant they teleported. He was able to predicted a determine where his opponent would be and go there instantly. He then reacts to a large sword moving at re entry speed at least. Dodging it at the las minute.

Gallery image 1Gallery image 2Gallery image 3Gallery image 4Gallery image 5Gallery image 6

Now onto a more impressive speed feat. During his figth with First crown prince. Jin was able to kick the first crown before he could even move his fist or react to.

No Caption Provided

This is impressive because First Crown Prince has been shown to have FTL reactions. He was able to react to the expansion of Ruyi Jingu. Which in tun can expand to full size at FTL speeds. I will go more into depth of Ruyi Jingu in the gear section of my post however this should show that FCP has FTL reactions which in turn means Jin has FTl combat speed.

Gallery image 1Gallery image 2Gallery image 3

Jin however can take it up a notch with his speed mode. When we first see it, Jin crossed a solar system(with the help of his cloud) and managed to block an attack at the end of it. For him to be able to do this, He would have to have been able perceive, think and react all while moving at MFTL speeds to ensure he could block the attack before it could hit his opponent.

Gallery image 1Gallery image 2Gallery image 3Gallery image 4Gallery image 5

Now some might argue that this isn't combat speed, though I do think it is, Jin has shown to be able to use his speed mode in combat several times. One instance was when he fought the 7th floor master. Which is a giant circle, that simply crate copies every time it is split apart. So to kill it, Jin had to cut them into numerous amount of its pieces instantly to ensure it couldn't regenerate anymore. Which he managed to do with Speed mode.

Gallery image 1Gallery image 2Gallery image 3Gallery image 4Gallery image 5Gallery image 6Gallery image 7


Jin is also pretty strong. He managed to match FCP fist to fist. FCP can make nuclear level shockwaves with his casual punches and Jin was able to perfectly match him. He did injure his arm in the process but that is due to how strong the Material FCP is made of, is.

Gallery image 1Gallery image 2

On to something more impressive When he fought Lee Sujin in his regular base form, the two of clashed and created a large explosion visible from space on the sage realm. The sage relam itself is bigger than even Jupiter so being able create such a large shockwave on would around planetary.

Gallery image 1Gallery image 2Gallery image 3

During his fight with the first crown Prince punching him so hard that it created a huge shockwave. I have already stated the size of the sage realm. So that would make it around planet size shockwave from just a single punch. On top of that FCP is made out of the strongest material in the heavens but still felt the effect of his punch.

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Jin's durability is insane and probably one of his strongest suits. He has durability physical, energy and piercing attacks all at around a planetary scale.

First an energy durability feat, Jin Mo RI survive the desturction of large planet whilst depowered. Jin had been completely exhausted after the multiple battles between Lee Sujin and FCP however he still managed to survive the explosion of the sage realm.

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Now a physical durability feat. Jin has survived being hit across the distance of the Earth and Sun twice. Both times it was by 666 Satan. Here is the second instance when 666 Satan was powered up to the max while Jin was against physically exhausted. Despite that he still managed to survive being hit across the distance and could continue battle with 666 Satan even after this attack on him.

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And finally piercing durability. Jin survived and tanked a lightening sword strike from the First crown that slashed half the sage realm planet in a single strike. Jin was hit directly with the sword while the planet itself was split by the resulting shockwave of the strike.

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Other Abilities

Martial arts Master

As stated Jin Mo ri is a master martial artist who knows a plethora of techniques. Now majority of skill showings come from when he didn't have his powers. Mainly because he outstats most of his opponents. I'm not going to go to indepth in to skill, but he is far superior to is opponent.

Anyway first up is his renewal taekwando. His most common and signature technique is 3rd Stance Hwechook. Here Jin throws three consecutive kicks at his opponents head at 3 different sides/angles. Concentrating all that force right to his opponents head creating a devastating effect. This all done instantly and is one single technique. Here is an instance of his clone using it to take out an opponent.

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That is just one technique of Renewal taekwando. There are a plethora of others that he can use. Here is a fight with him and another participant, where he uses multiple different techniques of Renewal taekwando against a Human who was given special powers or borrowed powers of a god. While he himself was simply using martial arts.

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He also has his own original techniques. The main one being the Blue Dragon's kick. An attack that creates a dragon like force of win which he then fires at his opponent. It's power depends mainly on his strength so at full power it can be deadly, he has also improved to have two dragons instead of just one fired at his opponents.

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Jin can also make clones. He can more than a hundred clones and can clone his gear as well. Like all cloning techniques the clones are weaker than the original however they can still be deadly, especially when they have the same gear. The fact that he cloens his gear as is important considering he is given a GL Ring

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Ruyi Jingu

This is Jin staff and his most used weapon. This staff is capable of both extending to great heights and expanding it's width a both at faster than light speeds. When we first see it, it expands almost instantly towards to moon piercing it with ease while at the same time killing a whole bunch of angels one of which can tank nuclear warheads

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This is a large cloud bigger than the size of Korea itself. It give Jin a level of weather manipulation allowing him summon powerful lightening and wind. Here is one example of him summoning lightening to take down a Taek. He is able to summon a large amount of lightening. Take has around counntry + durability after absorbing several of the angels, but this completely annihilated him.

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His cloud can also be used to protect him from attacks. It stopped an attack from First Crown Prince that was going to bust a planet. Th cloud compeltely nullified the attack and protect everyone who was going to get caught in it.

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This is his armour suit. The main thing this give him is protection. It is actually sentient that protect him without him having to do anything. I also showed that it amps his speed and strength as well. He can control to protect others as well. Here is scene of him using it protect a bunch of monkeys who are enhanced to minaml degree. Thanks to his armor they survive all the attacks.

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Another important piece of gear, the gourd basically allows him to absorb things. He can use it to seal people or even absorb attacks fired at him if necessary It incredibly tough as well and hard to break. Here he manages to seal his opponent without realizing until it begins.

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7th Floor Master 'Circle'

Jin's newest piece of gear that he gained defeating the 7th floor master, who gave him his core element. It is basically his essence and as such posses the power of the Floor master himself. Jin Mo Ri quickly learned to control it and was able to use it against R the sort of final villain. This is a poweful piece of gear that is able to tag people who are FTL and can completely pierce them. Plus destroying it is almost impossible due it simply increasing in number every time its cut.

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Jin is our teams heavy hitterm with planet striking and MFTL speed. Jin isn't going to do much with prep. He will simply benefit from his teammates prep. He will be getting a GL ring to make himself invisible. Once that is done he will make 5 clones resulting in 6 Jin's in total. 1 clone will take the motherbox and stay within the compound. The remaining 4 along with Jin will directly blitz your team. Down here is an instance of 5 Jins blitzing 4 gods at MFTL speeds by combining his clones with his speed mode.

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And Jin is invisible here. So you will have 5 invisible Jin's blitzing you at MFTL speeds and with striking you planetary level strength.

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