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Prior Knowledge To Viewers & Voters:

This setup was from a tournament which had not reach its final course, heck it didn't reach it's second round. The four of us have decided to continue on with the tournament in the form of a Challenge A Viner match, because we would have liked to see it continued. With that being said, this is somewhat different from your original CaV match, so make sure to read through the Scenerio before doing either!

Team Hero: Jiraiya_SageOfOil

  • Jirou
  • Sani
Gallery image 1Gallery image 2
  • Perk: Full knowledge on opposing team

Team Hero: Thor_Parker82

  • Thor Odinson
  • Iron Man (Composite)
Gallery image 1Gallery image 2
  • Perk: Morals off (for heroes only, they won't be allowed to kill)

Team Villain: BeatBoks1

  • Daimon Hellstrom
  • Ultra Humanite
Gallery image 1Gallery image 2
  • Perk: Full knowledge on opposing team

Team Villain: Chimeroid

  • Apocalypse
  • Dracula
Gallery image 1Gallery image 2
  • Perk: Perfect Teamwork

Team Villain: Comic_Book_Fan

  • Injustice Superman
  • Juggernaut
Gallery image 1Gallery image 2
  • Perk: Bloodlusted (for villains they will be able to kill)

Team Villain: HeirToTheKingdom

  • Brutaal
  • Psycho Pirate
Gallery image 1Gallery image 2
  • Perk: Perfect teamwork

Scenario - Robots Attack!

In this scenario, it's pretty simplistic, take down the other team at all cost! Sounds easy? Well it's not, because you're aren't the only fighters in the fray. You will have to deal with plenty of mechanical creations which will be attacking both teams equally. How your team gets about them is there business, but remember they are out to interfere with your fight to not only beat you down, but kill you! You can choose to fight back, you can choose to avoid them, heck you can even choose to BFR them. Just know, that in doing so may give your opponent the opportunity to sneak attack or such.

What robots you may be asking? Well, in this battle there will be 20 standard sentinels that will be within the battlefield doing anything it costs them to kill you! I would like to add being a mutant doesn't make them have any more hate for you than they would for anyone else, they want to kill both the hero side and villain side equally as much no matter who it is.

No Caption Provided

Not done yet....

There be 30 robots from Image - Invincible in this battle too. Just so you get an idea of how powerful they are, SirFizzWhiz has presented some feats for them in this thread. Keep in mind that this is not the real Rex in any of these robots, but more so them just acting on their own.

No Caption Provided


There is going to be 1 Adamantium Stark Sentinel among the fray. He is essentially the most powerful one by far (obviously), and is like the others going for the kill. I'm pretty sure everyone knows how tuff this material is, so it's going to be a difficult task! Luckily for you, these sentinel's don't seem to be all that fast, use that to your advantage!

No Caption Provided

Rules/Battle Info For The Match:

  • There are 4 teams here, but this is an overall free for all. Every team for themselves!
  • BFR Is allowed on the Sentinels at any time. BFR is allowed on characters at any time.
  • Standard gear for both sides unless I was told otherwise
  • Keep in mind perks, if your team doesn't have perfect teamwork, morals off, bloodlusted, or full knowledge, don't apply it unless your character fights that way or can achieve those in some ways.
  • Victory for your side is by KO or Death or BFR
  • The Location of the fight here. All teams are 50 meters apart.

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T4V, looks very interesting.

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If we're doing a 4 way this should be VERY interesting.

Particularly with 3 villain teams. BWAH HA HA HAH

Looks good

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@beatboks1: Thanks man, I agree! Personally, I find your team the most dangerous, so this will be quite interesting.

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put this on your daily debater

not often something like this goes down

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@krleavenger: I do remember asking you about the tournament, but you declined, lol. This is basically for people who were in it.

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@thor_parker82@chimeroid@comic_book_fan@beatboks1@jiraiya_sageofoil There is 6 of us, so this needs to quickly. Seeing as how there are many of us, we should be more than capable of getting posts up quickly. With that being said, let's create a posting order right now, heck to kick this off quickly, everyone should just copy their post from the last round.

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As someone who has been in something like this, I hope this pans out well.

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Opening: Introduction To Team Psycho!

