Bullseye (Mcu) vs The punisher (mcu)

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Round 1. Punisher has guns, bullseye does not.

Round 2. Both have no guns

Round. 3 Both use guns.

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Round 1: Punisher

Round 2: Bullseye

Round 3: Bullseye

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Punisher wins round one but loses the other rounds.

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Bullseye for last two rounds.

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Bullseye easily

Probably Bullseye

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These two characters need a lot more description than what’s provided. Does guns mean handguns? Or can Frank carry around an M60 and a sniper rifle? Is either wearing their armor? Does no guns mean Frank can still bring a knife to the fight?

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^ agreed. Frank has potential to win more than just the first round. In fact id argue he could win all 3

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@nerdchore: He probably would, he'd tank getting hit with random objects and being shot, then pounce on Dex and lay waste.

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Round 1 10/10 Frank has a gun and is an excellent marksmen no more explanation needed.

Round 2 Frank 9/10 Frank generally fought evenly with Daredevil who was wearing armour no less. Dex struggled hand to hand with a weakened (in their early fights) Matt who didn't even have armour, he had to resort to using projectiles to gain the upper hand. Also Frank is very willing to kill him unlike Daredevil. If this is not strictly hand to hand Dex picks up projectiles then hes getting injured but will still end up mauling him

Round 3 Dex wins 9/10 he is the better marksman and seems quicker on the draw.

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Rounds 1 and 2 go to Frank fairly easily.

Franks suit is just as good as Matts minus the fact he doesn't have any head/face protection. Meanwhile he has way better damage soak and hits harder and is more aggressive. Also most the time Matt fought Dex he was beat up and tired before they even fought from taking out some fodder or Fisk hurt him more just before hand.

Frank being able to Knockout Daredevil who was in a much healthier and fit condition nearly everytime he fought him makes put Frank way ahead of Dex. I could see Frank getting in close and ending it in three or four solid brutal strikes. Knees to his face and elbows and wrist strikes to his throat etc.

Round 3 I would give to Dex.

He's just more accurate and he can also do crazy trick shots that could really mess Frank up if he tries to use cover.

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Dex wins the second 2 rounds.

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Not enough info. Location and starting distance is important. So is gear.

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If we're assuming standard battle forum rules, then I have it as follows:

  • Frank takes round 1
  • Round 2 is closer, although I lean towards Frank due to what I see as a better performance against Matt then Lester did. One also can't forget that Lester had armor, while Matt had none during their fights.
  • Round 3 is all dependent on distance. Dex is the better shot, but in terms of actual draw speed, it's tough to tell who's quicker.
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Frank for 1. Dex for 2 and 3.

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What Magister said.

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Dex all rounds