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Eli: Robocop // Owie: Grendel-Prime
Eli: Robocop // Owie: Grendel-Prime


  • Robocop is a unique composite version (will be specified in opener) and Prime has feats from all official appearances.
  • Grendel-Prime has built-in weapons plus missile/force-shield gauntlet, laser sword, and some guns from his era; Alex has his Auto-9 with its multiple fire modes.


  • In character
  • Random encounter
  • Win by KO/incap/death

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NOTE: The world of Grendel is dark, dark, dark. It involves continual examples of swearing, nudity and very edgy sexual situations, and extreme violence. I think the scans I'm using won't include the sex and nudity, but they will have lots of swearing and violence, so not for children.


Grendel-Prime, aka the Paladin, is a cyborg from hundreds of years in the future. In his world, a spirit of aggression known as Grendel has possessed or influenced many people over the centuries. The first known Grendel was Hunter Rose, a crime boss; the Grendel spirit later possessed many others, such as Christine Spar and Eppy Thatcher. The Grendel spirit eventually spread from possessing just one person to influencing the entire culture, instigating a nuclear Armageddon. The surviving post-apocalyptic gangs called themselves Grendels and reveled in violence and corruption. Eventually, a man named Orion Assante took on the mantle of Grendel-Khan. He became leader of the entire world, and was renowned for his strategic brilliance in defeating his foes, from other countries to a worldwide network of vampires. He turned the decentralized Grendel gangs into an organized military force of samurai-like Grendel squads.

Orion knew he would have to protect his young son and successor, Jupiter. He asked his greatest swordsman and tactician to become a cyborg who would protect Jupiter. This man became known as Grendel-Prime.

Grendel-Prime protected Jupiter and helped him ascend to the throne, fighting many enemies, from rivals to the throne to vampires. After, he went into seclusion. He eventually joined with an ex-Grendel soldier, Susan Veraghen, and they fought various enemies of the empire. He lived for hundreds of years after she died, and saw the world fall once again into chaos. He tried to contact the spirit of Hunter Rose in an attempt to put the world back on track, but was accidentally sent back in time to an era where he could get Hunter’s skull; however this brought him into conflict with Batman. He eventually returned to the future without the skull; what happened after that is unknown.


Grendel-Prime is known as the Paladin because he is the most honorable and duty-bound of all the Grendels. His duty to the Grendel-Khan, Orion, and his following of the Grendel oath [IMAGE] is absolute.

However, while honorable in one sense, he is also a hugely violent fighter, happy to pull out someone’s spine, and capable of coldly killing anyone who even vaguely gets in his way, as he once did to his partner Susan’s lover, right in front of her face.

One of his most recent acts was to conduct a mass blood sacrifice of literally thousands of people in order to contact the spirit of Hunter Rose. So it is fair to say that he is a guy who cares about the ends, not the means, and that he will do whatever it takes to accomplish his goals.

His determination is implacable. He intentionally “died several dozen times in the process of [his] transformation.”

No Caption Provided

Several dozen times?! There isn’t anything he won’t endure for his goals.

He’s also pretty smart; for instance he speaks several African languages, can fix his own technology, or build a powerful energy-amplification device out of 20th century materials.

Chronology and Version Used in This Thread


Grendel-Prime has only appeared in a handful of comics and other media. Each of the following is considered to be canon within the Grendel storyline, even though they encompass a novel and a Batman crossover; the events in them are referred to in the comics.

Here are all his appearances in in-universe chronological order, for those who may wish to read up on him:

• Grendel: Warchild 1-10 (main story)

• Grendel: Past Prime (canon novel, referenced in later comics)

• Then there is a story which has been collected as Devil’s Quest, and which contains short stories that originally appeared at the end of the following issues:

Grendel Tales: Devil’s Hammer 1-3

Grendel Tales: Devil in our Midst 1-5

Grendel Tales: Devils & Deaths 1, 2

Grendel Tales: Homecoming 1-3

Grendel Tales: Devil’s Choices 1

Grendel-Prime himself doesn’t appear in all of the Devil’s Quest issues, but they’re all connected to his story. Also note that the quality of the main stories in those issues is highly variable, from terrible (Hammer) to excellent (Deaths/Choices).

• Then there is the Batman/Grendel-Prime crossover, Grendel/Batman: Devil’s Bones, Devil’s Dance (not to be confused with the earlier Grendel/Batman crossover featuring Hunter Rose, subtitled Devil’s Riddle/Devil’s Masque). This actually takes place between Homecoming 1 and Devil’s Choices 1, so it’s in the midst of Devil’s Quest. It is canon to the Grendel universe and is referred to in the Grendel comics. Basically he does some stuff in Quest, goes back in time to Batman/Grendel, then returns to Quest to finish the arc.

