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Well, my good friend @oceanmaster21 has been looking to have a CaV with me for awhile now, and it has taken a bit to actually decide on just who and what to debate. Plus, my schedule has been a bit busy as of late, but ocean has been someone on this site that I have known for a very long time and at least with me, has always been very amiable, and upbeat, and is just true fan of comics and debating with them on this site.

So we settled on a handicap match, ocean's four hax characters versus my one hax character. It's a good opportunity for me to discuss one of my favorite characters on this site, and I am positive that ocean will see this debate to completion. Should be fun.

So in this corner, we have @oceanmaster21's dangerous team of four...

616 Sersi/616 Storm/Rebirth Aqualad/N52 Andrew Bennett

No Caption Provided

They will be facing a character I have yet to use in a fully completed CAV, the lovely and deadly...

Lady Death (composite)

No Caption Provided


  • In character, morals on
  • Random encounter
  • Lady Death will have her sword Apocalypse and her Reaper's Scythe
  • No knowledge of opponents, no prep, standard equipment
  • Standard elimination rules (win by any means necessary)
  • Battle takes place at night


  • Ocean's team starts near the water, Lady Death is flying over the city
  • Neutral location unknown to all
  • City is not populated
No Caption Provided

Challenge a Viner Rules:

  • For your vote to be counted it must not be based off the character, only the debater. Reasoning is appreciated=)
  • Regular posting, or making comments is perfectly fine. However, you are not permitted to interfere in the debate, post scans, nor start any separate debates with another user.
  • If you must correct either of us on a point or ask us a question regarding the debate, it would be appreciated if you would resort to asking us in a P.M.
  • As always, may the best debater win.

@oceanmaster21: Alright my friend, here it is. Regardless of the outcome, let's just have fun with it. Feel free to start when you are ready bud.

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ok but like... Sersi could solo her teammates... the power levels of that team are not at all equal. nevertheless tag for votes

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Wait, Storm's in a CaV? Runs

Anyway erm, tag for every post, I wanna see what the Lady is really capable of in a matchup like this

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@warlockmage: Sersi, I do view as the biggest threat on the team, although I don't think the rest of the team is useless. I think Sersi might have enough power to give the rest of the team a chance to participate and be of some use. Anyhow, will tag you bro.

Wait, Storm's in a CaV? Runs

Anyway erm, tag for every post, I wanna see what the Lady is really capable of in a matchup like this

Will tag you my friend.

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@wyldsong: would you mind going first I writing 3 history assignments for college atm

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@oceanmaster21: I need to finish up a post with @floopay, which I am working on. Let's just say, whoever can get to it first, drop their opening when ready. I can re-purpose another intro to get my part started, but I do need to respond in the other CaV first. I will do what I can my friend. Hope you are pumped for this my friend, we have been talking about it long enough=)

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@wyldsong: I would not mind taking you on in the future

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@smxlr8: My friend, we just have to figure out a good match. I think that has been our only issue in doing a CaV between us. PM me, and we can start that process again=)

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@wyldsong: its the characters you can use ,that is the problem but good luck with this one

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Personally ends in sex. aqualad and Andrew get poon for years going off the pics. 😋😂😂

Taep and t4v

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@oceanmaster21: Alright my friend, I am re-purposing an intro from an unfinished CAV to go ahead and get this started. As always, my discussion will start on the lower end for her powers and showings, and with characters like Sersi in the mix, I already know that by my next post I will have to ramp things up, but I don't want to play all of my cards at once. Just know, when discussing Lady Death, I do in fact have many, many, many cards to play here. Did I say many? I think I did...

No Caption Provided

Some intro music from the band Disturbed, which is very appropriate when discussing Lady Death...

Loading Video...

And off we go...

The Background:

"To know her story, is to know a woman cursed..."

--from Lady Death 0.5

When talking Lady Death, we are talking a complex character with a detailed backstory, and a character that has gone through a lot of character growth from a somewhat evil hell goddess who wanted to bring about the end of all life on Earth, to more of a hero after spending some time on in the mortal realms in a more or less human form. For the quick and dirty of how she, as a mortal woman, ended up in Hell:

No Caption Provided

And to note, the story originally leads us to believe that Hell changed Hope into Lady Death, since in Hell, desire equals power. What we later find out, is that isn't the case. Lady Death's powers come from Death itself:

No Caption Provided

The other thing to bring up, Lady Death's mother was originally of the Norseman, from the Viking tribes, before being captured by Matthias (Lady Death's father). Prior to her capture, Marion prayed to Odin to save her daughters (Lady Death's half sisters who would go on to become Valkyrie), and he appeared to her, taking the children to Asgard. Knowing her fate was to give birth to Lady Death (who was to be Odin's "Chosen One"), he leaves Marion, but passes a portion of his power to her, to be passed on to Lady Death:

No Caption Provided

Overall, the power from Odin was actually used very little by Lady Death, and it was not something she kept in the stories. Most of her actual power comes from being the avatar of Death, plus the Eternal Scythe and her chaos forged sword, Apocalypse. With that out of the way...let's give a brief rundown on the physicals...