Before I begin, I would like to get some things out of the way. For starters, this post is merely going to highlight my teams capabilities, not necessarily show how powerful they are, so if you see the feats as underwhelming, that is most likely the reason while. Also, if you see me posting few scans (especially for Brutaal), it's due to the fact that my team has far less than a tenth of feats and such compared to the rest of the teams here. Finally, I would like to note that this is a composite Psycho Pirate, so I will be pulling feats that are not of the New 52.

First, let's start with the character who was introduced not to long ago. He's surely going to give your team troubles with not only his power, but his overall ruthlessness. Enter, Brutaal.


No Caption Provided

During the war between earth and Apokolips, Darkseid had his Parademons defeat and capture Earth 2 Superman. He then brought him back to Apokolips and experimented on him, making multiple clones in order to do his bidding. They almost all came out ineffective, except for Brutaal who would then go on to be further empowered by Darkseid with his Omega Saction. He has all the memories of Earth 2 Superman as well.

Scans come from Justice League #23.1

Gallery image 1Gallery image 2Gallery image 3

Brutaal has most the power and abilities of Superman as he was cloned from him. He may not have shown abilities like Frost breath, but that may be because he may or may not have it. I theorize that possibly the clones being all somewhat defective lost some of his abilities, not to mention being further tampered with by Darkseid caused him too loose more. This won't take away from Brutaal's effectiveness in this battle because he's still a powerhouse who will do plenty of damage to your team. I'm pretty sure everyone and their grandparents know what Superman is capable of, so there is no need for me to go in detail there, however I would like to talk about three things. Brutaal's heat vision/omega vision, speed and his overall ruthlessness.

I'll talk about his heat vision first. I would like to start by saying it hasn't been particularly explained what exactly his eye beams are, but it's pretty obvious it's been altered to mimic Darkseid's. Not only are his beams capable of releasing heat, but they also seemed to be powered by the omega Sanction M to Darkseid's omega. He can also bend them around objects like Darkseid which will make them far more difficult for your team to defend against.

Brutaal is fast and i'll get into that more in the debate. The reason I brought this up is because Brutaal uses his speed more so than most versions of Superman in my opinion. He literally is always blitzing his opponents and I think that will come in handy within this debate. I would like you guys to keep this in mind, there is some evidence that he's faster than New 52 Superman, so that is going to be something that will aid my team tremendously. Just wanted to drop that so it's something you could ponder on.

Earth 2 #25

No Caption Provided

The last thing I would like to talk about for Brutaal is his overall ruthlessness. I believe in this tournament, there is pretty much no one as ruthless as he is. He will kill without hesitation in the most brutal ways (no pun intended), not to mention he isn't one to hold back on his opponents in terms of winning a fight. Just so you get a visual of these two performances, here is two scans which visually show off his incredible Omega blasts and his ruthlessness in battle.

Taken from Earth 2 #17

Gallery image 1Gallery image 2
  • First scan depicts Brutaal using his Omega beams to strike multiple targets, which he actually makes the blasts go through.
  • In the second scan we can see him using it on a large aircraft while ripping a man completely in two

Brutaal's savagery has no match.

These two things alongside Brutaal's overall physical attributes will make him a ridiculous threat in this fight and someone as powerful as Thor will have his hands full. With this, i'll conclude my introduction on Brutaal and bring you to someone who will give you just as much trouble. Not through physical might, but through sheer mind prowess.

Psycho Pirate

No Caption Provided

Roger Hayden AKA Psycho Pirate was one of the twenty people who were infected by the psionic virus left on earth from Braniac's attack. He left them there as an experiment and was going to go back for them as he was testing to see if humanity could be used as vessels. This virus gave them extremely powerful psionic abilities, which was increased further more when Roger put on the Medusa Mask. Below gives some more info.

Scans from Superman #23

Gallery image 1Gallery image 2

Psycho Pirates abilities were essentially empathic manipulation Pre-52, however since we've been introduced to him in the New 52 he has been shown capabilities which branch more off into telepathy too. Psycho Pirates abilities are pretty self explanatory, he can control emotions or telepathically attack you. In Blackest Night: Superman #2, Roger tells us exactly what his powers are capable of.

No Caption Provided

He goes on to show this throughout the issue by exactly showing this. Roger tells people things like "you're angry", which evidently makes them get into a fit of rage and fight anyone near them. He can basically go up to someone and change their emotions to his whim without any struggle and as this debate progresses i'll show that even Thor Odinson isn't going to do any better.