• Then there are some random cameos with no new narrative content:

Grendel: Behold the Devil 7

Grendel: Red, White & Black 3

Grendel Cycle

So the short version is: Warchild, then Past Prime, then the beginning of Devil’s Quest, then Batman/Gendel, then the end of Devil’s Quest.

I'm going to use lots of scans of the text from the novel, so please do go to and read those links, dear readers:)


Over this chronology, Grendel-Prime is constantly rebuilt, becoming more and more machine. In Warchild, he still has many human parts. In Past Prime, his meat is largely replaced by robotics.

By the time of Devil’s Quest and the Batman crossover, his only organic parts are his eyes and brain. Over this whole time, his technology is continually improved: he spent “several centuries’ worth of endless, mechanical tinkering [after Past Prime]—perfecting its own design and eliminating weaknesses.”

No Caption Provided

This means several centuries of improvement on his Past Prime body, which had already been rebuilt multiple times, was barely organic, and was much more powerful than in Warchild.

It should be noted that even for his time, several centuries from now, he was the product of unusually advanced science, created by “the greatest scientists of the Empire [=the whole Earth].” The lead scientist, Doctor One, considers him his greatest achievement: “that’s engineering…that’s science,” he says, arrogantly bragging about him.

This means that his early appearances are not nearly as powerful as later ones. This can even be seen in his physical appearance; he looks slimmer in Warchild and bulkier and stronger by Devil’s Quest. I’ll note below when he does something in an early appearance that he would be able to exceed in later builds of his body, but generally speaking, if he’s wearing a brown poncho, that’s his weakest version.

In this battle thread, I am using Grendel-Prime in his latest, most powerful build, as seen in Devil’s Quest/Batman crossover.



Grendel-Prime, even in his earliest, weakest Warchild version, was superhumanly strong. He was capable of beating up gorillas, punching the rivets out of metal, tossing alligators, and the like.

Gallery image 1Gallery image 2Gallery image 3

By the time he was rebuilt for Past Prime, he was significantly stronger. Most impressively, he could lift a giant Mech, as described here.

At first he was stuck under its foot, because he was running out of energy. But once he got some direct solar energy, he was able to lift it and tip it over with “a sudden burst of strength and speed.”

(It’s important to note that he is solar-powered; his temporary weakness in the mech-lifting scene is because he was in the dark, and using a lot of energy, for a long time. As long as he has the sun, which he does in this battle, he’s fine.)

The Mech is listed as being at least 8 meters tall. Is exact weight is not given; Susan says, “I couldn’t imagine how many tons it weighed.” The impact of its “tons of metal shook the courtyard” of a castle and “knocked windows from the palace.” The illustrations for the book, which throughout the book are often a little inexact when compared to the text, which is the authoritative reference, shows the Mech being a little shorter than described in the text, but even the too-short drawing still gives a sense of his strength.

No Caption Provided

He was also able to tear the mech’s armor plating apart with his bare hands after he knocked it down.

No Caption Provided

Here he lifts a semi-truck and then kicks through the bridge below to make a hole.

No Caption Provided

Based on these feats, my guess is that the final version of Grendel-Prime is a 20 tonner or more. (Bulldozers the size of the mech can be 50 tons; an empty semi-truck and trailer is at least 15 tons).

In addition to the more obvious lifting above, he is capable of using his finger strength, for instance, to effortlessly insert his hand into a body and rip out the spine.

No Caption Provided

Or, he is described as reaching inside an Armored Personnel Carrier “with his free hand and pull[ing] a rebel out the way a fisherman pulls a worm from his bucket,” which gives a sense of the casual nature of his strength.

No Caption Provided

Or here, he stabs his hand through one guy’s neck, and through a riot shield. This takes, I want to point out, not just strength but the skill to target that strength in a piercing manner, and the speed to do it so it pierces and doesn’t just knock someone back.

Gallery image 1Gallery image 2

He is strong enough to throw a piece of metal through this guy’s head.

Gallery image 1Gallery image 2

SO--lifting strength enough to lift a semi-truck and an 8 meter Mech that when it falls, shakes the ground and nearby buildings, and piercing strength capable of punching or throwing through people and objects.

