CaV:Deathstroke (Darthjhawk) vs Afro Samurai (Defiant_Will) (Cancelled)

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Deathstroke,The Terminator: Slade Wilson

Represented by @darthjhawk

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No more work for hire. From today, I'll decide who needs to die.

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The Afro Samurai

Represented by @defiant_will

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You will only die again, my friend.

Battle Rules & Conditions:

  • In character & determined to win
  • Slade is armed with Promethium, armor, Sword and Dual Handguns
  • No prep or knowledge for any of the combatants.
  • Deathstroke is Post-Crisis/Post-Flashpoint, Afro is manga/anime
  • All characters are in peak mental and physical condition.
  • Win by death, incapacitation, KO.

Battlefield Location

Start behind the opposite tanks
Start behind the opposite tanks

For the Voters:

  • This is a CAV we ask that you please refrain from posting your opinion on who would win until it is done. Normal/funny comments are fine though.
  • If there is something that you feel really needs to be said, please PM me or DW.
  • Ask to be tagged if you wished to be tagged for voting.
  • Don't vote on who you think is more powerful, but on who had the better argument for their rep.
  • When giving your vote, if you could please give an explanation on why you think the person won.
  • That's all thanks for reading!
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Student vs Master 2.0


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TAEP and T4V, this sounds awesome!

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@defiant_will: I didn't have the time or brainpower to make a new post or a creative one. So I repurposed an old one for now. Sorry for the dip in quality.

Deathstroke the Terminator:

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Character Theme: Deathstroke

As always I present my characters with a theme to accompany them. Slade is no different.

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DeathstrokeThe Rundown
Real NameSlade Joseph Wilson
Created ByMarv Wolfman & George Pérez
First AppearanceNew Teen Titans #2
Latest AppearanceTeen Titans (2016) #29
Powers & Abilities
  • Genius-level intelligence
  • Expert Armed & Unarmed Combatant
  • Expert Marksman
  • Access to high tech equipment
  • Superhuman Physical Characteristics
Current Status


The Professional I: Gear and Equipment

So let's get into the equipment that Slade is bringing to the table. Now we agreed on Slade's Promethium Armor, Swords and Dual Handguns. The Armor is his most recognizable, an example as seen here:

Deathstroke: Rebirth Special
Deathstroke: Rebirth Special

As seen in the physicality section all of my durability feats shown thus far have either been with the Post-Crisis Promethium Armor, his Post-Flashpoint Promethium Armor, or just Slade's raw durability. While I have shown you those durability feats, to give you an idea of how durable the Promethium is:

Faces of Evil: Deathstroke
Faces of Evil: Deathstroke

Here his armor no sells chopper fire, the same fire of which, Slade used a concentrated burst to destroy a chopper on the previous page. In addition to that we have Slade's offensive loadout which typically consists of the following, at least for this debate.

Promethium Sword:

Deathstroke Vol. 4 #8
Deathstroke Vol. 4 #8

His Promethium sword is extremely potent being able to absorb energy even on the likes of Rebirth Superman's Heat Vision. This as well as being able to draw blood from him. I realize that Rebirth Superman isn't necessarily as powerful as Post-Crisis or N52 Superman, however that doesn't really diminish the feat for me at all, as it was still capable of cutting through Kryptonian Skin.

Dual Handguns:

So like his sword, Slade's Handguns are incredibly powerful as well, along with being incredibly accurate with his shots:

Deathstroke Vol. 2 #14
Deathstroke Vol. 2 #14

The example shows that Slade can place his shots and they are powerful enough to harm Hawkman through his Nth Metal armor by targeting a specific spot. And this while he was flying and being flung through the air. When it comes to those without that same protection, Slade's guns often create huge holes in the head, headshots being his favorite type of shot.

The Professional II: Physicality & General Showings

So getting into this debate, I understand that a large part of it will involve the physical abilities of both sides. With that being said, my argument here is that Deathstroke has a physical superiority over Deadpool bar the healing factor. While I will address the HF later, I'll go into the physicals now. Just to explain how I'm doing this I'll be posting a major feat first, then a few more general ones below for each section.