The Physicals/Skills:

Overall, old school Chaos Lady Death's stats are well into the superhuman arena. They would have to be to face the cosmic threats that she has faced and overcome. I will dig deeper into each of these stats as needed, but for now, let's take a quick look at the physicals...for starters, Lady Death definitely has super strength, with a good example of this being when a bound Lady Death spit a broken tooth through the thick hide of her demonic captor, blowing out the back of his head like a shotgun blast:

No Caption Provided

On the durability side of things, Lady Death who had returned to Earth after a very long hiatus (since Medieval times), while looking at another car (trying to figure out what it is and what is going on), she is struck by a limo full force, totaling the vehicle, with her not budging, and was basically nonplussed by the impact (kind of works for the strength angle as well I guess):

No Caption Provided

Her senses are far beyond that of mere mortals. Basically, the best illustration of this is her spotting Bedlam floating in deep space while she was planet side, which would roughly be a distance of what would be the equivalent of the Earth's surface to the Moon or the nearest planet:

No Caption Provided

As for the speed...I am not going to try and hinge my debate on speed nor speedblitz arguments. That is not how I envisioned this CaV going. That being said, I am still going to discuss her speed/reactions somewhat here, just starting on the low end of the spectrum. First example comes from when she was mostly human. She awoke from a nightmare, and at the last second manages to dodge an energy blast from a foe she didn't know was there. And we will also add her dodging arcane empowered bullets fired from a point blank range:

Gallery image 1Gallery image 2

With that brief look at the physicals out of the way, let's look at the skill side of things. Understand, Lady Death has fought and defeated beings that have been waging wars since long before recorded time, when reality itself was nothing but primordial chaos. Prior to her full transformation into Lady Death, she was trained by Hell's Blacksmith, Guardian, and weapon's master, Cremator:

Gallery image 1Gallery image 2

She learned from the best, and has long surpassed her teacher. For 400 years she has been kicking arse, and leading her undead armies:

No Caption Provided

We'll see how the debate goes and whether or not I need to revisit these guys...so moving on, she is also a master swordswoman, and there is definitely no denying that. Lady Death is exceedingly precise and accurate with her blade, like a surgeon, which can be witnessed when she performs the perfect decapitation of 8 foes all at once with one whirling strike:

No Caption Provided

I can and will discuss the various foes she has faced as this debate progresses, but to close this out for now, I thought I would go with a great skill showing from when she faced someone while she was more or less made mortal again for a period of time. Her opponent was Chastity. Chastity is a vampire with superhuman stats that has mastered multiple martial arts and weapon styles, and is probably one of the more purely skilled characters in the old school Chaos comics:

No Caption Provided

Basically, she mastered every style she was ever taught. When she pits her skills against the likes of Lady Death though (who again was depowered and mostly human), it ends with the more or less human Lady Death taking the win against the superhuman vampiric assassin/martial artist:

Gallery image 1Gallery image 2

"It ends the only way it can. The way all our dances must end. Death takes the upper hand."

With all of that being said, I think she is more than skilled enough to hang with everyone here. As for the physical stats, nothing I have shown really puts her above the members of your team, and it's not meant to. Again, that is just a slight taste. I have more to bring to the table when needed, and believe me, I know it will be needed=)

The Powers:

Holy cow...there is a lot to discuss here, and I don't want to lay it all out at once. As stated, she has three main sources for her power. The powers granted to her for being Death's avatar, which is basically her necromancy and energy arcane abilities (which covers a wide variety of functions). As well, Lady Death can utilize Death's Eternal Scythe and her sword Apocalypse for a variety of functions, which she generally starts battles with her sword, saving the scythe until it is needed. Finally, being the Queen of Hell also grants her a few benefits. To be honest, Lady Death isn't shy about using her powers to pull a win, sometimes in a bloody, brutal and oftentimes, graphic fashion, but of course, there are always the initial go to tactics in combat. First, let's talk about the basics that are bound to come up right off the bat...

Flight/Energy Arcane Blasts -- Yes, Lady Death can fly. She doesn't need outside items/objects/creatures to accomplish this, and she is more than proficient with aerial combat. As well, she can also fire blasts of her "energy arcane" from her hands/eyes, and empower her strikes with it:

No Caption Provided

As for just what "energy arcane" actually is...think of it as a form of necromantic energy from the Reaper himself.

Storm/Lightning Control -- Much like Storm, Lady Death can call upon storms and lightning when needed:

Gallery image 1Gallery image 2

Rain in Hell...never been done before, so that is why the demon seemed confused. There has never been rain in Hell before, and it was supposed to be somewhat impossible, yet Lady Death did it. Not to say that she will pull a battle of storms against Storm...but let it be known, the Marvel character isn't the only weather witch in this battle.

