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team 1

the joker ( 2 weeks prep + team prep)

plastic man


the trickster ( 2 weeks prep + team prep)

green goblin ( 2 weeks prep + team prep)


team 2




team 1 gets 1 week full team prep

the fight takes place in an admantium box which is a mile in every direction the three characters with prep can place traps the day before the fight and start wherever they want whereas team 2 begin in the centre

no traps can be laid within 100 metres of the starting area

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Team 2

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Would the laugh work on Colossus? I doubt it would work on Hulk or Atrocitus, but Colossus is below them. And even then, Plastic man will be hard to take down. Hmmmm... i guess i see team 2 taking this, but it's gonna be slightly more difficult than what people think.