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Basically the same fight as Superman vs Goku

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All that is heard is a SHAZAM and we have one dead super saiyan.

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@Sethlol You seriously underestimate Goku. He definetly wins this.

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Same fight as Superman vs Goku.

Goku multi-planet busting, combat speed, techniques, striking power, teleporting, and Super Saiyan durability would give him the win.

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Wait. There is one thing to be debated - the magic factor.

Does Capt. Marvel's magical-derived abilities change the fight at all? Does magic affect Goku like it does Superman?

These questions could be better to work with rather than another planet-busting slap-fight.

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At first i thought the title was Captain America vs Goku.....

Anyways Goku for reasons previously stated.

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@Sethlol said:

All that is heard is a SHAZAM and we have one dead super saiyan.