Shielding, Offensive/Defensive -- She can use her energy arcane to create a damaging shield of sorts, and can create defensive shielding as well:

Gallery image 1Gallery image 2

Besides good ole' melee combat and superhuman stats, those are probably going to be some initial powers I can see getting called upon for starters. Still, I think we have a ways to go, and there is a lot more to discuss and bring up. The last thing I want to talk about is her sword Apocalypse...you've already seen the shielding aspect of the blade. We'll get into more with what this powerful weapon can do as the debate progresses. For starters though, I need to let you know that this blade was one of the artifact weapons of the old school Chaos books. It was crafted by Cremator, and was forged of pure, primal chaos. It isn't any sort of metal or anything of the like...this is made from an abstract power:

No Caption Provided

Also note, that Lucifer, a Chaos Lord (the equivalent of a skyfather in Chaos), noted that it was capable of harming even him...more on that later. We'll get more into the actual power level and ability of this blade, but just so we are clear, this is not just some little magic sword, like the blade "Sting" that was wielded by Bilbo Baggins in "The Hobbit". This is a weapon forged from and of the very primal forces of the Chaos Universe, and it is tied directly to those very same abstract powers. Excluding the Eternal Scythe...this is arguably the most powerful weapon of the Chaos Universe.

And again, it is not a true, physical object, but an abstract power itself. It's not just some special metal that was forged like Mjolnir or other special weapons, but it is a primal force of the Chaos Universe.

The Plan:

This will be short, since I really need to see how you feel your foursome would proceed in this battle. Lady Death is starting out flying over the city and she is facing four unknown hostiles. She has no way of knowing the power levels at play, plus she has no way of knowing that most of your team can fly and has large area of effect style attacks. While I myself know that they will probably end up being useless against flyers and this team, Lady Death knows nothing at this point. She just sees four roughly human looking foes out by the water. Being a strategist and commander, for now, she'll open a gateway and summon her undead army on the ground in the city below her. With her sight and senses, she'll be able to see your team easily.

With her army pouring from the gate, she will await the coming attack with Apocalypse in hand and her magic's at the ready...

In Closing:

Alright bud, this is just the opener, and is just a taste. So of course, we aren't anywhere near to getting into the full power levels at play. I figured what I laid out was a good place to start, and gives you something to work with. We'll see just how much I have to ramp up the power levels being discussed after your opening post.

With that out of the way...let's close with my usual when debating with one of my indie ladies...

No Caption Provided

Onto you bro.

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Nice post. Short, but to the point.

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@diarrhearegatta: Well...I have to make a debate of one character against four...the posts will get pretty lengthy, so I figured best to keep the intro light and tight=)

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@vertigo-: Can do bro

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@wyldsong: I will post Sunday I at my moms she had eye surgery, so I will post Sunday night, nice opener

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@wyldsong: nice post man. Damn she's sexy. Lmao.

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Including Storm in this battle makes this thread more interesting. :)

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@wyldsong: the vine eats my post so I doing each one of my charchaters in a seperate post. I tag you when I done with the very last charchater post

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No Caption Provided


Sersi is a member of the Eternals, a species diverted from humanity by experiments conducted by the Celestials one million years ago. She is at least 5,000 years old and became legendary around 1,300 B.C. And is one of Marvels greatest creation


1 slaps Hercules

2 said to be a 25 tonner

3 holds on to a charging hulk

Gallery image 1Gallery image 2Gallery image 3


1-keeps up with thor

2 - dodges supremor

Gallery image 1Gallery image 2



1- make a stone that strong enough to keep Silver Surfer down

2- Disentegrates air

3- turns a raygun into a rubber

4- turns cosmic hulk to stone

5- creates a monster to fight

6- makes a sign out of the air

7- Turns water into a plastic alloy to hold Perun who is a god

8- makes a shield out of air

Gallery image 1Gallery image 2Gallery image 3Gallery image 4Gallery image 5Gallery image 6Gallery image 7Gallery image 8


1-Transmutate a group of Atlanteans and has the kill the others

2- Turns eternals into aadvarks

3- turns Captain America into a child again

4- turns someone hand into wood

5- gives the Avengers gills

6- Mutates into animals

7- turns an Alien into a pic

Gallery image 1Gallery image 2Gallery image 3Gallery image 4Gallery image 5Gallery image 6Gallery image 7


1-turns a man gun into a monster then the monster turns on it owner

2- turns a statue in a samurai warrior

3- turns a rooftop into a monster to fight cosmic Hulk

4- turns a chair into a dog

5- Makes multiple waaker clones of Ikaris who is also a eternal

Gallery image 1Gallery image 2Gallery image 3Gallery image 4Gallery image 5Gallery image 6


1-makes a gigantic tidal wave

2- redirects fire

3- levitates a man

Gallery image 1Gallery image 2Gallery image 3


1 sends eternals flying

2 send monsters flying

3- eye beams

4- agitate iron molecules

Gallery image 1Gallery image 2Gallery image 3Gallery image 4


1 can teleport herself and others at will

2 can just teleport anyone without her moving at all.