Gallery image 1Gallery image 2Gallery image 3

As I've been explaining, his abilities are incredibly powerful and I can't explain how powerful they are, so i'm just going to have to show you some more. Above I said his abilities have been shown to me more telepathic in the New 52, so here is him showing off an impressive feat in Superboy #24. By simply saying "heel", he could make Krypto one of the most powerful beings on the earth (believe it or not he's extremely powerful) sit without trouble. A pretty good telepathy feat to start things off.

No Caption Provided

Psycho Pirate can also drain you of your psionic energy, not to mention making telepathic assaults upon him futile.

I think this is a good start to what my team brings to this battle, while not revealing too much. I spent more time with Psycho Pirate due to him being a lot less know seeing as Brutaal's abilities are tied to Superman's. This post was a mere introduction on my characters and slight battle talk, but nothing much other than that. I want to save how i'll deal with your team and the Sentinels in my next post, so for now this will have to do.

Food for thought: I want all of you guys to take notice of how dangerous it is for teams to go against Psycho Pirate. It's like feeding him an army.

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That click bait doe.

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Jiraiya, if you manage to lose this I'll laugh

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No offense to jiraiya but I really dislike debating against non-comic book characters.

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@smxlr8: I understand what you say and I´m not trying to be rude, you asked for my opinion and I gave it. There are also people who like superheroes who are weirdos as well, I never said otherwise, I´ll just delete my comment so no one gets offended.

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@thor_parker82: Ok but why are trying to lie with the whole manga are not comics cause that right there is not fact and is wrong . it's in the definition of the word

man·gaˈmaNGɡə/nounnoun: manga

  1. a style of Japanese comic books and graphic novels, typically aimed at adults as well as children.
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@thor_parker82: This is tourney battle(Well no a cav). So you might have faced Manga characters anyway had we continued it.

Moderator Online
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Ok only access ATM is via phone.

Coppied thisbfrom previous round and one of my CAVs (to kick off). Unfortunately the scans didnt copy.

Character Intro

Hellstrom - Hell Lord basically with powerful TP, soul stuff, hellfire, a trident that auto-responds and enhances all his powers, some control over nature (weather, earth, fire etc), magic spells for various effect, etc. Also some decent strength, high level regen, resurrection of the dead and healing ability.


Daimon's base strength level is said to be the strength of a 100 men and with his dark soul he can further enhance that when needed. Like Hulk when he is enraged his darksoul comes to the surface and enhances his physicals (as it does ALL his powers- very pertinant here)


When it comes to durability very few in marvel below sky father have greater damage soak ( in fact the only one who comes to mind is Thanos). There are a few who would be his peer slightly abofe or so like Sentry (non void, DS) and Surfer. One of the best examples of Helstrom's durability I can recall comes from the first Helstrom series where a demon specifically charged with taking him on by Satan blasts him with all he has and Daimon laughs off the attack with statements like it could be a 100,000 times more potent attack and it wouldn't bother

Energy manip.

This is where things get interesting IMO. The energy that Daimon throws around is definitely high end. When one demon had created a guise as Damon to hide from Satan ( after escaping hell), satan used him as a means to draw his son out. Knowing he would come to keep his name intact. satan had promised the demon the power of his son. When Daimon learned this he decided to give the demon his wish. If the demon wanted power Daimon gave him all. It was more than the demon could take and utterly destroyed an immortal existence.

Artifact powers.

Daimon's hellfire trident is a talisman not far behind the level of mjilnor. Daimon has used it to achieve many things, with it he wields hell fire to a degree of control few can match. In defenders when Dr Strange and nighthawk were captured by a cult he was able to raise the hellfire temperature to the point it melted the metal containing Strange without even searing his hands contained.

He has also used it to open time vortexes and travel through time or dimensional gateways (through hell though he later learned to do so without it). He has even time manipulated with it when facing a vampire he made the middle of the night suddenly day. He has used it to control the earth and summon lightning himself

Ferocity in combat

Daimon is a very driven combatant. He constantly has to fight to control his demonic self. His dark soul; making him do things that he is ashamed of latter once getting it back in control. He has no problem even as a hero threatening ( and believe me prepared to back it up) innocents to get to his objective. Here we haventhe villain Hellstrom so his darksoul is unleashed and there is little he wont do.

