CaV Voting Thread REVISED (CaVs Open For Voting!!!)

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It should not be lost on anyone that CV is going through a voting drought. Tourneys are dying due to a lack of votes, CaVs being killed due to a lack of attention. The irony of the situation is that people are more eager than ever to start CaVs, but don't keep that energy when voting on others. I think it is time that we show some level of compassion as a community. Realistically, if this continues, the CaV system won't really work for much longer. Aside from your popular MCU/DCEU or HST match ups, many debates aren't going to get votes. However, I for one recognize the amount of time and effort that goes into fully completing a CaV, and even if the quality isn't as good as others, every CaV deserves some level of attention. My original idea was to just provide viners with a platform to post links, but it has becomes clear to me that most need an incentive for voting.

This thread is going to be different. You are not going to post links here. The only links on this thread will be on the OP, which I will updates. To have your CaV featured on this page, you must DM me. Upon DMing me I will update the thread ASAP and your link will be kept up for 24 hours. Yes, I said 24 hours. To extend this deadline, you must vote on currently open CaVs. Once you have done so, DM me the link to your vote. In doing so, your CaV will be left up indefinitely. Note that I am holding myself to this as well. If I post one of my CaVs here, I will post a link to my vote on another CaV. So at this point, you may ask what's so special about getting the spotlight on this thread. Well, here comes the interesting part. There are two levels of features on this thread

  1. Standard - Just a link of the CaV w/ characters and debaters (up for 24 hours)
  2. Premium - A link of the CaV w/ characters and debaters along with a collage, linked wiki pages, and my summary of the debate (up indefinitely)

Standard is what you get through just DMing me. By sending me a vote, your thread becomes Premium. Your debate will be presented with brief description and collage along with the standard links. Moreover, I will vote on any Premium threads ASAP. Yes, if you are Premium, I am voting on that thread.

Standard Callouts

Premium Callouts

Angelina Jolie Maleficent (shroudofsorrow) vs Netflix Yennefer (Geekryan)

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  1. Live Action Maleficent (wiki)
  2. Netflix Yennefer (wiki)

To be honest, I always had my eyes on this debate. I was interested in seeing Maleficent being used in a CaV, and the Netflix Witcher series has been getting a lot of hype. Reading it, I got exactly what I was hoping for. It was refreshing to not see a stat heavy debate, but instead an argument about how different magical powers interact with one another. Granted, physicals are still at play, but it is clear the emphasis is on spells.

Corporate Wars: Spinach vs TheOneWhoKnocks

Genji, IG-11, and Revali vs Kurpika, Alphonse, and Ty Lee
Genji, IG-11, and Revali vs Kurpika, Alphonse, and Ty Lee
  1. Genji (wiki)
  2. IG-11 (wiki)
  3. Revali (wiki)
  4. Kurapika (wiki)
  5. Alphonse Elric (wiki)
  6. Ty Lee (wiki)

As one would expect from a scenario tourney match, this debate was focused on strategies more than anything else. In a "protect the VIP" scenario, both debaters detail how their respective characters will maneuver around the battlefield to accomplish their own missions. The interplay between these characters, especially when contextualized to such battle circumstances, was nice to read through, both debaters making good points on that front.