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R2: Gambler's Tournament


Gallery image 1Gallery image 2Gallery image 3
  • Seras Victoria (Post Blood)
  • Winter Soldier
  • Elektra


  • Battlefield selection (5)
  • x40 Clone Troopers "Canon" (8)
  • X5 Xenomorths (2)

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  • Count Dooku
  • Hawkeye
  • Doc Octopus
  • Usopp


  • Adamantium gear/weapons "All character weapons are made of Adamantium" (4)
  • Extra Roll x2 (10)
  • 1 Hour of prep on the battlefield (1)


  • You are not allowed to pick the characters, that my friend will be decided on a game of "DICE ROLLERS".
  • Dice Roller's are as obvious Dice, however these dice are no ordinary dice as they are 100 SIDED DICE, that's it there will be a list of 100 characters (1 - 100) and how your chosen characters will be decided is by the 100 SIDED DICE (Basically your characters you get are random)
  • Marvel is earth 616 unamped feats, DC is Post Crisis, Anime/Manga is composite and Video Game characters will only be from there original canon games unless otherwise specified, Live action will also be composite unless otherwise specified in the list.
  • Poster's are given 10 days to post there arguments/counters, If you don't respond within the given deadline will result in disqualification
  • Matches will be done in a CaV style.
  • Everyone is in character and is not bloodlusted, No grudges or rivalries so basically no back stabs however teamwork isn't perfect (This maybe changed through perks)
  • Win by Death, KO, TKO, Incapitation
  • No BFR
  • Location's will be decided by me randomly
  • No Internal Attacks, Intangibility dismemberment, Direct TK, Offensive TP, OHKO's, Transmutation allowed only on surroundings, Fodder, Gear and Summons, No telefrag, Power Copying/Stealing however may be allowed on fodder, No Summoning and Regeneration is allowed however fatal wounds must/has to kill you (Via, destroyed brain, Heart ect)
  • Players must have at least completed one CaV in order to enter.
  • Optional: You can re-roll one of your characters for 5 points however you can only do this once.

Gambler's game: FOOLS DICE (compulsory)

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This game is short and a treat for the both of you, Question is who receives the greater end of the stick. Here are the rules of this game.

  1. Both player's must role a 6 SIDED DICE, and whoever has the highest number will be the winner. The player that has the lower score looses.
  2. The player with the highest score wins, and as such will be allowed either the 2 following things listed below...

2 For 1


Miner Healing/Regeneration

Location: Destroyed City

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@old_blighty starts at the back of the road, @cdiddyman911 starts at the front.

To have a proper understanding of how this is being done please do check the tournament link below as it will show everything in more detail. Also shout out to @revan- for the original idea for a gambler's tourney.

Gambler's Tournament

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@old_blighty: To be fair, if we were to lie, we would have lied about the coin rolls. Instead of both me and Cdiddy having 2 chars each (he used perks for extra rolls). However, if you are not comfortable you can have a third party roll instead.

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@old_blighty Alright, I think it's about damn time for to get the show on the road, eh? Best of luck brotha, and here goes nothing!

Team Cdiddyman // C.H.U.D.

Gallery image 1Gallery image 2Gallery image 3Gallery image 4

Team Roster

  • Count Dooku
  • Hawkeye
  • Usopp
  • Doctor Octopus


  • 1 Hour of prep on the battlefield
  • Adamantium Gear/Weaponry
    • Nothing for Dooku
    • All standard and deadly arrows will be adamantium for Hawkeye
    • All slingshot stars and other piercing weaponry will be adamantium for Usopp
    • Adamantium arms for Doctor Octopus

Team Introductions

Count Dooku // The Sage

Count Dooku, otherwise known as Darth Tyranus, is an extremely powerful sith lord. Originally trained under Yoda to become his apprentice, he quickly turned to the darkside of the force, and became the apprentice of Darth Sidious. Dooku has many, many years of experience under his belt, and is known to be one of the wisest and overall most powerful siths the universe has ever seen. All who see him tremble before him, and this won't be any different.

Powers and Abilities

Count Dooku is one of the greatest force users of all time. What this means is that he has exceptional mastery over the force, and has numerous techniques that he frequently uses to his advantages. Some of these include:

  • Force Choke - Dooku can easily choke any member of your team to death in mere seconds using the force, if not outright instantaneously.
  • Force Lightning - Dooku can send millions of volts of pure electricity out of his fingertips to electrocute and fry any enemy or enemies in his path.
  • Telekinesis - Dooku can move objects with his mind, even objects weighing into the many dozen tons range.
  • Force Healing - Dooku has been shown the ability to heal wounds or illnesses that may be killing someone.
  • Force Sense - Dooku is able to feel certain events, even sometimes working as a seemingly precognition.
  • Enhanced Physicals - Dooku is massively superhuman in speed, strength, and durability, and will be shown to be so later.