The best example I can think of of his tenacity and ferocity is Hellstrom v1 issues 8 and 9. In that issue there have been several souls escaped from hell and their presence on earth is allowing Satan a foothold to bring hell to earth. Daimon easily detects their darkness and tracks them down sending the first few straight back to hell. The last couple however he deems not to be justly punished ( one was a wayward girl who was a drug addict and the other a gay woman) so decides to take them to plead to get into heaven. He takes them aaa rows hell in his chariot and then helps them scale the cliffs to heaven. Despite the searing pain of a hell spoken doing so he persists. When they are part way there and the hordes of hell are in Pursuit to stop them Daimon flings himself against all his fathers hordes and fights to delay them. At first he thinks he fights a loosing battle but his ferocity soon turns the tide his way despite the odds.

The one thing you can be sure of, Daimon won't go gently into that good night. he will do whatever is needed of him to win

Scans for all feats mentionedcan be found in my opening post on this cav


Ultra-Humanite - Class 100++, Uber high end TPer, Uber high end TKer, scientific genius who has mastered the fields of genetics, time travel, teleportation, and others (by the 1940's) and has minor mastery of robotics and other things.

Ultra in TP

1. Ultra is the TP equal (proven several times) to Brainwave Snr. The same Brainwave Snr who on debut (before his powers fully developed) was able to TP push Corrigan Spectre to leave the earthly plane before facing the JSA.








Scans in order

One of dozens of times Ultra is referred to as BW's equal

BW TP pushing Spectre at the same time as TP giving the entire JSA mental commands.

BW casually TP one shotting the JSA including Classic fate.

Ultra locked in equal TP battle with a much stronger BW than the one who did the previous feats.

6 & 7 Ultra TP assaulting several heroes from another dimension and time and taking control of them. NOT to mention the fact that Ultra did this from LIMBO. The very dimension that saps your will to do anything. The same dimension that when Ultra trapped Hal Jordan and Alan Scot in it they were unable to even successfully make a construct to save themselves. Imagine what he could have done if he weren't weakened ???

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No Caption Provided

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Tag for vote plz

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@chimeroid: @heirtothekingdom: @beatboks1:

Round 1

Let´s start with a quick look at......

Thor God of Thunder !!

No Caption Provided

"All the power of the storm, from all the world, flows through my veins, and can be summoned by mine hammer at any time, wherever it is. A lightning storm in Japan? Mine. A hurricane off the coast of Barbados? Mine again. A brace of tornadoes in Kansas? Aye...mine. All that might, all that destructive force, mine to command. Channeled and guided through the mystic might of this hammer, guided right at thee!"

It gives me chills every time I read that.

Powers :

  • Superhuman strength exceeding 100 tons by far
  • Superhuman durability
  • Superhuman reflexes
  • Superhuman stamina
  • Tectonic Control
  • Weather control
  • Energy manipulation
  • Energy absorption
  • Energy projection
  • Matter manipulation
  • Force Fields
  • FTL flying speed


I won´t go into much feats in this post, I´ll just give basic information of what each member of my team brings to the table. In Thor´s case, he is the strongest character in here, he has the best striking power and durability on this match. This next feat is quite low when you take into account Thor´s upper limits of strength, but just to serve as a glimpse, look at the following scans

Gallery image 1Gallery image 2

During "Thor: God of Thunder #24" Odinson took his own castle from Asgard and gave it to the people of Broxton, note how he is casually lifting a building sized object without any problem, anyway, let´s move onto my other character.


Thor tanks city level attacks with no problem whatsoever and you can see an example in "Avengers (1998) #49" when Kang wipes out an entire city with a blast, yet Thor was unharmed and was more worried about all the civilian casualties around him.

Gallery image 1Gallery image 2Gallery image 3Gallery image 4

Striking Power

In the scenario stipulated for this particular match, there are Sentinels out to kill everyone, while that may seem a problem, it really isn´t for my team considering Thor has already treated several of the same Sentinels like they are fodder. He can just proceed to destroy the sentinels as he has already effortlessly done in "Avengers (1998) #49".

Gallery image 1Gallery image 2

Iron Man !!