Speed and Agility

Grendel-Prime has what I’d describe as low-level superhuman speed, something probably a tier above Captain America/Black Panther.

His fighting reaction times are enough to fight with ease against Batman, for instance.

No Caption Provided

The narrator of Past Prime notes that Grendel-Prime was endowed with strength and speed at his creation, clearly indicating that it is superhuman. (You don’t “give" someone with speed if it’s just normal human speed.

Some of his speed feats are clear and benchmarkable. He is also able to dodge a missile: “Another missile fired, a lick of flame racing for the ground. The Paladin sprang forward, out of the blast…”

No Caption Provided

He can move at blur speed: “he was on the body of the Machine almost faster than I could follow.”

No Caption Provided

He moves “liquid fast.”

No Caption Provided

Here, a guy holds a gun on him. The Paladin is massively damaged, and yet he still manages to throw some scrap through the guy’s head before he shoots.

Here he dodges a chain strike from a guy on a fast-moving speeder bike.

No Caption Provided

Other examples are more abstract: Susan says she hears his voice behind her, but before she could turn around to see him, he was in front of her.

No Caption Provided

Another time, she drops a sword, and he already has it in his hand before she can try to pick it up.

No Caption Provided

Since Susan (a normal human) has several feats where she blitzes other human soldiers using a combination of speed and skill, his ability to out-speed her shows that he can move more quickly than a normal human.

(Examples of Susan blitzing: Susan is confronted by 7 soldiers with guns running at her; she kills 4 of them with a sword before they can fire. Another time she is held in front of a firing squad of several soldiers; she stabs one, shoots several guards only one of which returns fire; does some more stuff I didn’t scan, gets past all the guards and onto a roof where she kills two more armed guards. Later, she confronts their leader; she’s badly hurt and the guy is ready for her, raising his gun; she cuts his hands off before he can fire.)

The Paladin doesn’t just have speed, however; he is also athletic and agile. An observer says he “moves with a precision not found in the finest athletes.” He is able to leap all over the place, up onto a giant Mech, or onto a second-floor landing; he fights in an agile way (as seen in my next post on Skill). For instance, “Then the Paladin was leaping forward, his blade flashing. He made a blurring series of cuts, leaping up, somersaulting beneath its body, slashing at the Great Machine’s underbelly.” Or, “he’d leapt again, this time backwards, and flipped onto the top of the [25’ tall] Machine.”

The blur attacks and multiple leaps, somersaults, and flips, the missile-dodging, the ability to move in front of Susan faster than Susan can track him, the ability to throw before someone can shoot, make it clear he has a very fast, agile form of fighting.

My overall impression of Robocop is that he may have higher reaction speed, but slower travel speed and definitely less agility; but we’ll see after your post.


Grendel-Prime’s durability is one of his great assets.

Even in an early, weaker build, he had himself intentionally catapulted into a city to attack it. He was completely fine and jumping around right after. This shows massive blunt force durability. And again, this is one of his weakest forms.

Gallery image 1Gallery image 2

Batman tries to ram him with a speeding Batmobile; the Paladin jumps over the front (showing speed), hits the windshield and runs off, totally unharmed.

Similarly, he is hit by a speeding semi-truck and is totally unharmed, and in fact just picks it up.

He is completely bulletproof. Bullets bounce off him in Grendel/Batman with no effect:

Gallery image 1Gallery image 2Gallery image 3

And they repeatedly do so in Past Prime. For example, speaking of an APC canon that earlier turned an ally into mist from the impact of the bullets, “round after round was beating against him, bouncing from his armor.”

No Caption Provided

While fighting the Mech, which had “six separate barrels, one for a mini-gun, two more for gauss rounds,” it shot him and “round after round hammered into him. The shots knocked him to the ground, driving him across the stones.” The text immediately continues, “without stopping the fusillade, the Machine [brought] its other guns toward the target.” It shoots another missile, but the Paladin is so unhurt by the continual heavy cannon gunfire that he can dodge the missile and leap on top of the mech. It keeps shooting: “another barrage erupted, and more rounds caught him,” but the only reaction Susan sees in the Paladin is frustration—he’s not hurt by all this cannon fire, he’s annoyed by it.

More on gauss guns under Weapons, below, but basically they are extra-powerful slug-thrower guns that are capable of turning a human into mist from the impact. So above, Grendel-Prime is shot by multiple gauss cannons shooting on full automatic, and they do nothing.

Before the Mech even starts shooting him with its cannons, it hits him with missiles: “a battery of missiles had launched and landed, and the concussion…knocked soldiers off their feet throughout the courtyard.” So pretty powerful.