Gallery image 1Gallery image 2

Last but not least a very useful ability


1 very powerful telepath

2 scans the entire planet

3 get's in Ikaris head who an eternal

4 Can free others from other mind controller's

Gallery image 1Gallery image 2Gallery image 3Gallery image 4

Now not only dose she have decent and useful abilities she is quite durable

1- hits from Nebula when she was amped

2- some would say she indestructible

Gallery image 1Gallery image 2

I come back to her later as the battle continues but as you can see she is quite powerful and will be proven not only being a helpful hand aiding her team to Lady Death demise but to also being quite a challenge herself.

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No Caption Provided


I be honest I don't have many feats for Hyde but wanted to use him anyways so let's go


Jackson Hyde is the son of Lucia Hyde and Black Manta, Aquaman's number one enemie . With his Xebel-born mother's hydrokinetic abilities, he fights for justice as a member of the Teen Titans/Young Justice and strives to prove he nothing like his father.



Is a very useful ability as I show below

1- constricts and drowns Ras Alghul

2- Creates a bridge of water to hold a bus

3- His waves have knocked King Shark to the ground

4- When jumping high can take water along for the ride

5- can create swords

6- can make vortex's strong enough to pull in Superboy

7- can freeze multiple people

8- can take water out of one's body

Gallery image 1Gallery image 2Gallery image 3Gallery image 4Gallery image 5Gallery image 6Gallery image 7Gallery image 8


1- Kills manta in one shot who in that same issue was tanking Starfire

2- Kills giant creature

Gallery image 1Gallery image 2


1 cuts legs off giant se creature

2- Makes kingshark bleed who is a Superboy villain

Gallery image 1Gallery image 2

Aqualad will be my support guy- you see what I mean when I announce my plan.

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No Caption Provided
No Caption Provided

Beast Forms

Super Senses.

No Caption Provided

No Caption Provided

can not be possessed by Ghost


No Caption Provided

can blow peoples heads off with his abilities

No Caption Provided

can fly

No Caption Provided

No Caption Provided

can heal people

can reanimate the dead

No Caption Provided

destroys a group of vampires then makes them his own army

No Caption Provided

No Caption Provided

His Speed allows him to catch pandora off guard who is just as versatile as he is if not more

No Caption Provided


1-3 takes blast from Apollo who is Superman level and John Constanie who is crazy hax

4- shield blocks napalm bombarament

No Caption Provided
No Caption Provided
No Caption Provided

No Caption Provided

He can fight hordes of vampires like it's nothing showing skill and durability

No Caption Provided

Andrew will prove to be most troublesome in this debate.

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Ororo Munroe grew up in the streets of cairo where she learned to be a master thief and when her mutant powers began to develop she became a goddess and an X-man. Her power simply put is to control the weather but it's much more than that

Lighting Abilities

1- destroys large building

No Caption Provided

1-2 destroys monsters

3 hits multiple objects at once.

Gallery image 1Gallery image 2Gallery image 3

Not done yet her Lighting is really versatile

1-scrambles MR Sinister Brain

2- when she was in out space she created lighting to harm the Silver Surfer

3- her lighting is coming down 100,000 miles per hour

Gallery image 1Gallery image 2Gallery image 3


1- when going all out her win has sculpted the face of the planet

2- carries a plain 1800 miles for 5 hours to new York city

3- using win to stop a tsunami and she holding back a million tons of water.

4- lifts tons of stone and brick

5- can summon a massive wind in no time

Gallery image 1Gallery image 2Gallery image 3Gallery image 4Gallery image 5

Ice abilities

1- fills a room with a blizard

2- freezes the ground then freezes colossus

3- frrezes an enemie

4-freezes an attacker before they can react

Gallery image 1Gallery image 2Gallery image 3
No Caption Provided

I have a lot more to add but right now I have to get back to helping my mother since she had eye surgery things are hard for atm. But this was a minor taste to let you know she aint playing around.

Plan of Action.

Sersi will use her Telepathy to find their attacker once she dose she will be turning her surroundings into creatures and beast to work for her and her allies as well as Andrew summoning his undead- they will be awaiting with the team- With Aqualad in the water getting ready for action, building tidal waves and storm manipulating the weather- creating a electrical field and crazy winds- Everyone awaits for Battle they won't be making any uneeded movements.

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Loading Video...

@wyldsong your turn sorry for the sloppy pc froze on me especially on my Bennet post I tried editing but from when it froze I guess it keeping it

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@oceanmaster21: Alright my friend, still trying to find time to finish my next entry in a CaV with @vsw, but I will get to this asap. Just bear with me=)

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@oceanmaster21: Alright brother, just did the one with vsw, but I am going to do my last post for the CaV with @floopay, then this is next on my hit list. I promise, I have not forgotten this, and we will continue this=)

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Andrew is underrated, can't wait to see this play out

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@oceanmaster21:Yo...working on this right now, will have a post up tomorrow by the absolute latest. Just a fair warning...the difficulty level of this debate is getting ramped up=)

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@oceanmaster21: Sorry for the delay my friend, but here it is, my next entry into our little discussion. I once did a uncompleted CaV of Lady Death vs Sersi, so I have a little bit of knowledge on her. She alone is a tough battle for many foes, and you have assembled a worthwhile team to add to this. The question now becomes, who has more hax? Your assembled team, or my death goddess backed by her army of undead?