Dooku only carries one piece of gear on him, his lightsaber. This lightsaber can easily cut through anything your team will provide so long as it isn't adamantium.

Hawkeye // The Sharpshooter

Clint Barton, better known as Hawkeye, was originally a criminal. However, he saw the light side, and with his passion for marksmanship, he sought out to become a superhero. And that's exactly what he became.

Powers and Abilities

As most of us know by now, Hawkeye is one of the greatest marksman to have ever graced comics. Using his bow and his ridiculous arsenal of arrows, he has been able to consistently tag mid-high tiers with his shot.


Hawkeye carries a lot of arrows, and has a ridiculous array of them. I will be including some of his best and most useful here:

  • Adamantium tipped arrows - Able to pierce through anything your team uses as a defense, these will be especially deadly.
  • Explosive Arrows - These can range from the levels of small grenades, to nuclear sized. Obviously, nuclear sides aren't too standard, so the average is a large grenade/C4 sized blast.
  • Putty/Bola Arrows - Capable of immobilizing the enemy.
  • Taser Arrows - More electricity.
  • Acid Arrows - Easily able to burn through armor.
  • And much, much more.

Usopp // The Wildcard

Usopp is a member of a sniper crew. Known for crazy explosions, crazy weaponry, a crazy personality, and overall doing some crazy things, this man will pose a real threat to your team in a plethora of ways.

Powers and Abilities

Usopp has the blessing of comic, superhuman physicals. He has carried around objects wayyy bigger than him despite him always claiming to be weak, is fast enough to always draw first and outrun everyone, and is durable enough to survive and keep fighting through massive explosions.


If you thought Hawkeye had a lot of gear, you haven't seen anything yet.

Usopp carries a slingshot known as the Kuro Kabuto. This is an exceptional slingshot that Usopp carries. It allows him to shoot his normal projectiles, as well as his pop greens.

Now, Usopp uses two different types of ammunition: Stars, and Pop Greens.

Stars: These are simply projectiles that Usopp fires out of his gun, all with different effects.

  • Adamantium Stars - These are simply basic bullet looking projectiles, now able to knock out or kill due to the adamantium.
  • Fire Bird Stars - This creates what seems to be a giant firebird, capable of devastating an opponent.
  • Super Smoke Stars - The same ammo, but powerful enough to put a smoke screen above an entire town.
  • Sleep Stars - These are super hax, able to put multiple giants to sleep upon impact of the gas.

Pop Greens: These are the real bad boys, and one of the reasons why he is known as the wildcard of my team. A pop green is a plant seed, which when fired plants and sprouts into the ground almost instantaneously. These can become huge, deadly monsters, some of which mid tiers wouldn't be able to take on.

  • Devil - Essentially a monster venus flytrap, these are capable of tearing up a person in seconds
  • Skull Exploding Grass - This is simply put something that can pull of absurd explosions, which honestly should be able to take out any member of your team as is.
  • As you can see...MASSIVE explosions
    As you can see...MASSIVE explosions
  • Impact Wolf - The creme de la crop, and honestly one of the most powerful and impactful moves this battle will have in it. Remember that huge Skull Grass explosion? While one character was able to shrug it off with no problem, the impact wolf, which is a insanely huge wolf that causes shockwaves once it comes in contact with an enemy, was able to knock him out

  • No Caption Provided

Doctor Octopus // The Monster

Doctor Octopus was what you get when you think of mad scientist. He was once a simple scientist testing an experiment, when that experiment when terribly wrong. Ever since he has been a mad man, known for his powerful Octopus arms he uses. Now, adamantium arms!

Powers and Abilities

Using his arms, Octopus has some crazy physicals. He has the speed to stop Daredevil and dodge Iron Man, the strength to one hit knock out Spider Man, and the intelligence to utilize these arms to the best degree.

I won't go too into the effect adamantium has on these arms, but let's just say he was able to take out some super high tiers with it.

1 Hour of Prep on the Battlefield

Now, I am going to be able to have 1 whole hour on the battlefield, and I am going to use that to my fullest!

While you can choose the battlefield, I can alter it, as well as being able to make a plan and then follow it through. I would also like to make note of the characters that I have that can be incredibly good with prep.

  • Doctor Octopus is a genius, and has been known to prep for many battles. He is a stellar prepper.
  • Osupp is a trap god, and as a trap god he can single handily make this battlefield hell for you.

