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  • Random encounter
  • Movie Version of both
  • Standart gears
  • Only feats from the movie are allowed
  • BFR allowed
  • Morals off
  • Win by death or incapacitation

Location: Coast City

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Green Lantern

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Last time i checked captain marvel had a problem with hax users, she certainly isnt beating this one

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Haven't seen Captain Danvers movie yet.

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Green Lantern destroys. Though Captain Marvel's movie absolutely destroyed Green Lantern's in the box office

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I haven’t seen the movie either but I doubt she wins.

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@allstarsuperman: What did GL do that was so impressive? I remember him being beaten by Hector Hammond who was pretty weak.

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Captain Marvel. Green Lantern's constructs are powered by his will power which can and will be broken by Captain Marvel