Let's put this question to the test, shall we?

No Caption Provided

So I have spent some time considering how to approach this, since I have four characters to respond to here. I think that basically, I am going to give a little expanded breakdown on Lady Death's abilities and powers, then I will go into the battle considerations versus your team members. Let's do this...

The Physicals

Against opponents such as what we have to face in this CaV with all of the hax powers that are going to come into play...I am not really sure just how much actual physical abilities are going to need to be discussed. In the end, the powers and their creativity in using these powers are what is probably going bring one side the win over the other. That said, I will lay out some expanded intel on her physical stats, and elaborate even more, if and when needed. Overall, old school Chaos Lady Death's stats are well into the superhuman arena. They would have to be to face the cosmic threats that she has faced and overcome. Starting with strength...


Lady Death has the strength levels to cross swords and wrestle with foes like Lucifer (who can toss people from the surface of a planet to roughly the moon) and Michael (who can punch through a planet and crush diamond's in his hands):

Gallery image 1Gallery image 2

Obviously, those aren't the prolonged fights, and if requested, I can get you a bit more of those bouts, but that should give you a pretty good idea of her strength levels as shown against class 100 opponents. You will also see in a bit where she has manhandled the likes of even Vampirella, who is also a class 100 character. So overall, Lady Death plays in the class 100 arena of strength. She might be the strongest character on this battlefield, but considering we have a bunch of characters with hax powers, physical strength might not end up being all that important. We shall see...for now, let's talk a little about durability...


On the durability front, I would normally open with her walking off re-entry and a massive crater making impact, or maybe talk about the time the Chaos Lord, Genocide, created a giant replica of himself so large that he made castles and mountains look like pebbles and children's toys to his feet...after which he stepped on Lady Death, who didn't bother dodging and she remained unaffected. She then let out a blast of power that destroyed Genocide's giant stone form...but considering that it looks like the attacks will be mostly of the non-physical variety, I think I will tackle the durability stuff from another angle. So, once upon a time, Genocide got his hands on the Odin power, and was going to use it to destroy all of reality. He fired the power off, it missed the intended target, it hit a sun (and it kept going). The impact with the sun, merging with the Odin power, created a universal destroying fire.

It starts to hit the planet they are on, Lady Death's friends are worried about dying and burning up, but the Pale Lady herself, nonplussed, says the heat of this universal destroying fire reminds her of the darkest pits of Hell:

No Caption Provided

As you can see, the flames have started busting up the planet and she only leaves after she finishes off her foe as the universal fire is destroying the planet. Let's think about this, Lady Death states the heat from a universal destroying fire reminds her of places she has been to in Hell, and is nonplussed by it. Still, if that isn't enough, let's talk hellfire...

Hellfire in the Chaos U is of an insane heat, and it has the ability to destroy illusions, even those made by Chaos Lords. To give you an example of how bad arse hellfire is, I need to first talk about a battle between Apolyon and three powerful but evil angels, the Trinity of Evil. They had this battle in Hell and note that all angels have space level durability, and the upper echelon, like Michael, have sun level durability. The trinity and Apolyon, definitively being upper level angels, with Apolyon being a little above the trinity. The trinity opens a rift in Hell, calling forth planetoids, meteors, comets, and general celestial bodies from space to strike their foe. Apolyon pulls up a sphere/shield of sun level energy, and laughs off the attack. So the trinity takes on the mass of a star, and using their power, pulls down a planet to strike their foe. Apolyon, quickly and casually busts the planet, and all four remain unaffected by the explosion...the fiery looking sphere being Apolyon, and the bluish/purple energy being the trinity.

There are too many pages for me to post the whole battle, since the point of all of this is a two page spread, which shows us the power of hellfire. Cremator, who controls hellfire and can turn into hellfire, does so, and burns a member of the trinity to a skeleton.

By the way, the trinity all naturally have bloody looking faces, and this angel was knocked to the ground when the spear of Destiny, thrown by Cremator, busted up a gathering of their mystical energy. So his bloody look had nothing to do with the planet busting feat. They didn't budge when that happened. This is a being that took on the mass of a star, stood point blank for and remained unaffected by a planet busting explosion, but was burned to a skeleton by hellfire. You know what happens when Lady Death is tossed into hellfire? Let's take a look:

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Some fizzling and popping noises, but she is unaffected by it. Being the Queen of Hell, and an Avatar of Death has its perks...and since we have at least one lightning user and another character that uses a form of electricity...let me point out that Lady Death can summon and channel lightning through her very body. So lightning and electricity, if they can even get through her shielding, are likely to do very little to her. Also, these same two characters seem to be able to freeze foes...I should point out, that Lady Death can handle the cold depths of space with ease, so extreme colds that would kill anyone else, does little to affect her. To add to this, there was the time Pestilence, one of the four horseman of the Apocalypse sent a swarm of supernatural locusts to deal with Lady Death. So she chilled her own body, turning the locusts into ice cubes:

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And she kept on fighting without issue...


