Can Superman (DCEU) be moved by Captain America (MCU)?

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DCEU Superman is standing still and bracing while MCU Captain America is allowed to do anything with his body and shield to try and move Superman, can he do it?

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#2 Posted by Richubs (6546 posts) - - Show Bio

Not in a million years.

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What's the point of this thread...

DCEU Superman threads get more pointless by the day

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He doesnt even feel it.

Only cap with mjolnir can move him slightly.

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Not without Mjolnir.

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Yes, even without Mjolnir. Easily, at that.

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If he has Mjolnir he can knock him back

But if it’s his base strength he couldn’t if most of the League couldn’t

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Cap one-shots.

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With Mjolnir he would do more than just move him. He'd hurt him. Not only is that a powerful hammer. It has magic damage. Without it no.

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A court room exploded and he didn’t budge, Captain America ain’t doing jack shit.

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@the_magister: @mee09:

What stops Cap from putting Mjolner on top of Superman's body.

Mjolner has infinite weight if you're not worthy and it'll pin Superman down immediately