Section I: Strength

So Slade from both era's of DC is incredibly strong, and to help prove my point, I have this showing of him vs Lex Luthor:

Action Comics Vol.1 #892
Action Comics Vol.1 #892

While under the effects of Black Lantern energy (see issue for full context) and being out of his mind, Slade attacks and battles Lex in his portable warsuit. What makes this feat impressive is that as you can see he was more than capable of overpowering the strength of the suit with a combination of his own strength & skill. Note how Lex also says that because Slade is not himself that he can match his speed, a testament to Slade in my opinion. The last panel shows Slade kicking Lex through his forcefield, which Lex notes in the next page could have done some serious damage if not for that forcefield. As for some more general feats of strength however:

Gallery image 1Gallery image 2Gallery image 3Gallery image 4Gallery image 5
  • Scan 1: While still significantly weakened from his usual self, and post a brutal battle with Batman, Slade is still powerful enough to take the debris present in the first panel and throw it into Odysseus with such force that he totally impales his body and destroys some of the surrounding debris. (Deathstroke Vol. 3 #6)
  • Scan 2: Here Slade kills a man and crushes his head by launching a dumpster at him with a kick, while also significantly damaging said dumpster in several places. (Deathstroke Vol. 4 #14)
  • Scan 3: In the battle with Batman I mentioned earlier, Slade while still significantly depowered, casually lifts a a huge chunk of a wall, and slams Batman with it, sending him flying. (Deathstroke Vol. 3 #5)
  • Scan 4: After being tortured and brutalized by Possum, a superhuman who can shatter human heads casually, Slade still overpowers him and drives his sword through his head. (Deathstroke Vol.3 #1)
  • Scan 5: After being affected by Snakebite's venom (slowing his healing factor considerably), multiple gunshot/stab wounds, being electrocuted, and battling a horde of Bizarro Clones, Slade still has more than enough strength to slam a braced and shielded Red Hood with his swords to the ground. (Deathstroke Vol. 3 #16)

Section II: Speed

So as we can see above, Slade is plenty strong, and more than strong enough to contend with and surpass Deadpool. However strength isn't everything, as speed is plenty important as well when it comes to a battle like this. To give you a strong idea of how Slade operates in reaction, combat, and movement speed, I would like to show off this feat:

The New Titans Vol. 1 #73
The New Titans Vol. 1 #73

While I feel the scan speaks for itself very well, we can see here that Slade operates and perceives stimuli much faster than any ordinary man, can easily move and contort his body around the Wildebeest Society's laser fire. In fact Slade is actually processing the world in slow motion, and even creating afterimages as he moves. This should be a solid display of Deathstroke's speed, but he definitely has others as a definite FTE & bullet timer in speed.

Gallery image 1Gallery image 2Gallery image 3Gallery image 4Gallery image 5
  • Scan 1: Slade blocks a bullet aimed at his chest with his sword. (Deathstroke Vol. 3 #20)
  • Scan 2: While midair, dodges multiple bullets from diffirent angles and even blocks one with his sword. (Red Hood & the Outlaws #16)
  • Scan 3: Slade jumping through the air slicing assualt rifles, people, and most importantly bullets out of the air. (Deathstroke Vol. 3 #11)
  • Scan 4: Blitzes and moves FTE to a group of highly trained soldiers, impressive as the average human reaction time is .25, a fraction of a second for visual stimulus, even less so for auditory & touch.
  • Scan 5: Deflects multiple bullets fired by Vigilante with his sword. (Deathstroke Vol. 1 #21)

Section III: Durability

So we've seen above how strong and fast Slade is, lets take a look at what he can take, as this is one of the biggest parts of the debate:

Deathstroke Vol. 3 #1
Deathstroke Vol. 3 #1

So after being mentally and physically tortured by Possum just pages earlier and then killing him, Slade tanks being being hit by the explosion of a building by chopper fire, the fall into a car below, completely caving it in and totaling it, then tanks two point blank grenade launchers. After that he still is able to blitz through and finish the fight. Even though he eventually collapsed after escaping, this is still a damn good feat for Slade in my book. That's not all though and as above, I have a few more general feats to show off to you:

Gallery image 1Gallery image 2Gallery image 3Gallery image 4Gallery image 5
  • Scan 1-2 (backwards): After tanking multiple blows from Batman, Slade endures a building busting explosion caused by Harley Quinn and recovers very quickly. (Deathstroke Vol. 3 #5)
  • Scan 3: Gives Black Canary a free shot which she takes by kicking him in the head. Slade no sells it. (Birds of Prey #90)
  • Scan 4: Tanks his head being slammed through concrete by Cassandra Cain, one of the top street level characters in DC. (Batgirl #4)
  • Scan 5: As he often does, Slade tanks multiple blows from Kid Flash enduring several ounches and eventually tagging him, coming out just fine. (Teen Titans Vol. 3 #4)