As for the speed angle...she has feats of moving FTE to blur speed demons, and catching them and their enhanced senses by surprise:

Gallery image 1Gallery image 2Gallery image 3

A weakened Lady Death, has reacted last second to a meteor in space (mach 30+), destroying it. Let's note, that on the previous page, she was seen floating in space without a meteor anywhere in sight.

Let's also talk a bit about Vampirella. Lady Death has faced Vee in the Harris comics era, and she was a speedy bad arse back then. In the Harris books, even the lowliest of the low vampire was FTE (humans were stated to basically be like statues in reference to their speed), and they all have enhanced senses. To say that Vampirella moved FTE to regular and master vampires, should speak volumes about her speed. Still, in the following scene, she was in an underground, military bunker (1 mile below the surface). Vamps had taken over the installation, and they had two human soldiers captive. Vampirella sets the nukes to go off in the installation, and with 30 seconds to go, she blitzes the master vampire, slicing his throat before he knew what happened. She then snags the two soldiers from their captors, tears a hole in a wall, speeds up an elevator shaft, and clears the base before the nukes go off, all before any of the vampires could do anything, or fully realize what was going on:

Gallery image 1Gallery image 2Gallery image 3

Vampirella is pretty darn fast. Most likely, she is faster than anyone on your team. One of the few characters that Vee hasn't managed to blitz into oblivion? Lady Death. Let's also note that Vampirella is a low level class 100...she couldn't break Lady Death's grip there.

And she has reacted to her speedster mount, Vassago, who can cross the entire, nearly endless surface of Hell in seconds to reach Lady Death. Finally, she has also reacted to a point blank blast of the Odin power, which was capable of travelling from roughly the equivalent of the Earth to our Sun in a matter of seconds. Her sister Vandala ends up with the Odin power, and tries to take Lady Death out with it at point blank ranges:

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So speed...it really is hard to put a solid number on that. She has high level mach speed reactions, can move FTE, and can outreact other speedy FTE foes, like Vampirella.

I once talked with Pulido (Lady Death's creator), who stated he envisioned the old school Chaos Lady Death as being just slightly above Wonder Woman in overall physical stats (and believe it or not, Pulido is exceedingly knowledgeable on Marvel and DC, he is a true comic book fan). Now let's note, this is not a commentary on her overall power levels, just pure, physical stats, although, I won't debate off of that statement, I just found it interesting. That said, with her speed and reactionary ability, I think she will have no issues keeping up with and reacting to everyone here.

Onto the powers aka "The Hax" discussion...

The Hax

I don't know if I have mentioned this before or not, but Lady Death has a ton of powers and abilities. I have already shown you her shielding, storm control, flight, energy arcane blasts, lightning summoning/channeling, creating and summoning undead, and so on. She can also do things like...

And there is more that I could get into (a lot more), but I think that is enough to chew on for now. The other thing to consider is her army of undead...in the old school Chaos U, angels/demons were a foe that you did not face unless you were another demon, an angel, a Chaos Lord, or some other form of supernatural bad arse. Lady Death created and empowered her army to face such threats. Her undead are a bit more powerful than your Kirkman or Romero style zombies. For the best example of what her undead can do, you can check out one of her best documented undead creations, Evil Ernie. Although, her army of undead are lacking in the twisted little button, Smiley...so they don't have Ernie's level of regeneration and energy projection. Still, they are a physical threat on par with Ernie...your team would do well to not let them get into melee range...that said, you have enough large area attacks and effects with your team, so they probably won't be much of an issue. Just more of a distraction...

Anyhow, since we have a foe that sometimes transmutes her enemies...it is time to talk about one of Lady Death's more powerful villains...


She was Lucifer's first wife, and his rival in power for control over Hell. Being a bit too dangerous for her own good, Lucifer ends up locking her away, for what he though was all of eternity. She ends up being freed, and becomes a major thorn in Lady Death's side. In their earliest encounters, it was fairly obvious that she was Lady Death's superior, but after increases in her power levels, that changes. Anyhow, getting ahead of myself here. Leviatha has powers of "creation":

No Caption Provided

Which basically seems to involve transmutation among other things, and she is pretty much second to Lucifer in her overall power level. In fact, with a little help, she was able to resurrect Lucifer, who is a Chaos Lord with the ability to create his own dimension (the first time he created Hell, he wasn't aware that it was by his own power, but he later recreates a new hell dimension and brings Hell to Earth), can create and destroy life, and can craft curses that caused a temporal shift in reality, shaking reality, and caused all earthbound matter to be in eight places at once (1, 2).

Leviatha brought him back by separating his molecules from the Heaven's Gate, and piecing him back together. I can go back and give you the scans that directly state they had to reassemble his molecules and such if requested, but I think you get the general idea. She has the power to help resurrect a skyfather level being to full power. This was no small feat, and I don't think there is any questioning her pedigree. This woman has created living buildings (that Lady Death had to kill), and alters the environment on a whim. She is a bad arse, and the forces of Hell are scared to death of her. Lucifer locking her away speaks volumes about her power. In previous encounters, she was able to transmute Lady Death from a death goddess to a regular human. By simply touching the Eternal Scythe, it was able to revert her to her godly form and power.

