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Location: Battery Park.

No prep time. Win via Death.

Slade has no guns but he keeps his other gear. Kingpin has his cane.

Both start 10 ft. apart. Both are in character.

Who wins?

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I don't really see how Kingpin would win. Slade outclasses in almost every category.

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Slade has better feats

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This only becomes a contest with Kingpin likely edging it if Slade has no equipment at all. The lack of guns doesn't make any difference since he has his staff, arguably his most potent and destructive weapon, on top of a sword that will slice through Fisk with no effort.

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Kingpin, he was like Spiderman tier. Slade would win with weapons.

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Classic deathstroke kicked down a steel door effortlessly, beat Donna Troy in a tug of war, was surviving blasts from starfire which destroyed tanks IIRC, and was reacting to kid flash. I think he wins regardless if its hand to hand.

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@anthp2000: He has weapons, he just doesn't have firearms.

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Slade cuts his head off. Unfair matchup.

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Slade was a ridiculous teambuster from day 1. Can't see Kingpin even coming close to beating him if we're being honest.

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How does kingpin win>?