But he’s completely unhurt: “Then the Paladin was leaping forward…somersaulting beneath its body.” So he basically no-sells a whole barrage of missiles that hits him directly.

The giant Mech stamps on him with one of its feet. This stomp has enough power to crush the flagstones of the palace floor under him, but it doesn’t hurt Grendel-Prime—he’s just temporarily caught underneath when he’s low on power. If this doesn’t hurt him, Robocop’s own punches should have no effect.

Grendel-Prime is also resistant to energy; Batman catches him in an energy net and the Paladin is fine. (I'll show this under Weapons.)

So it’s pretty hard to damage him in any serious way. But even when Batman had knocked him out with an EMP and took him back to his lab and disassembled him, the Paladin was capable of controlling his parts remotely. Here, when he’s just a brain in a jar, he remote-moves his hand in complex ways so he can escape.

Here, he returns to the future, the victim of a massive blast of energy of his own design that he planned to use to destroy a portion of Gotham. His body is hugely broken, with no legs, most of his abdomen missing, and most of one arm gone. And yet he is still able to casually kill a guy, get in his bike, and ride off. (As already shown above.)

To recap: the Paladin can be catapulted great distances, hit by a semi, and stepped on by an 8-meter mech, and not be hurt at all; he shrugs off bullets, including gauss rounds which as we'll see in a minute can completely destroy a human body; and he can survive a missile barrage and come out of it leaping into battle. And even when he's got only half his body left, he can still react and target at his full capabilities.

So Robocop isn’t just going to have to hurt Grendel-Prime, which is pretty hard to do in the first place: he’s going to have to do extensive, system-wide damage to stop the Paladin from fighting back. Getting to an actual “KO” on the Paladin is not going to be easy.


Grendel-Prime uses a host of weapons, both built-in and carried. In this thread he has:

A gauntlet with multiple mini-missiles and a force-shield.

The missiles admittedly don’t do a lot of damage, they’re enough to blow up a normal human head or so. The force-shield is only shield-sized, it’s not a globe around his body. It has been shown to withstand bullet-fire.

Gallery image 1Gallery image 2

An energy sword.

The blade can casually cut through humans like a hot knife through butter: the sword hits a soldier and he is “split down his middle.” One guy has “his top slid from his bottom, sliced at the waist.” Here he chops a biker up, and a soldier:

Gallery image 1Gallery image 2

It can also cut through the armor-plated mech: “His blade flared, fell, and one of the turrets hit the ground with a rattle.”

No Caption Provided

Later, “the Paladin’s blade was flaming…tearing into it, his sword streaking in an endlessly repeating arc. Chunks of metal were flying through the air, crackling circuits and electronics falling around him.”

No Caption Provided

So he’s chopping up this heavily armored Mech that was specifically designed to fight him by the same scientist that created Grendel-Prime’s own body, and he’s cutting it with no problem.

An armored APC survived a grenade launcher unscathed, but when he attacks with his laser sword, “he…cut the turret off his APC.”

No Caption Provided

Here, Batman throws a metal net on the Paladin that constricts in size and pulsed with energy, Batman says, “the net should withstand any energy burst. Possibly cause a short circuit.” However, the Paladin’s laser sword cuts through with ease. Now, “the net should withstand any energy burst” is a statement, of course—but it’s a statement by Batman, who made this particular tech, and he is well aware of the many kinds and levels of energy that villains may use. If Batman says it, I think we can take what he says as the truth. So for Grendel-Prime’s sword to cut through, that shows pretty high-level cutting power. Even when Batman rolls it up, the Paladin cuts through--granted this time it provides a little resistance.

Gallery image 1Gallery image 2

A GVR gauss gun.

This shoots automatic-fire gauss rounds. A gauss rifle, for those who don’t know, uses magnetics to help propel the slug as it fires, giving it extreme velocity.

Here are some examples of gauss rounds in Past Prime:

• one shot had the effect of “vaporizing the back of her skull. The mist of done, brain, and blood hung like a fog in the air.

•“The third burst caught the woman’s center mass…exploding her middle like an overloaded blood blister. The fourth burst punched straight through the man’s chin, ripping his head from his neck and sending it rolling back down the street behind him.

• Susan “blew Beyer’s skull open. Pieces of his head splattered and stuck against the hull of the flyer.”