On their final encounter though...Lady Death definitely showed an increase in her personal power levels. When Leviatha tried the same transmutation trick again, Lady Death resists the effect:

No Caption Provided

Then shows Leviatha why she earned the title, Queen of Hell, by transmuting Leviatha into a child and stripping her of her power, then taking her out permanently:

Gallery image 1Gallery image 2

And since we are talking about resistance...let's look at a little mental resistance. Lucifer has tried to mentally control and dominate Lady Death on multiple occasions. Again, he can create life, create dimensions, craft curses that can cause reality quakes and more...this guy is a skyfather level being. He tried mentally dominating Lady Death, and tried to force her to do weird and creepy things for the amusement of him and his court. Through sheer force of will, she broke his control and began to wreck shop.

And with that out of the way...let's talk about Lady Death and dealing with your team a little more directly...

The Battle

First, I am going to drop some considerations about your individual team members versus Lady Death, then I will talk a little about the team as a whole. I am not going to cover every power showing you laid out. I am just going to tackle what I feel is the more troublesome aspects of your team's powers and abilities.

vs Aqualad

While no weakling, I kind of view Aqualad as being the weaker of your team members. His powers will be enough to affect Lady Death's undead army, but I am not seeing much in his powerset that would cause her a whole lot of concern directly. Between her shielding and ghost form, plus her own water control, his water attacks should not cause her a whole lot of problems. Trying to freeze her in place...she hangs out comfortably in the colds of space, and froze her own body without issue. Plus she can pull a translocation trick, trading places with any member of your team or any of the undead. And again, there is her shielding and ghost form to deal with.

His electrical abilities...if she can channel lightning through her body without issue, then I see nothing for her to worry about with that ability. Plus again, she has her defensive measures with shielding and her ghost form. If her shielding can protect her from Lucifer's level of power, I am fairly confident that Aqualad's power isn't getting through. On the other hand, Lady Death can flash freeze Aqualad's best weapon, the water, and he doesn't seem to have any special defenses against her own myriad of abilities.

vs Bennett

Bennett has a lot of unique abilities and powers...abilities and powers that Lady Death can pretty much replicate. Both can raise the dead, though Lady Death can create super powered zombies like Evil Ernie, who all by his lonesome would give Bennett problems in combat. Plus, if we remember Lady Death summoning her undead army from my first post...I am not quite sure Bennett has that many undead under his command. As for popping heads...Lady Death can burst hearts, melt people, and even be so specific as to just kill off the cells in a body that inhibit growth. Not to mention, I'd wager that she is far more durable and higher up on the scale of power than the creatures whose head's Bennett popped. I could also point out again about her shielding and ghost form. Plus an interesting tidbit...after Lucifer's death by being thrown into the Heaven's Gate by Lady Death, there was an eradication wave wiping out the entire dimension of hell, destroying anything and everything in Hell. This was a dimension busting effect, and the Eternal Scythe called up shielding, which protected Lady Death and her allies, and then it transported them all to safety (1, 2), though it sent Lady Death somewhere different than her allies.

As for his telekinesis...we have the argument of her previously laid out defenses, and I have to wonder if his TK is powerful enough to handle someone with Lady Death's physicals. Plus, she has her own TK, which can manhandle class 100s, like Purgatori. As for his durability against Apollo's energy and shielding versus the napalm bombardment, those are both good feats. I would have to question how well they would stand up against Lady Death's energy arcane. Once upon a time, she faced Genocide, a Chaos Lord who merged with a planet. She defeated this skyfather level foe by blasting her energy arcane into the planet, killing the planet sized foes heart. Now I am doubtful Apollo's energies have proven to be able to do such a thing, and that napalm blast wouldn't have been felt by Genocide. If you can manage to prove he can stand up to such, then I have more options to bring up...we shall see what you got on this front.

As for the rest, if this were a one on one battle, I just don't see Bennett as being able to take out Lady Death. She has faced similar foes that were far more powerful, and managed to come out on top.

vs Storm

As for Storm...she is indeed a heavy hitter, with an impressive resume'. The thing is, her best and most powerful weapon, her lightning, is something that will not affect Lady Death. Lady Death has summoned and channeled lightning through her body and redirected it to attack multiple foes. Then again there is also her shielding, ghost form and so on. While Storm is more powerful than Aqualad, overall, what I listed in defense against him, applies here as well. Storm's powers will more than aid against Lady Death's undead minions, but I am not sure that she has what it takes to get around the death goddess' personal defenses. Meanwhile, Lady Death can look at her and burst her heart, melt her, so forth and so on.