No Caption Provided

He is Tony Stark, billionare, playboy, filantropist and a genius, he is going to play a key factor in this particular match as you´ll later see in this post. Something that I want to note, is that regular Iron Man is highly underrated, so people will probably think that Stark won´t contribute much to these fights, well, let me tell you that you´re completely wrong, regular Iron Man is 10 times more powerful than people give him credit for, and for this match I have a COMPOSITE Iron Man, who gets another huge boost to the point that he is very well on Hulk´s and Thor´s level.

Powers :

  • Superhuman strength exceeding 100 tons by far
  • Superhuman durability
  • Superhuman reflexes
  • Superhuman stamina
  • Energy absorption
  • Energy projection
  • Force Fields
  • Flight


I won´t even go for composite feats right now, I´ll just open with some showings from the Extremis and Bleeding Edge armors. Iron Man during "New Avengers: Illuminati #5" has been shown to withstand nuclear-level attacks with his shield at just 2% capacity.

Gallery image 1Gallery image 2Gallery image 3

This is something completely within Iron Man´s capabilities, and something he´s done more than once, as you can see below, during "Iron Man Vol. 4 #32", he takes yet another nuke-level attack without being really damaged.

No Caption Provided

Striking Power

As for his striking power, he can unleash just as much as he can tank. In the following scans you´ll see Stark one shotting M.O.D.O.K. who has stated during "Age of Ultron #0.1" that the shields encasing his big ugly head and armor can tank nuclear level attacks.

No Caption Provided

Anyway, this is just what a normal Iron Man can do, I haven´t even got into his composite feats which puts him leagues above than he regularly is to the point that he would be able to goe toe to toe with either Hulk, Superman or Thor.


Like I said, I won´t go into composite feats in this post since it´s just an opener, but even classic Iron Man pre-extremis was strong enough to consistently lift thousands of tons. For example, in the next scan he stops a cargo ship from falling. These things weigh 150,000-600,000 tons.

No Caption Provided

Yet another strength feat of the same type that comes from "Iron Man #119", as you will se below, he carries a 97,000 ton helicarrier on his back, aircraft carriers weigh this much so one would assume a helicarrier weighs about the same or more.

No Caption Provided

Now when you take into account Tony has improved his armors a lot since then, his strength becomes quite more impressive to the point of holding his own against foes like Wonder Man, Hulk and Thor when you combine his composite feats with armors such as Extremis, Endo-Sym, Bleeding Edge and WWH armor.

TP Defense/Resistance

It seems both heirtothekingdom and beatboks1 have characters that have TP in their powerset, while one may think that could be useful, it´s a non factor against my team thanks to Iron Man and his built-in psychic defenses, Tony can shield himself and Thor from any psychic assault. This ability was shown in "AXIS #1" when Iron Man was the only hero who was not affected by the Red Skull´s telepathy

Gallery image 1Gallery image 2

You may ask how powerful are those psychic defenses, well, they are basically impenetrable considering that Red Skull could not get through those defenses, and his telepathy is planetary.

No Caption Provided

It is important to note that Red Skull managed to affect Hulk with TP whereas Charles Xavier failed, yet Skull was still not able to get through Stark, and as mentioned earlier Iron Man can shield himself and everyone around him from planetary TP, so he will render any TP users useless for this battle.

No Caption Provided

Bottom line, TP doesn´t work against my team.

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@heirtothekingdom: He'll take a couple days based on his availability for CAV posts only on weekends. But this is a good order for all of you.

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@lvenger said:

@heirtothekingdom: He'll take a couple days based on his availability for CAV posts only on weekends. But this is a good order for all of you.

Thanks for the heads up, and thanks!

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T4v thanks.

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@heirtothekingdom: @beatboks1: @thor_parker82:

I'm here now so let's get to it:

Enter Immortals

En Sabah Nur

I'll remake this world in my image -- just as I'll remake you! As you sought to make me bow to you -- you shall be my slave -- for all the days of your life!

No Caption Provided


The being who would later be called Apocalypse was born thousands of years ago in Aqaba. He is born with the mutant X-gene, possibly the first living being on Earth to express the gene and a side-effect of this gives him gray skin and blue lips. Because of this, his people abandoned him as an infant. He is rescued by Baal of the Sandstormers who sees the child's potential power and will to survive. Baal names him En Sabah Nur (Arabic for "the Morning Light"), . The Sandstormers live by the credo of survival of the fittest, believing that only those who are strong enough to survive hardship and direct conflict are worthy of life.


