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Going the Distance (Death Race)- 4 Slots

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What could it be that calls you to this place today? This lawless car ballet, here in this place? You will select a real world vehicle, and race against your opponents to the finish line. No teleportation of the vehicle is allowed. In order to win, you must finish 3 laps with your vehicle! Your vehicle must be real, it can be machine or beast based on your preference. No aircraft. Presume that you will be able complete the race.

The battlefield cannot be altered, please not that your car will be able to manage the track, regardless of what you choose. The track is Bowser's Castle (N64).

@floopay vs @captain_inverse

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@jacthripper: this is my vehicle.


Just got home from work and have a 12 hour shift again tomorrow. I'll try to try something up before the end of the weekend.

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@jacthripper: @captain_inverse Sorry for the delay

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Zack Fair

Zack is the driver. He will basically be driving, avoid obstacles, and throwing out drive-by style materia attacks against my opponents vehicle. With his materia, he can basically throw RPG level fire/lightning. If my team gets in the lead, he will conjure Ifrit, who will proceed to attack the enemy vehicle. He can be taken out with RPG level attacks, so I doubt he'll live forever. However, Zack's main focus is driving.


Elminster will be my defensive/offensive character. As the countdown begins, he'll cloak my characters' vehicle in defensive magic. Making the vehicle itself about as tough as your average tank. He'll also create a protective bubble around the vehicle, to make it impossibly difficult to get projectiles to actually hit my vehicle. These will take second to erect, so they'll be up before the "go" bell rings. In the event that the vehicle is damaged, Elminster has plenty of abilities that can repair it and get it up and running again.

Now for the offensive! As soon as the match begins, offensive time! Elminster will hit his opponent with a spell that heats the metal of their vehicle up to post-boiling temperatures. This should pretty much take care of the tires, and make most of the fluids in the vehicle smoke, and may even disable the engine.. Soon after, he'll use a cantrip to render the glass of my opponent's vehicle opaque, followed by a simple spell to create a blinding light that hovers over the hood of their vehicle for the next few minutes of the match. The opaque window combined with the light will make it nigh-impossible to look out of.

As if that's not enough, Elminster can use his pipe to create a billow of smoke behind my vehicle if I'm ahead of them, or if they approach me. Making it even more impossible to see past my team. Basically, Elminster going to keep hurling massive nuisances at my opponent that will make it impossibly difficult for them to race.

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