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Black Panther

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  1. Standard gear for both
  2. No weapons for either


  • Cable is depowered
  • Win by any means
  • In character


  • Begin visible
  • Begin 50 feet apart
  • Unpopulated
  • Fight takes place here:
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Who wins and why?

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If by Cable being depowered you mean pre-virus cure, he still has some insane feats like being able to react to Lightmaster and a speedster, surviving being shot in the head on several occasions, had the strength to slam Hulk through a street, threw Cap's Shield into a wall hard enough that Cap struggled to free it before KOing Cap. Has tanked punches from Hulk, reacted to War Machine fast enough that War Machine barely saw it.

Base Panther probably loses due to Cable's reaction speed and physicals, not much he can do.

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Hm. Cable probably still wins, though the conditions make it closer.