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All four versions of a divine world clash at each other.

For this fight its:

Jesus vs Thor vs Hercules vs Perun


- Mythology + Bible stories only

- All are given 1 week prep

- Fights on Earth

Who wins?

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Jesus can ressurrect like a boss but he will not fight.So Jesus is out.Thor win.

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Feats for characters:

Jesus: He has turned water into wine, made demons of hell be silenced.

Thor: Has fought frost giants and can manipulate the weather

Hercules: Mountain buster and Earth lifter, can chase a deer for over a year.

Perun: Very similar to Thor but more; He has parted rivers and forest with just a simple command, he has thrown Veles, the UnderWorld God into the Earth so hard the result was the creation of the Caucause mountains, and he can transform into an eagle or Lion.

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jesus he would just make them stop fighting

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Moses comes and rains plagues down on them all. Like a boss.

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@coolcat4 said:

jesus he would just make them stop fighting

Has he actually done that before?I don't remember

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@coolcat4 said:

jesus he would just make them stop fighting

Where was this feat during the crusades?

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@alchemistgamer: Jesus wins and Thor loses because Jesus is the son of The God