bronn and jon run the gauntlet

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standard gear for jon (longclaw) , bronn gets valyrian steel dagger (night king killer) and Widow's Wail
bronn is in character , jon is bloodlusted (BoTB mindset , all feats from all seasons apply)
fully healed and rested after each fight

takes place in the fighting pit of mereen .

round 1 : tavern guys (chicken scene)
round 2 : sand snakes (no poison)
round 3 : cerseis queensguard (no zombie)
round 4 : stannis and loras tyrell
round 5 : old ned stark and qhorin halfhand
round 6 : old barristan selmy
round 7 : s1 jaime lannister
round 8 : oberyn martell and jorah mormont (no poison)
round 9: grey worm , daario naharis and khal drogo
round 10 : clegane brothers (no zombie , gregor has gear from oberyns fight)

bonus: arthur dayne and prime barristan selmy

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9 at best.

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I feel like 5 is harder then 6-7. Ned would have lost to Jaime but he’s close enough that with Qhorin they’d almost stomp Jaime or Selmy.

So yeah 5 but they could beat 6-7.

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The men Sandor fought were actually the Mountain's Men. These are guys who've been fighting beside Gregor for decades, not trained (though, neither is Bronn), but vicious and experienced killers, kind of like a bunch of Karl Tanner knock-offs (not saying they're that good, but of that ilk). Kind of underrated.

Anyway, eight is probably the most debatable. I think they'd get dominated in 9/10 and the bonus. Even if Jon pulls out some incredible moves in the finale he can't carry.

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9 hard stop, because 2 elite fighters at once is overwhelming in combat

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Defenitely stops at 9. Could stop at Jaime as well, but that is debatable.

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They aren't getting past 9. They might. 8 depends on whether Jorah can hold off his opponent for long enough until Oberyn finishes off the other one.

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5 might stop them TBH. Sure stop at 9.

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Stops at 9 but they can take 10.