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i just saw the new dragon ball heroes episode 1 and saw that super sayin 4 goku was on par with blue goku. do you guys consider this canon??


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Not a battle. I've always considered SSJ4 = SSJB, even did a CaV on it with ET.

Also, the show isn't canon as far as I know. It's a side project done as a promotion

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I mean it is and it’s not To be honest Super sayin 4 should not be on Blue level but I am not sure how powerful 4 should be someone clarify that for me Blue was trading blows with Big Beerus and was shaking the Universe that’s insane

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To be honest (my little head canon) Is that (Anime wise) They seemed the same with how inconsistent it was. 1 moment SSB can shake the universe next it gets shown up by trunks throwing a tantrum.

To me (again head canon) it seemed like SSB was just SS but it had a different source of power which had great benefits because of its different source of power (Being the God Ki)

Like i bet in the future there is gunna be an official SSB2 & 3 ya know.

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Xeno SSJ4 Goku isn't from the same timeline as GT Goku and I'm pretty sure it was revealed in the game or manga that SSJB had a slight upper hand.

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The difference between two Super Saiyan forms doesn’t matter if the Saiyans don’t have the same base strength. For example in Toyatoro’s manga, Base Kale is apparently worth more against Golden Frieza by Frieza’s own word than SSJ Caulifla or SSJ Cabba. Another example, Goku and Vegeta claiming they could easily wipe out Dabura even though he had an edge to SSJ Gohan and was claimed by Goku to be comparable to Perfect Cell.

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It doesn't really mean anything. Neither form is going to be written to outperform the other in some meaningless promotional material.