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Posted by peypey (57 posts) 2 months, 9 days ago

Poll: Can Stormbreaker kill DCEU Superman? (212 votes)

Yes 77%
It would do a lot of damage 12%
No way 11%


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#101 Edited by AllHellKingDox (321 posts) - - Show Bio

Asgardians has no piercing feats thor has literally been stabbed by every sharp weapon that has tested his durability hell the movies go out of they're way to make sure thor has not tanked a single bullet on screen. Nb4 random asgardian knife a knife is bad hand gun bullets go clean through car doors yet you can't cut into one with a knife. Thanos has like zero piercing feats gamora's pocket knife was implied to kill him. Supes tanks.

Supes hits way harder then iron his namek punch puts him leagues above

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#102 Edited by Nucleon (3483 posts) - - Show Bio

@arqe: Yes Hulk takes everything. Like dropping down from sky and turning back to Banner because of the impact.

Impacts do not make Hulk revert to Banner - to the contrary. The Hulk likely calmed out then "went Banner".

Getting knocked out by featless Hulkbuster.

See above. The Hulk was trashing HB near the end. He just calmed out long enough to be suckerpunched.

Getting Knocked out by Thor.

Thor is no pushover.

Getting his ass kicked from featless first seen on screen Thanos

Thanos is no pushover.

and he can't even come out because he is scared. Yeah Hulk is the best. But he did kick those Chitauri fodder good i'll give you that.

The most perceptive people out there pretend that there is something brewing for the Hulk since two movies (Ragnarok and IW). Upcoming "Endgame" posters reveal a fully-suited "professor Hulk". That is called "character development", and it looks well-made at that. MCU Hulk still has a couple feats coming in, I'd bet a buck.

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#103 Posted by NiteLite (2710 posts) - - Show Bio

I don't see why it doesn't.

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#104 Edited by TitanConsumed (390 posts) - - Show Bio

In theory,yes.Feats-wise I'm not sure.

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#105 Edited by Bayman007 (1699 posts) - - Show Bio

Not on your nelly. His durability is of the charts, unless you can weaken his cells first of course.

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#106 Edited by CaptainSweatpan (1506 posts) - - Show Bio

Stormbreaker>Superman in durability and when two forces collide one of them has to give, especially when one of them has a sharp end and tanks cities exploding

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#107 Posted by Waxseruya (359 posts) - - Show Bio