Now that that's out of the way, let's get onto the steps!

  1. First and foremost, our team will meet and discuss. They will plan to cover the battlefield and get themselves established, which will happen fast, as these are all intelligent men and intelligent leaders, and the others that aren't are good at intelligence will be following (Usopp and Hawkeye). Ock and Dooku will quickly take the reigns and begin to work together.
  2. Our men will decide to make a divide and conquer strategy. Dooku and Usopp will take the left side of the field, with Usopp back behind Count Dooku, potentially in some sort of makeshift hideout he can make with popgreens or at the sidelines harassing the enemy with powerful explosions and other goodies. He is known for always moving and maneuvering, which he will do as well. He will have no problem sniping almost any enemy, and he will fire adamantium stars, sleeping powder strong enough to make 30 foot giants pass out, multiple building level explosions, giant overpowered wolves, and more.
  3. While he does this from the back left, Dooku will be in the front left. No matter who he sees, I am confident he shouldn't have a problem with them. Dooku is able to do a multitude of things, such as choke them and electrocute them, which will outright kill them or give Usopp enough time to snipe them dead. He could also decimate them with tk and simply crush them under massive amounts of building and earth, throw them around and snap them in two, or anything. As you can see, he is more than powerful enough to do this. Lastly, just to conclude, he could simply outduel them, outspeed and slay them. This is a man fast enough to make his lightsaber take up a mans field of vision, so all he can see is the red of the lightsaber. He does this to incredibly experienced jedis, I see no reason why he couldn't do that to your men. I will admit, Seras is a very deadly foe, but I do not believe she is quite on par with Dooku given all that Dooku can do. Oh, and keep in mind, the whole time he's doing this, Usopp is laying down monstrous firepower and aim to take you off guard and kill you. This being all said, I imagine Seras and Dooku will begin battle almost immediately. Arguably both of our most powerful and most menacing heroes, I have a hunch that these two will engage in battle, and Usopp will be protecting Dooku.
  4. On the right side of the field will be Hawkeye and Doctor Octopus. This side will be laid out in a similar fashion to the last one. Doctor Octopus will be in front, ready to stomp anyone that comes near him, while the expert sniper Hawkeye will be in the back, trained and ready to take out anyone. Doctor Octopus will use his already Spiderman++ physicals to take out the enemies. And remember, that is him without adamantium arms. With them, he was able to do this:
  5. No Caption Provided

    No Caption Provided

  6. As you can see, an Adamantium Doctor Octopus is able to beat Iron Man so badly he went back to drinking again. And as far as I am concerned, none of your team has ever shown anything nearly as powerful as stomping Iron Man. Doc Ock stomped Iron Man, and that isn't even his best adamantium feat. Once again, I would like to stress the fact that while you are doing this, Hawkeye with adamantium arrows will be in the back laying down crazy fire.
  7. But wait, there's more! You see, before we get about going into positioning, we are going to have Usopp show us what he is capable of. As I have said, Usopp is a master at making traps for people, and he will do just that. First, he will litter the ground where your team is going to start at with adamantium caltrops, so many that it will be difficult to maneuver and stepping on them will make for massive injury. While I don't expect your team to drop to them, they are a very nice distraction, and something to put you off your feet so we can continue or assault ruthlessly. However, those caltrops aren't even his best trap. He will also be laying down pop greens that are affected once stepped on, such as the Bamboo Javelin Grove which grows insanely quickly massive deadly bamboo sticks. Also, he will be laying on Humandrakes, which are creatures that attack once stepped on, and Trampolia, which will send you flying and make you an easy pick for Hawkeye or Usopp. All of these will be happening to you while our four heavy hitters are laying down damage.

The Fight // How I See it Playing Out

Alright, now I will give my little take on what happens in this fight, and why we should be able to win this.