Apocalypse is an ancient mutant born with a variety of superhuman abilities who further augmented himself after merging with Celestial technology. He is an immortal being, with total control over the molecules of his body,enabling him to alter his form as it suits him,such as allowing his body to become extremely malleable and flexible or change his size, enhance his physical abilities, transform his limbs into weapons, wings, or jets, regenerate from fatal injuries, adapt his body to apparently any disease or hostile environment, as well as give himself virtually any superhuman power. He is also able to project and absorb energy, Nur is a powerful psionic, even though he doesn't use his TP offensively he is capable of withstanding TP attacks of the Strongest Marvel telepaths and hitting them back winning the fight.

Apocalypse is also capable of technopathy, able to directly interface with the various technologies he has at his disposal. Thanks to the aid of his mutant abilities, special "regeneration" chambers, and changing bodies, Apocalypse has further enhanced his abilities.

Celestial Armor:

No Caption Provided

Apocalypse's armor is cybernetically grafted and bonded to his body and can be physically altered at will as the armor itself is a physical part of Apocalypse's body. Apocalypse's armor contains different types of devices including a teleportation device in cause Apocalypse is unable to teleport under his own power, psychic damping arrays’, and sensors so beings who are capable of invisibility won’t be able to evade detection as Apocalypse’s sensors are powerful enough to allow Apocalypse to see even the High Evolutionary while he was invisible and can even see past Uatu the Watcher's cloaking field and can also withstand the godly might of Thor. It was only cracked by Thor using Jarnbjorn to attack Apoc from behind.

Vlad Tepesh

No Caption Provided

Born Vlad Dracula in 1430 in Romania, he was the second son of a Transylvanian nobleman. He was named prince of Transylvania and duke of Wallachia and became ruler while still a child. Over the next several years, he struggled against the Ottoman Turks, losing and regaining his throne.

In 1459, Dracula was mortally wounded by the Turkish warlord Turac, who brought Dracula to a gypsy named Lianda to be healed. However, Lianda was a vampire, and in revenge for his persecution of the gypsies, transformed Dracula into a vampire as well. Turac raped and killed Dracula's wife Maria, and in revenge Dracula slew Turac, making him a vampire as well.

Dracula defeated the vampire Nimrod in battle, and thus succeeded him as ruler of Earth’s vampires. Soon afterwards, he enhanced his own blood with that of Varnae, giving him greater powers than any other vampire


Dracula possesses far greater powers than most vampires. He is superhumanly strong (to the point of stomping Colossus with one hand and no effort), and also possesses superhuman speed,stamina, reflexes, and the power of flight. He cannot be killed or permanently injured by conventional means.

He is unaffected by most assaults and, has a powerful healing factor

Dracula can manipulate the minds of others, and command animals to his will, such as rodents, bats, and wolves.

He is capable of shapeshifting into a bat – normal or human size – or a wolf while retaining his intelligence, and into a fog or mist – partially or fully – and has the ability of weather control (to the level of matching Thor in it) , such as summoning electrical storms. His powers have been greatly amplified and his weaknesses circumvented by magical sources, such as spells of the Darkholders.


With this many telepaths on the field, anyone without defensive TP feats will be out as soon as the battle starts. And with this many powerhouses duking it out Drac and Apocalypse will be more than happy to sit the beginning out and pick off the remaining enemies. Dracula has a keen strategical mind and was already shown as willing to use strategy and sit back while the enemy becomes weaker and he finds the right time to strike. Me having a perfect teamwork perk means Apoc would oblige to that feeling.

Sentinels: I don't think they are any sort of issue as Thor_Parker has already volunteered his Thor to put them out of commission

For the rest, we will have to wait and see what happens.

Mini Counters


Psycho Pirate didn't become completely immune to TP and is not able to instantly drain limitless psionic powers as he was bested by 3 telepaths in that story allowing Superman to take away the Medusa Mask


While Ultra Humanite is incredibly powerful let's not get carried away with Spectre showings just yet. Other than that, nice opener :D


Iron Man has Tech that allows him to withstand TP but this tourney has no prep time so Thor won't be protected by that technology when the battle starts.

That's it for now. :D