Plus Lady Death has her own storm control abilities as well, even creating storms in Hell and dispersing storms with her energy arcane...

vs Sersi

This by far, is your heaviest hitter. That said, while she won't go down easy, I believe Lady Death can and will take the Eternal down. For starters, Lady Death has resisted transmutation from the likes of Leviatha, and the Eternal Scythe can also reverse transmutation. As for things like disintegrating the air...Lady Death is well...undead. She doesn't breath, so we are good there. The stone hand and plastic bit...Lady Death has destroyed the stone body that Genocide created from the planet he merged with, a body that towered over mountains and cities, and that stepped on her, with a single blast of her power. Not to mention her ghost form, shielding and so on. Plus, considering her translocation powers, it would be next to impossible to actually incapacitate her.

Now Sersi's shielding from air, I would need to see how powerful that is before I can comment. As for her monsters, I would need to see just how powerful they actually are to really discuss them...they might be handy in fending off Lady Death's army, or they might just be fodder to be slaughtered. Just bear in mind, Lady Death can also weaponize the buildings and environment, which I have shown.

Against her TK, basically see my answers for Bennett's TK...the energy projection, I have to bring up her defenses, which includes shielding that can stand up to Lucifer's level of power. The teleportation of others bit could be seen to be troublesome, but that looks to be a kind of ray attack, so again, Lady Death's shielding comes into play, plus Lady Death can teleport wherever she needs via her portals, and has translocation powers. That means BFR is off the table to defeat Lady Death.

Now, what most would see as her best chance at taking out Lady Death, would be Sersi's telepathy. Yet as I have shown...she has resisted control from a skyfather level being. One with the power to cause reality to quake, create actual life, and create his own dimensions. Lucifer is a being with quite a bit more power than Sersi, so I have a hard time envisioning her telepathy managing much against Lady Death's insurmountable and indomitable will.

Durability wise, I need to see a bit more, but if Lady Death's energy arcane can take down a skyfather level being that merged with a planet...can Sersi stand up to that kind of power? There is a rumored feat of Sersi's I have not seen with my own eyes...but if it is true, then she just might be the most durable character in play here. If so...we will discuss the other options Lady Death has to take down Sersi...but we shall what you have and if I need to discuss the other options. For now, based on what has been presented so far, I am not seeing much preventing Lady Death from taking Sersi down with any of the number of ways that I have presented.

vs the Whole Team

Now, overall, I was just spitballing some ideas of Lady Death versus each member of your team one on one. As you can see, Lady Death has a lot of hax, and can replicate a lot of what your individual team members can accomplish, plus has defensive measures for a lot of powers and abilities. The thing is, she is facing them as a team, so depending on your plans and other feats and abilities that you are holding back on...this battle may not go exactly like I envision.

Basically what we are looking at right now, Lady Death is flying over the city, uses her sword Apocalypse to cut a hole in space and time, opening a rift to her realm of Limbo, and summoning forth her nearly endless army of superpowered undead minions. She sees your team, feels a telepathic probe, sees Storm and Aqualad summoning up their respective elements, plus Sersi and Bennett summoning up their minions. Lady Death won't exactly be hiding, so she will be easy to find. Alright, let's get this party rolling, and throw out an opening gambit. Her undead hordes are on the march towards your team, and seeing a gathering of power, Lady Death summons up her defenses, then let's loose a blast of power to scatter and/or decimate her foes:

Gallery image 1Gallery image 2

That is not a bolt or blast firing from her hand. That is Lady Death holding up a glowing hand, and a crater making blast suddenly appears, utterly destroying her foes in the area. After that, she will swoop on in and take out whoever is left with her other hax powers. Pretty nasty way to open up the fight, but Lady Death isn't known for holding back, and will often take down her foes in an exceedingly brutal and bloody fashion...

In Closing

Sorry for the delay, but I wanted to work on this when I could give it my full attention. This post should give you plenty to work with, and should give you a really good look at what Lady Death is truly capable of. I still have a few things in reserve to discuss in the next post, since as you can see, I didn't talk much about her sword nor scythe, plus there are a few more things to bring up in regards to her powers=)

Now let's see if your team has what it takes to bring down the diva of death...and of course, I will close out with the obligatory Lady Death cosplay hawtness...

No Caption Provided

Onto you bud=)

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@oceanmaster21: May need to correct a few typos, but the post is done overall, so feel free to have at it my friend.

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@wyldsong: you win this I totally misread what you were saying she more powerful than expected and my team dose not have anyway to put her down, so you win brother

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@oceanmaster21: My friend, then let us go back to the drawing board, and we can find a more debatable scenario. I had thought maybe Sersi with a team might be enough here. Just let me know if you want to try something else.

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Aww this was good. Sersi was a good choice. But Lady Death is well Lady Death

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Aww this was good. Sersi was a good choice. But Lady Death is well Lady Death

Yeah...I had hoped Sersi with a team would give me a chance to complete a debate with Lady Death....but overall...it was not meant to be. I have never gotten a Lady Death debate to the point of discussing the scythe and her sword in full...ah well, one day it will happen.

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@wyldsong: Agreed. Sersi makes it interesting but yeah it what it is

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@wyldsong: let me me when you want talk about our potential cav