  1. To start off, we get into our positions. Your area of the battlefield will be littered with traps, and we will be waiting for the fight to start, prepared. This is a huge advantage, as you will be walking into tons of enemies off the bat in the form of the pop greens.
  2. Now, once the fight starts, this where your fodder dies. These men and Xenomorphs will be spawned into the traps, and I believe you and me can both agree, they will suffer massive casualties from the traps alone. However, to put the icing on the cake, my team will eliminate them almost instantly in a variety of ways.
    1. Dooku simply electrocutes those men to death, while others cover him against your possible fire. Or, he could just swipe all of the guns out of their hands, making them weaponless. This includes Winter Soldier as well.
    2. Usopp shoots his skullgrass or sleeping gas, and that takes them all out. It is WAY too big for them to avoid, and it will be one of the most destructive forces. This is the most likely outcome, and it will guarantee that the troops are eliminated. If I'm being honest, I could see it taking out Winter Soldier right off the bat, too. Elektra and Seras might be quick enough to maneuver out of the traps, but Winter Soldier is not. He cannot take that explosions or gas, and would slowed by traps and blown up. Even with that might, it is still a heavy might. These are mini nuke level explosions, so I expect your team to be almost completely gone after just one of them.
    3. Hawkeye ends them with a few explosive arrows. Once again, these aren't impressive fodder you have, and Dooku has decimated armies of the Troopers with literally no problem. They would be exploded. In this strategy, I imagine Winter Soldier surviving. Still, this is the least likely method, as Usopp is much more probable to throw out the explosions.
  3. Once the fodder are dead, we get into the real battle. Seras Victoria Vs Count Dooku and Usopp, and Elektra (and possibly Winter Soldier) Vs Doc Ock and Hawkeye. I have already explained why, but let's go into a little more depth.
    1. Doctor Octopus and Hawkeye will immediately fight with Elektra and Winter Soldier. These 4 are all from the same universe, and seeing as I had them combine at the right side, it would only make sense that these 4 would fight each other.
    2. After this, Dooku and Seras will probably recognize each other as what they perceive to be the biggest threats, and engage in combat. Usopp will back up Dooku of course.

Alright, with all that said, let's get into the individual battles

Count Dooku and Usopp Vs Seras Victoria

This will be a fun one.

Seras is obviously the heaviest hitter of your team, and she is your win condition, no? She is possibly supersonic in speed, has enormous strength, and crazy high durability and regeneration. Added onto that too, she now has Bullseye's accuracy. Impressive as shit.

For starters though, I want to just address that the accuracy won't matter at all. If Seras begins with a gun or a projectile against Dooku, Dooku will just force swipe it away. This won't be hard, and I see no debate to this at all. So, Seras won't be using that accuracy to the efficiency that she could.

Now, why does the Count beat Seras? To start, he is the more skilled fighter. Count Dooku has been in war for well beyond the time Seras has been in war, and has learned from the best. He has so much more experience, and this will be shown in battle.

In terms of speed, both combatants are solid, really solid. In fact, they are the two fastest here. Now, will Seras blitz him? Not at all. Dooku has the feats and the skill to suggest he can keep up with Seras relatively easily. He will show to be no slouch, and will fight with her on nearly equal speed.

In terms of strength, it doesn't matter too much. She won't be grappling him, as if she does, she will be killed by Usopp, or just be sliced through like butter with the saber.

Now, how can Dooku win this fight? He has a plethora of methods. He can electrocute her, which as far as I'm aware, she has nothing to suggest that he couldn't. He could cut her up with his saber as well. Or, he could cut her up while he electrocutes her. And remember, the whole time, if need be, Usopp can summon something like the Impact Wolf to just KO her and get this whole thing done with. Curious as to how you respond to all of this, but in the end, from what I see, Seras goes down.

Doctor Octopus and Hawkeye Vs Elektra (and possibly Winter Soldier)

This fight is a lot more cut and dry, Doctor Octopus wipes the floor with her and him. He has been always shown to spar with Spider-Man, and even sometimes decimate him foolishly. And that's without adamantium. With it, he has stomped Iron Man, and has even taken on the entire Fantastic Four. This right here should sum it up.

Elektra has nothing to suggest she is good enough to beat someone with feats like this, even with her pretty adamantium sais. As for Winter Soldier, he can be dealt with similarly, or get into a shootout with Hawkeye, in which Hawkeye has more destructive weaponry and will win. Even if he doesn't, he will leave Winter Soldier injured, allowing for Ock to stomp him. This is assuming WS even survives the start of the fight, though.

I will keep this one short, as I really don't see how you are supposed to beat these guys.

In Conclusion // Why We Win

My team holds Count Dooku, a character which can solo anyone on your team with ridiculous tk, force lightning, and skill and speed coupled. He is beyond any character you have here. Doctor Octopus is the same case, as this is a man who stomped Iron Man and will be able to swat away your attacks while putting you in a coma with his attacks. Usopp will be throwing in sleeping giant gas, town level explosions, impact wolves even stronger than those, and deadly adamantium fire. Hawkeye will provide exploding arrows, hindering arrows, and adamantium arrows as well to snipe you whenever off guard. Add on to this the constant traps you have to avoid, and that all of our team will seek out to separate and dismantle your team and I believe we have a recipe for success.

However, that is the plan. I look forward to seeing what you have to offer to my deadly squad, good luck brotha!

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