Section IV: Combat Prowess

I'll be the first to admit that Slade isn't the most skilled fighter in the world. However he is still damn good and has consistently been able to keep up with the best of the best. For example:

No Caption Provided

In the recent Deathstroke vs Batman story arc, we see that Slade is able to pretty easily able to match Batman in h2h, blow for blow. While their fight is then interrupted, I still consider pretty damn impressive as Batman is one of the top fighters in DC. However that's not all Slade has in terms of pure combat:

Gallery image 1Gallery image 2Gallery image 3Gallery image 4
  • Scan 1: Outfights Black Manta, despite his physical advantage underwater, using his speed against him. (Deathstroke Vol. 3 #12)
  • Scan 2: Slade beats Broze Tiger one of the top DC fighters in his weakened body and unused to fighting with two eyes. Slade even notes that he should have taken him in two moves(Deathstroke Vol. 3 #3)
  • Scan 3: Slade pretty easily defeats Hawkman in H2H. Hawkman even notes his speed, which while enhanced by his Nth Metal armor does not diminish the skill factor of this feat. (Deathstroke Vol. 2 #14)
  • Scan 4: Slade pretty much stomps, no other way to put it, a superhuman amped Green Arrow & Emiko all while slicing & catching arrows out of the air. (Green Arrow Vol. 5 #51)

The Professional III: Deathstroke's Mentality

What needs to be understood about Slade for this matchup is that Slade is nearly always willing to go for the kill even when he is trying to be the good guy:

Deathstroke Vol. 4 #25
Deathstroke Vol. 4 #25

So here Slade is in a telepathic illusion created by Hector Hammond. However I am placing this here to show that Slade likes to take care of the biggest threat first whether outnumbered or not. In this case, that was Hector and this was a room with Reverse Flash, Vandal Savage, Killer Frost, Ultra-Humanite, & Riddler, and once the primary/most dangerous threat is neutralized he can move on using his resources (the Ikon Suit here) to systematically take down each next biggest threat. Just to reinforce my point on how Slade thinks and that he is always willing to kill, which is especially important as this was during his recent "hero phase".

While Afro is one person here, that outlook doesn't change, and Slade will do everything he can to take him down, even more so once he realizes the scope of Afro's ability.

Slade also likes getting into people's heads to gain an advantage, especially if he may feel potentially compromised. I put the relevant scans and labeled the issue numbers for all the full context of these

Gallery image 1Gallery image 2Gallery image 3Gallery image 4
  • Scan 1: Get's in Hal Jordan's head to get released from his construct. (Deathstroke Vol. 1 #13)
  • Scan 2: Gets in Superman's head and evades him playing on Superman underestimating what's to him a normal human. (Superman Vol. 2 #68)
  • Scan 3: States the best way to beat people like Cassandra Cain and Ravager is to get in their head and mess with their emotions. (Batgirl (2008) #4)
  • Scan 4: While severely weakened and taking a beating from Batman, Slade uses his son to get in Bruce's head and play on his morals. (Deathstroke Vol. 3 #5)

In addition, Slade is also more than willing to use the environment, especially against opponents that he has trouble putting down, like in this instance:

Gallery image 1Gallery image 2Gallery image 3Gallery image 4Gallery image 5
Deathstroke Vol. 2 #18

Deathstroke does not mess around. There's a reason he is called The Professional.

The Professional IV: Wrapping Up & Initial Thoughts

So coming into this matchup I want to establish a few things of note that are key to my argument, that I felt I have proven and will continue to try and prove as this debate goes on.

  • Slade should be pound for pound, Afro's match in physical prowess. He has numerous feats of taking on, matching, and defeating the best of the best, without overly relying on a healing factor to get him through those battles.
  • Slade has an edge in gear versatility & potency, and in my book that's not overly debatable. Not only that, but Slade is more than willing to use all of his gear to its maximum potential, meaning he can put Afro in a world of hurt at any point in the battle.
  • Last but not least, Slade's mindset, strategy, and tactics in combat give him an edge Deathstroke is a professional killer, not just fighter but killer. He will do what needs to be done.

With that being said I'll bring this post to an end. Apologies for the length and scan number. I wanted to get as much out as I could possible. However I think we have plenty to work with as of now. So I can't wait to see your post. Good Luck and looking forward to it.

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My man you can't apologise for a post like this, it's just wrong.

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Very good post, I can't wait to see the response.

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Hey guys as I told Gear on Discord. My hard drive failed and I lost all my scans. I'll have to drop out of this debate, since I won't be able to rebuild my Deathstroke resources. And I would rather not RT debate or go exclusively off memory.