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Blue Marvel

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  • Current Blue Marvel
  • Current Val-Zod
  • Morals off
  • Anything goes
  • No knowledge on each other
  • Fighting to the best of their abilities

Location: Marvel New York City

  • 100 meters apart

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Adam... for now.

He should have every physical stats advantage and the fact he manipulates Energy might harm Val.

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The black guy.

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Blue Marvel should take this

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Val-Zod, Kryptonian Biology is superior.

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@rabumalal: Blue Marvel was able to stop an asteroid the size of Arkansas from hitting Earth.

I don't think Val has any strength feats as good as that.

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@rabumalal: What Nick said above this post, and if we take Statements seriously he had enough strength to split the moon in half. According to the Watcher.

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Val Zod simply doesnt have the feats or experience to have a chance against BLUE MARVEL.

MARVEL in a fairly easy fight.

Conner Kent could easily take Val. Hes basically brand new as a hero on Earth 2.

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Blue Marvel

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Tentatively backing Marvel due to the asteroid feat and Val's likely lack of future appearances.

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Blue Marvel finally wins against a kryptonian

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