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Who Will win this Epic Assassin fight?

The Future (Boba) or the Ancient (Ezio).

Fight a, place in spaceport

b, middle age Roma!

They are use everything what They got!


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Horrible stomp in boba's favor the tech advantage alone is devastating.

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Boba blasts him.

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Fett one shots.

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Bounty Hunter has incredible tech, and he's fighting a guy with a knife (not to discredit Ezio, but this is effectively the situation)

Boba stomp

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The ridiculous tech disparity makes this unfair.

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This isn't fair...

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Take away all of Boba's tech and armor and he still wins, canon or legends. Talking about a guy who can embarrass fully fledged superhuman aliens, Jedi and some of the best martial artists in the entire galaxy with his bare hands.

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