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Poll: Captain America v Thor: Dawn of Avenging (2 votes)

Cap gives him a Stars and Stripes beatdown 100%
Thor whoops dat ass 0%

As in the first Thor movie, Odin banishes his headstrong son to Earth, taking away his godly strength. Again, he finds himself in a SHIELD facility. He proceeds to try to leave the compound and retrieve Mjolnir, as he did in the movie. He runs through a plethora of SHIELD agents using his centuries-honed warrior skills.

However, unbeknownst to Thor, a recently revived Captain America is on site and is tasked with taking down the God of Thunder. Armed with his shield, Cap goes to confront the SHIELD agent ass-kicking Thunder God.

How does this go down?

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Cap makes Thor see stars

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Cap demolishes. Thor, while being a large guy, was still reduced to human stats.