• A guy named Kanq is hit by an APC’s gauss cannon (as opposed to a rifle) and “Kanq literally disappeared before my eyes, turning into a cloud of red vapor.” So these do a lot more damage than the bullets of our time.

Gallery image 1Gallery image 2Gallery image 3

(images above not in order)

The Paladin is armed with one of these gauss-guns called a GVR (the hand-held version, capable of turning body parts into mist, as opposed to the cannon level, capable of turning a whole body into mist; Grendel-Prime can tank hits by both levels himself as seen under Durability). The GVR also has a grenade launcher under the barrel. I don’t expect the grenade launcher by itself to KO Robocop, but it’s just a cherry on top of the damage the GVR puts out. It can also create craters to drop the non-agile Robocop in so he’s a sitting duck to attack.


He can extend long spikes out of his shoulders. These are somewhat awkwardly-placed for combat, but are extremely sharp.

Gallery image 1Gallery image 2Gallery image 3

Solar flare.

He tends to use this as a last resort since it uses up a lot of his energy. He can project a sphere of energy around him, perhaps 10-15’ in radius. This flare is capable of melting lots of ice and destroying Batman’s polymer foam, which he tried to use to incap the Paladin.

Gallery image 1Gallery image 2Gallery image 3

Summing up, he has a forcefield which will be added protection against ranged weapons; missiles and grenades which I don't really expect to destroy Robocop's armor; a gauss gun which may affect his armor, and which certainly would kill Robocop if it hits his unprotected lower face; a laser sword which can chop up armor plate and even Batman's special net that's specifically designed to not get cut up by energy weapons; shoulder spikes for kicks and giggles; and a solar flare that may well come in handy as a last-ditch weapon. So, he has a lot of variety that works offensively and defensively, at multiple ranges, and with various effects, some of which are proven armor-piercing.

How This Will Work Out

Since this is already quite long, I will follow up with Grendel-Prime’s skill and strategic abilities in my next post. Suffice it to say, however, that he is highly skilled in hand to hand combat and ranged combat, and is a master of tactics.

I expect that Grendel-Prime and Robocop will both start by opening fire at a distance. They are both probably capable of dodging some gun fire, and of largely absorbing the damage of the shots that do hit with their robotic chassis (I’ll break this down with more subtlety in the next post).

Grendel-Prime can also use his force-shield to protect himself from any shots at this range.

There is one difference when it comes to ranged attacks. Grendel-Prime has no human head left (just his brain), and his facemask covers his face, so there’s no obvious target for Robocop to shoot at that is better than any other target. I know Robocop is a great shot, but he has nothing in particular to shoot at—no visible (or actual) weak point. However, Robocop has that obvious human face, or at least its lower half, left fully unprotected (as far as I know). So Grendel-Prime will quickly start aiming for that face as he closes, and his aim should be sufficient to shoot him in that face, which it seems to me would kill Robocop, although I am happy to learn more about that.

Given Susan’s ability to shoot this guy in the mouth, and the Paladin’s unqualified superiority to her in all skills, this should be well within his ability. (I’ll back this up way more when I detail his skills in the next post.)

He’d not only do this with his gauss rounds that turn heads into mists of blood, but his missiles.

Meanwhile, I stress, even though Robocop is a great shot, shooting at Grendel-Prime’s head won’t have the same effect; his whole head is armored, all that’s left is his brain.

Closing in, Robocop’s unprotected face would also be his target with his laser sword. I know Robocop is durable to gunfire, and to explosions, but Grendel-Prime’s energy sword has cut multiple forms of armor plating and Batman’s special net that was supposed to be proof against energy. Not only is his face open to being stabbed, and not only should his flexible black neck material be more vulnerable than the rest of his armor, but I expect that his main plate armor should also be able to be cut apart by the laser sword. Perhaps not easily, but eventually. And the Paladin’s excellent skills, as I will show next post, should give him the advantage in any hand to hand combat positioning.

And if he really needs to, he can grapple with RoboCop and release his solar flare, which would certainly melt off Robocop's exposed face and take him out.

Overall, I expect this to be a tough battle. From what you’ve showed me before, Grendel-Prime may or may not have slightly lower physical stats in some areas. However, I believe his skill, tactical abilities, and greater variety and power of his weaponry should win him the day.

No Caption Provided

Vivat Grendel!

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@elijah_c_washington: post is up! Sorry for the wait. My next post is already half-written so that one should be faster. Looking forward to seeing Robocop in all his glory.

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@owie: Awesome. I have another CaV post to finish then I should be able to get this one up. It'll happen in the next week for sure.

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