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Spider man (After he embrace the Spider in the comic the OTHER)

Super strength: can easily lift 10 tons, but he has been shown to lift even more than that. Peter has been shown to lift buildings. (ncluding feats of lifting up to 40+ tons when he don't hold back)

Intellect: IQ over 250

Spider sens

Night Vision

spider kinship (he's also able to communicate with his arachnid namesakes. The spider that bit him on that fateful day was not only the source of his powers, but it also afforded him a kinship with his totem creatures that enables him to communicate with them)

super agility - super speed - Fast metabolism -Super durability

Spider fu (his own martial art was developed in collaboration with Shang Chi himself during the "Spider Island" storyline)

healing factor

organic weabing

Captain America

The Super-Soldier Serum increased his body to the physical peak of human potential, He is as strong, fast, durable and agile as any human could one day be.

Strength: has bench-pressed 2200 pounds

Master martial artist an combatant

Master shield fighter

master strategist and tactician

Master (there are a lot of master lol) marksman

Place of the battle : New York City

(I know in the comic they already fight but there is not winer because Cap go away, but here no)

Can you please describe the fight in your mind

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Peter Stomps.

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@elena177: Peter stomps. Like he has fought against the likes of hulk, juggernaut, venom, carnage and a stronger evil version of the thing.

Captain America had trouble fighting nerd hulk who is a s weak as a normal human being.

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Spider-Man plays with him.

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I'll bet next time they have them fight it'll be similar to the MCU fight. Spider-Man stomps logically.

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@noone1996: the mcu fight? Hmm I hope they do better in next movie... if they have a fight... because the fight Cap vs Spider man in mcu civil war was very short and Spider man in the MCU is still so inexperimented... He can do sooo more to him. It's very frustrating.

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Pete sweeps.

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Other Spider-Man stomps, if only for his implied power when he one shot Morlun, who was prior to that amp beating him down with no trouble.

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Spidey curbstomps.